Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1049

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1049 Taboo

Rufus’ POV:

After putting Beryl to sleep, I left her room and went downstairs. I swept my eyes around the living room, but didn’t spot the she-wolf I was seeking. “Who are you looking for? Crystal left.” My mother was sitting at the table and leisurely sipping her coffee.

“I’m stepping out for a while.” After saying that, I quickly marched out of the lycan king’s palace.

My mind flashed back to seeing Crystal sneaking around the forbidden forest today, and I had no clue about what she was doing there. So I would have to go to the forest again.

We passed the City Hall and then the Royal Military School, but I kept walking forward.

My bodyguard kept pace with me and asked, “Your Majesty, are we going the wrong way? This path leads to the forbidden forest.”

“That’s our destination. I need to confirm something,” I replied.

Crystal must have done some unknown deed in the forbidden forest. I quickened my steps and reached the entrance. The sun had already set. Except for a few lamps at the entrance of the forbidden forest, everything else was pitch-black.

I turned on the torch on my phone and entered the forbidden forest. A faint stench of death came from afar, pulling me into the forest. My spirits lifted and I focused on finding its source.

After a long hike, we finally came upon a clearing that didn’t match the surroundings.

Although normally no one was allowed to get into the forbidden forest, wild animals roamed it, and they were usually noisy especially at night. But this part of the forest was eerily quiet and weird. All living creatures seemed to deliberately avoid this place. Even the birds who fluttered around the forest had disappeared, as if some terrible thing here made them wary of approaching, heightening the sense of death one felt around this area.

I cautiously took a couple of steps forward, and the stench of death I’d followed suddenly weakened.

I stopped in my tracks and scrutinized the ground around me. It was much softer than the rest of the forest floor I’d encountered on my way here. It seemed that someone had cleaned this place a little while ago and covered it with dirt. Although the perpetrators had tried to conceal something, the color of the soil at the edge of the clearing was deeper than the soil in the rest of the forest. The exposed soil was w*et and red.

I crouched down and checked the soil. It indeed contained a particularly strong evil aura. I frowned and commented, “I’d heard that an ominous place existed in the forest. I can finally see it, but I never expected it to be so strange.”

My attendant also seemed to feel a strong sense of death. He stepped back with a serious expression, the fear clearly visible on his face, and said, “It must be true. I heard that Queen Mother Laura had k*il*led Noreen and buried her bones in the forest. Perhaps this is the burial spot. We have accidentally stumbled upon it today.”

I gazed at the ground in front of me, lost in deep thought. I was ill when my mother had k*il*led Noreen, so I knew nothing about how she had done it. Besides, when she brought it up later, she was very casual about it and there was hardly any detail. That was the reason I didn’t pay any attention to it, nor did I bring up this topic again.

Things didn’t look as simple as I thought they were anymore, because Crystal was definitely involved.

She wouldn’t have come here if she had simply lost her way. She must have some connection to this witch.

My mind was buzzing with doubts. I bent down a little to touch the ground, and my fingers were immediately stung. I quickly pulled my hand back, and my expression changed. It looked like a witch had put a spell over this land. It must be Crystal.

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