Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1002

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1002 Girls’ Night

Crystal’s POV:

In the afternoon, as I got ready to take Arron for a walk in the garden, I spotted Flora walking up to me with a huge stuffed bag in her hand. Warren trailed her with a scowl.

I grabbed Arron’s hand and walked toward them. In a confused voice, I asked, “Don’t you have to attend the summit today?”

After the parade, a summit was held by the packs for several days. The agenda was usually exchanging experiences or resources. I was worried about coming face-to-face with Rufus, so I pretended that I was unwell and didn’t attend it.

Warren and Flora attended the summit the past few days ago. It was quite a surprise that they skipped it and came to see me today.

“A meeting is never as important as my bestie! You’re going to return to the border pack in a few days. I have already discussed with Warren that I’m spending our remaining days here with you!” Flora replied gleefully.

I instantly understood the reason for Warren’s scowl. I thought to myself that he was very attached to Flora and couldn’t stay apart from her for one moment.

Noticing the little boy beside me, Flora immediately crouched down and said, “Hello Arron, I’m Flora.”

Arron politely greeted her back, “Nice to meet you. I’m Arron.”

Flora was so amused by the seriousness on Arron’s face that she burst into laughter. Then she pulled Warren down and said, “This old man is Warren.”

Arron was puzzled as he asked, “Aren’t you a couple?”

Hearing his question, Warren’s face darkened. He instantly blurted out, “We are a couple and I’m not old.” “No, I’m still young but you are old.” Flora gently shoved Warren away with a mock-disgusted expression.

Warren didn’t want to let go of her. He held on to her shoulder tightly, unwilling to budge, his expression saying that she could do nothing to him.

I didn’t know how to respond. Flora and Warren had no problem displaying their love for each other in public.

I pulled Arron, who was thoroughly perplexed, closer to me and softly explained, “Arron, you can call them whatever you like. It doesn’t matter.”

Arron nodded and said, “Nice to meet you, Flora, and Warren the old man.”

Flora burst into laughter again. She ruffled Arron’s hair, took out some colorful lollipops from her pocket, and tucked them into his small pocket. “Good boy, these are your reward.”

Arron grinned happily and said, “Thank you. You’re so beautiful.”

“Aww, you are so sweet! What do you think about this old man then?”

Arron tilted his head to one side, deep in thought for a few moments, and answered, “He is also very beautiful.” Flora began giggling as she said, “You can’t tell a man that he is beautiful.”

I tried my best to restrain my laughter and listened to their prattle. I noticed that Arron had said that on purpose. Perhaps it was because Warren looked so fierce when he was being stoic, that Arron was taking time to warm up to him.

Warren pressed his lips into a thin line and gave up correcting Arron. He acted like he didn’t really care anyway, but later, when no one was watching, I heard him ask Arron not to call him an old man.

His compet*itive spirit left me speechless.

After dinner, Flora sent Warren away, telling him that no men were allowed at girls’ night.

Although Warren was reluctant, he gave in to Flora and left after a while. Before leaving, he left a pile of food and toys for Arron and Beryl. He was truly caring.

After persuading Arron to go to sleep, the long-lost girls ‘ night finally began, and we talked all night.

We were so excited that we seemed to be transported back to school again. We turned off the lights and snuggled under the same quilt. We chatted about every topic under the sun, including our lives and children, and our experiences in these past five years.

We fell asleep just before dawn broke. However, we were woken up by incessant knocking early in the morning.

I struggled to get out of bed and open the door. Flora thought it was Warren. She followed me, complaining loudly about the early hour.

However, when I finally pulled the door open, I was greeted by a confidant of Rufus. I had often spotted him at Rufus’ side before.

I was instantly awake as I asked, “Is the king looking for me?”

Unexpectedly, he shook his head and said, “No, the king has summoned Luna Flora.”

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