Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1035

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1035 Childish Rin

Crystal’s POV:

After sending Flora away, it suddenly occurred to me that I have another old friend in the imperial capital.

I quickly changed clothes and walked to the edge of the forbidden forest, toting a small, wooden whistle. Arron had planned to go with me, but in the end, he decided against it because he didn’t want to go out with his new hairstyle. He was so upset that he even pouted whilst eating.

Amused, I had no choice but to promise him I’d make him a woolen hat later.

Winter was coming anyway. Arron liked colorful woolen hats, and it’d be so cute if there was a pom -pom on top.

While thinking about the hat’s design, I walked deeper into the forest. I nervously took a deep breath. Five years had passed and I wasn’t sure if Rin was still here, let alone if she still remembered me.

I decided to try my luck and blew the whistle in my hand, looking into the forest expectantly. To my disappointment, the grey figure I was looking forward to seeing did not appear.

Had Rin left the forbidden forest? But she had nowhere else to go… Wild wolves moved in packs.

Because migration was risky, they wouldn’t move to another place unless something happened to their home. The wild wolves had put down their roots in the forbidden forest several hundred years ago, and I doubted they’d be willing to migrate. And Rin was their leader. It was impossible for her to leave her pack behind. So what could’ve happened to her?

I dare not to think about the worst. Rin was in her prime, so it was likely she was still alive.

I didn’t give up. I walked in deeper and blew the whistle again. The birds on the tree flapped their wings, but otherwise, the forest was quiet.

I blew several more times, but there was no response.

Disappointment engulfed my heart. It seemed that Rin had really left. Time really changes everything.

I sniffed, turned around, and was about to leave when I suddenly heard a faint rustling sound behind me.

I turned around in surprise and thought it was Rin, but there was nothing there.

Was I imagining things?

I pursed my lips and looked around. The forest had gone quiet again, other than the rustling leaves in the wind.

“Maybe she’s really gone,” my wolf Yana said. “You think so too? I was hoping I’d see Rin again to tell her about her son Ian,” I sighed dejectedly. “Maybe she’s in the depths of the forbidden forest. This place is huge. It’s impossible for the wild wolves to stay in only one place,” Yana mused.

“That makes sense, but we can’t go any deeper now. We don’t have the right equipment.”

I was a mother now. I couldn’t afford to risk my life for anything.

If Rin wasn’t here, I could only try my luck next time. Just as I was about to leave, I suddenly sensed some movement in the brush. I sniffed hard and keenly picked up on a scent, although it was faint.

I followed the smell and caught a glimpse of a gray shadow flashing by.

“Rin!” I cried out happily and ran towards that direction, but there was nothing but barren gra*s*s.

Was I imagining things again? But my nose wouldn’t lie. The scent was real.

After thinking for a while, it dawned on me. I raised my voice and said, “It seems Rin’s really not here. Okay, guess I’ll get going.”

Then I turned around and pretended to leave. However, I heard a rustle behind me. This time, it was even louder, as if something was kicking the gr@ssheavily.

I couldn’t help but snicker as I realized what was going on behind me.

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