Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1000

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1000 Lovey-dovey Couple

Flora’s POV:

I felt sad knowing that my best friend was about to leave me again. I stuck out my lower lip and linked arms with Crystal, insisting on staying here for the night.

Warren immediately refused. He pried my fingers away from Crystal and he even had the audacity to use our son as an excuse, claiming that Lucas missed me.

But when we got back, I found Lucas sleeping soundly in his room.

Speechless, I closed the door to his room and turned around to scold Warren. However, before I could get a word out, I was silenced by a kiss.

His lips pressed against mine, I m*oa*ned slightly and closed my eyes. I stood on tiptoe to wrap my arms around Warren’s neck, responding to his affection wholeheartedly.

In the blink of an eye, he s*tri*pped off my dress.

Although we had been married for a long time now, I still felt a little embarra*s*sed to be n*ake*d in front of him. I covered my lower body with my hands and mumbled shyly, “I need to take a shower first.”

After all, I had been busy all day long. I knew I sweated and it was dirty down there.

Warren kept kissing me. “No need.”

After saying that, he peeled away my hands. Then he squatted down, parted my legs, and buried his head in, licking me slowly.

His warm breath brushed against the soft flesh around my p*uss*y. It was sensitive. His licks made me feel even hotter, and my body tensed up.

“No, don’t lick it. It’s dirty…” I couldn’t help but grab Warren’s hair in an effort to stop him.

“Ah…” I m*oa*ned uncontrollably as he s*cked me harder.

It felt so good. I raised my head and closed my eyes, m*oa*ning with ple@sure. So… So comfortable…

This only encouraged Warren to go further. He parted my legs wider and licked me more fervently. My mind was blank and I was completely under his spell. Waves of ple@sure spread from my p*uss*y to my whole body, which made me go crazy.

“No… Don’t… honey…” I cried feebly, begging Warren to stop licking my hole. But he did the exact opposite. I could clearly feel him s*cking my p*uss*y more and more, so much so that my cl*t was swollen. The electric feeling numbed my brain, making me lose control.

Warren lapped at my p*uss*y and stuck his fingers in it, making unholy sounds in the night.

My legs were so weak that they nearly buckled. “No… Stop…”

“Hush. I know you like it.” After saying that, Warren slipped his tongue inside.

“Ahh! God, Warren… I can’t…” I couldn’t help but clamp my legs around his head. The feeling was so good that I got goose bumps all over my body.

“No… no…”

His tongue made me want his c*oc*k. I just wanted him to f*uc*k me already.

But he kept rubbing my cl*t and slipping his tongue in and out. The ple@sure kept rising, but it wasn’t enough for me to reach climax.

“Faster, honey… Yes… Ugh…”

Lust paralyzed my brain. Now I just wanted him to go faster, as fast as possible, so that I could relieve this kind of suspense and climax already.

Warren always obeyed me. In order to make me climax, he not only used his tongue to move in and out, but also used his teeth to rub my c*un*t.

Besides the ple@sure, there was also pain. I couldn’t bear this kind of stimulation. “Yes… Oh, God… I’m coming…”

The next second, I started to tremble.

“Honey…” My voice went hoarse.

Warren knew that I was about to 0rg@sm, so he raised his hand and quickly inserted his finger.

As soon as his finger slipped inside, I began to shake violently. I was climaxing. Fluid streamed out of my v@gin@ and w*et Warren’s chin.

My cheeks were flushed and I was completely out of breath.

Smirking, Warren scooped me up in his arms and carried me to our bedroom. He put me on the bed, climbed on top of me, and kissed me hard on the lips.

He quickly took his pants off before he grabbed my legs and lifted them up in the sky, making my b*ttocks hang in the air.

“Easy, tiger.” I grabbed his arms and tried to steady myself, wrapping my legs around his strong waist.

Warren’s eyes had turned red from the lust. He reached out and rubbed my c*un*t, taking my liquids and rubbing it on his p*enis. After he lubricated it, he pointed it at my entrance and slowly rubbed my p*uss*y with its tip.

I felt my body tense up again, and endless desire consumed me. I felt empty, and I wanted him to fill me up.

I bit my lower lip and looked up at Warren’s p*enis. It was very long and thick. Without proper foreplay, it’d difficult to completely insert it inside.

But the lust in my body was about to consume me alive. Now I just wanted to be filled to the brim.

I started grinding on him, rubbed my p*uss*y against his p*enis provokingly. “Honey, I want you.”

“Relax, baby. I’m here.” Warren spoke in a hoarse voice. The next second, he inserted his c*oc*k inside my v@gin@. His c*oc*k slowly filled up my v@gin@. Although there was no much foreplay, we had made love many times before. I had already adapted to his invasion. Besides, I had climaxed just now, so I was still w*et. His c*oc*k went in rather smoothly.

Although he inserted it slowly, his c*oc*k was still so big that I felt a little pain. I could only bite my lips and m*oa*n in a small voice.

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