Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1073

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1073 Go Furious

Crystal’s POV:

When the soldiers informed me that someone had taken credit without an explanation, I believed it was the vampires’ ploy.

I was enraged. I hadn’t expected these vampires to be so persistent!

After hurriedly bidding the soldiers goodbye, I entered the lycan king’s palace and directly marched to Rufus’ room. I was worried that the vampires’ conspiracy would succeed again.

But when I reached the door, I hesitated. I didn’t know if I was in a position to inquire about Rufus. I stood by the door for a while, scratching my ears and cheeks, but couldn’t come up with a suitable excuse. I carefully pushed the door and opened it slightly so I could survey the situation inside.

I convinced myself that if things weren’t as serious as I believed them to be, then I was better off leaving.

The crack slowly widened. I was instantly greeted with the sight of a beautiful coy she-wolf standing beside Rufus’ bed. She was watching him shyly. She had a sweet and charming expression on her face, looking as if she wanted to wrap her body around him.

Rufus was lying on the bed. The doctor who was changing his dressing was sweating profusely as he put away a long piece of gauze that was stained with blood.

The she-wolf gently mopped away the cold sweat that drenched Rufus’ forehead with her handkerchief. Her eyes were filled with pity. Although Rufus maintained a stoic expression, he didn’t refuse the she-wolf’s kindness.

My blood began boiling when I saw this cozy scene. Damn it! How could he not deny her help? Why didn’t he refuse her? Wasn’t he disinterested in women? The she-wolf stood in such close proximity to him, but he didn’t push her away.

I was so furious that I almost couldn’t restrain myself from rushing in and slapping the woman’s hand away.

But my rational mind interrupted me, telling me that I couldn’t stop Rufus from finding new happiness.

My fingers curled into fists as the soldier’s words ran on a loop in my mind. “It’s Miss Adela. She saved the king.”

These words struck my already volatile nerves.

Bastard! Who was this she-wolf? How dare she take the credit for something she hadn’t done?

Laura, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, also asked her how she had saved Rufus.

The she-wolf confidently made up a long story and Laura almost believed her.

I couldn’t tolerate it anymore. I threw the door open and charged inside. I directly approached the she- wolf and called her out as a liar.

She was taken aback for a second, and a hint of panic flashed in her eyes.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed Rufus turn around and regard me suspiciously.

I managed to remain calm. Turning to him, I angrily asked, “Did you see her save you with your own eyes? How can you be so sure that she is telling the truth? What if she is fooling you?”

Rufus remained quiet. He just gazed at me as if he wanted to see into my soul.

Staring at his pale face, I was overcome with guilt and rage as I continued, “You know, the vampires injured you this time. They can disguise themselves as werewolves or compel a werewolf to become their puppet. It’s difficult to guarantee that this she -wolf is not a spy. You must be careful!”

The more I spoke, the more my temper rose. I was so angry with Rufus. A she-wolf claimed that she had saved him and he just believed her. He had always been a smart man. How could he be such a moron at critical moments?

Rufus furrowed his eyebrows and his expression changed subtly. He was at a loss for words, so he turned around and simply ignored me.

I heaved a sigh of relief. Turning my attention to the she-wolf, I confidently said, “You claimed that you saved the king, so give us the details.”

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