Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 1075

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 1075 Get Married As Soon As Possible

Crystal’s POV:

I was stunned and my eyes flew to Rufus in disbelief. I reflexively blinked and my mind went blank. For a moment, I didn’t know how to proceed. Laura also couldn’t believe how ridiculous Rufus was being. She asked, “Look, Rufus, how can you be sure? Perhaps you have made a mistake!”

Rufus scowled and studied us with displeasure. “I’m sure there’s no mistake. As soon as I opened my eyes and saw Adela, I felt my mate’s aura under the Moon Goddess’ guidance, so I brought her back with me. I’m not wrong.”

Adela’s cheeks colored and she glanced at Rufus before shyly dropping her gaze to her feet.

I was bewildered. Rufus and I were still mates since we didn’t break off the bond between us. Werewolves were loyal creatures. So how could the Moon Goddess guide him to a second mate?

“That’s impossible. The Moon Goddess couldn’t have done something so outrageous…”

I mumbled to myself. After saying this, I realized that Rufus and Adela were staring at me. It only dawned on me then that I had spoken my thoughts out loud.

I hurriedly shut my mouth and dragged my mind back to the present. I f0rced myself to meet Rufus ‘ deep gaze. I had made several mistakes today and was behaving weirdly. I prayed that he wouldn’t get more suspicious of me than he already was.

But when I noticed the frostiness in his eyes, my stomach twisted uneasily.

Sure enough, Rufus looked up and asked my sharply, “Why is it impossible? Are you hiding something from me?”

I was nonplussed and didn’t know how to reply. My mind was muddled. Faced with Rufus’ sharp scrutiny, I felt defeated. I quickly looked away from him in panic and didn’t meet his eyes again.

Fortunately, Laura came to my rescue. “Crystal just thinks it’s too big of a coincidence. She is just being cautious for your own good. After all, you’re a man of high stature, so it is wise for you to be discreet.”

The girl lowered her head awkwardly at these words. The tips of her ears turned red, and it seemed that she was embarra*s*sed.

However, Rufus’ expression significantly softened. He pressed his lips into a thin line and stayed silent for a while. Then he said to me, “You’ve been against Adela since the moment you walked in. You claimed that she was not the one who saved me. What proof do you have? Did you witness the matter with your own eyes?”

I was instantly caught in a dilemma. If I wanted to expose this girl as a fake, I would have to also admit that I was the one who rescued Rufus. This meant I would have to confess everything, including us being mates.

Laura furtively shot me a wink, warning me not to act impulsively.

I pursed my lips and icily replied, “I was not there.” Rufus snorted, “That’s what I thought. You are confined to the imperial city. You can’t even step beyond its borders, so it is impossible for you to have been there.”

After a short pause, he continued, “Or did you disobey my order and sneak outwithoutpermission?” Rufus observed me sharply, as if he wanted to see into my mind.

Laura quickly interjected, “Of course not. Crystal stayed with me and didn’t go anywhere.”

Rufus broke eye contact with me and asked me to leave. “Now that you have said your piece, you should go. Irrelevant people can’t just walk in here without permission.”

The words ‘irrelevant people’ successfully deflated my spirits. My heart quivered and I felt extremely embarra*s*sed.

I licked my dry lips and f0rced a smile. “I’m glad that you feel fine. I will leave now.”

After saying that, I turned around and walked out with measured steps, my hands and feet so rigid, I felt like they didn’t listen to my command. Tears pooled in my eyes. I tried to blink them away, refusing to let them fall to the ground.

As I was leaving, I heard Laura’s voice behind me.

“Rufus, what are you going to do next?”

I unintentionally slowed my steps, wanting to hear Rufus’ answer.

He was silent for a few moments before softly replying, “Since Adela is my mate, we should get married as soon as possible.”

When I heard his reply, my dam of tears burst.

I didn’t dare to stay there any longer and fled from the palace.

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