Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1072

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1072 A Strange Girl

Laura’s POV:

Naturally, I believed Crystal more. My prejudice was more or less objective, but my instinct told me there was more to this girl named Adela than she looked.

I smiled at Adela kindly and pulled her to sit down. “Can you tell me why you happened to be there and found Rufus?”

Adela raised her gaze at me, her plump, smooth face expressing a hint of shyness. In a low voice, she answered, “I’m a professional painter. When I went to the suburb to paint that day, and I came across King Rufus when he was injured…”

I turned to examine the artwork and painting tools in the corner. A soldier delivered them here just now. According to the people who followed Rufus, this young woman named Adela was indeed found in the area with her painting tools.

That seemed plausible, but when I looked at Adela, I couldn’t help but feel a peculiar connection.

I wasn’t one to keep my doubts to myself. If there was an issue, I would always address it directly. That was why I went right ahead and asked Adela, “Have I met you before?”

Adela seemed to feel an instant pang of embarra*s*sment. She looked uncomfortable and replied, “I attended the ball last time. Maybe you saw me there.”

I frowned and tried to recall this girl from memory, but I came up empty. I would not deny; her face was utterly beautiful. Beautiful women such as this one always had a great impression on me. Every time I’d see them, I’d think whether or not they were deserving of Rufus.

Even though I know Rufus wouldn’t be interested in them, my concerns remained. I knew I said didn’t care, but my concerns about Rufus’ marriage still persisted. After all, he was of age to get married now. Thinking of this, I couldn’t help but sigh. Startled, Adela said in a tearful voice, “Have I disappointed you in any way?”

I was surprised. She was too timid even though she was the daughter of an Alpha. Why did she look like she had never seen an elephant before? From what I was seeing, her behavior didn’t match her ident*ity. I couldn’t help but pull a long face. Her fearful reaction made me feel like an old witch who devoured people.

This further added to my suspicions of her true ident*ity. There would be no reason for me to stop looking into her, even if investigation turned up no cause for concern over her ident*ity.

Without changing my tone and showing no doubt, I asked “How did you meet Rufus? And how did you save him? I heard the cliff was steep. Why did you go down there?”

“I saw the king fall off the cliff, so I rushed down without hesitation. Fortunately, I learned how to swim when I was a child. I risked my life to get him out of there.” Adela’s answer to my question was heartfelt and genuine. When I observed her facial expression, she didn’t flinch and just looked straight into my eyes.

Was what she said true? Did this girl really save Rufus?

Her words did make sense. People who didn’t know the truth could imagine what happened based from her story.

But somehow, I just didn’t want to believe her. Perhaps I was just biased. I’d rather believe Crystal saved Rufus than this girl in front of me.

At this moment, the door suddenly opened. Crystal rushed in angrily and glared at Adela. “Nonsense! You didn’t save him at all!”

I looked at Crystal and then at Adela in bewilderment. Suddenly, I realized something. Adela’s hairstyle, behavior, expression, and tone mirrored Crystal’s when the latter first entered the imperial palace!

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