Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1058

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1058 I Want To See Your Alpha

Crystal’s POV:

I took a casual walk around the city. As I did, I asked several passersby and found out that none of them knew anything about the arrival of the lycan king.

I headed to the residence of the Alpha, where I came across a male wolf garbed in a soldier’s uniform. I stopped him and asked. “Is the Alpha’s residence around here?” “Yes,” the soldier answered cautiously as he looked me up and down. “Are you not a naive here?”

“That’s right. I’m from the imperial capital, and I’m here for a tour.” I gave him a warm smile before leaning close and whispering, “I heard that the lycan king has come to your pack.”

The soldier flinched and stepped back as though I had hit him. “Who told you that?” he demanded. “The lycan king is not here.”

“So, he didn’t come?” I frowned, confused by the whole situation. Where on earth would Rufus go? Had they lost contact with him before he had even arrived at this place? But there were many other things that didn’t make any sense. The pack seemed peaceful, and didn’t look like it had been attacked recently. There must be something wrong with the information that was passed on.

In any case, I now had the opportunity to meet up with this pack’s Alpha first.

“I want to see your Alpha.”

I told the soldier that I was a royal emissary, but he did not believe me. He asked to see my credentials. I didn’t have any, of course, so I tried to talk my way into convincing him. Alas, this only made the soldier grow more suspicious of me.

“Didn’t you say you were here for a tour? Why are you suddenly claiming to be a royal emissary?”

“I want to keep a low profile.” I tried to appear more stern and noble, the demeanor fit for a royal appointee. If the soldier still refused to take me to their Alpha, I would have no choice but to break in by f0rce.

The soldier let out a cold, derisive laugh. “I was not informed that the royal family would be sending emissaries to our pack. If you really are one, how come you come alone? My best bet is that you’re a spy, sent here by the other packs.”

“You certainly have a wild imagination. I am not interested in arguing with you. Go and inform your Alpha that I want an audience with him.” I glared at the soldier.

“Okay. Since you want to see him so badly, I might as well take you straight to the dungeon. You’re sure to see our Alpha once we commence with your interrogation.” After saying this, he covered his mouth and nose with his hand, and then let out a cry similar to that of a hawk’s. It was likely a secret signal of sorts.

I backed away from him, only to see guards appear out of nowhere, surrounding the alley we were in.

The soldier raised his hand and pointed at me. “Arrest her! She may be a spy.”

In the next second, the guards rushed forward to lunge at me.

I fumbled for the weapon I had hidden under my sleeve and pulled the trigger, aiming for the nearest guard. A sharp, silver needle flew out and lodged itself square in the middle of his neck. He froze for a second before promptly crumpling to the ground. Rufus was the one who had taught me how to use this weapon. He liked to study and tinker with all kinds of things during his spare time. In my humble opinion, the man was capable of mastering almost every weapon in existence.

As more and more guards fell, the door of the Alpha’s residence slowly opened. A deep roar rang out, and the remaining guards finally ceased their attack.

A man with long hair stepped out, his face pale and gray.

I was quite bemused. I didn’t see him during the military parade.

He approached me with a contrite expression. “I apologize. My subordinates here lack tact and discretion. Please forgive them.”

The man’s voice was hoarse and somewhat labored. As he drew closer, I smelled the heavy scent of roses wafting from his body.

My brows furrowed. This was a scent I was all too familiar with.

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