Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 815

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 814 Disfigured

Sylvia’s POV:

I flung my arms around Alina’s waist to stop her from smashing the crystal ball.

Her cape was in disarray and strands of her hair had fallen in front of her eyes. She looked extremely flustered, but she still behaved arrogantly with me. “Let me go. You are a jinx. Whoever touches you lands in trouble!”

In an indifferent tone, I whispered in her ear, “You deserve this. I deliberately chose today to expose your lie. I wanted to make you taste desperation when you were so close to success.”

Alina glared at me and said through gritted teeth, “Sylvia, you’re going to d*ie a horrible death!”

I smiled disdainfully. “You should be thinking about how to explain your actions to everyone.”

At this moment, the crystal ball in Rufus’ palm slowly floated in the air and began to display the scene of Leonard’s death.

When they saw how Alina plunged the dagger into Leonard’s chest, the crowd exclaimed collectively.

Alina must have realized that she was completely doomed. The arrogance and pride on her face melted away, leaving only panic and agitation in their place.

“Stop!” she yelled in desperation, but it was too late for her to do anything now.

When everyone saw Leonard slowly dying, their hearts broke. With the current level of medical technology, he could have been saved that day even though he had been stabbed. However, Alina did nothing but stand there and watch coldly as his life slowly drained away.

Edwin was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. His eyes were bloodshot, and he fell to the ground, muttering something to himself.

Owen tried to get a handle over his emotions with whatever was left of his sanity, but he still couldn’t conceal the murderous intent in his eyes. He marched forward and slapped Alina tightly across her face.

“You!” He was so enraged that words failed him. Finally, with tears in his eyes, he pointed his trembling finger at Alina and said, “Has your father ever done anything wrong to you since childhood? You were more important to him than anything else, even his own life. He was constantly worried about your happiness. He was afraid that you would be aggrieved and unhappy if you married the wrong person. But in the end, you didn’t understand his painstaking efforts. You even murdered your father just to achieve your selfish goal! Alina, do you still have a heart?”

Owen couldn’t take the strain any longer and stumbled backward. Flora rushed to hold him up and comforted him softly.

Warren was on the verge of breaking down as well. His eyes went to the crystal ball repeatedly, pain etched deeply on his face. “Why didn’t you save him? You could have saved him.”

“No, I didn’t. I didn’t K*ll my father. I was f0rced to do that. When I came to my senses, the dagger was already buried in his heart.” Tears gushed down Alina’s face. She tried to defend herself, but no one believed her or pitied her anymore.

“Even so, why didn’t you save him when you could?” Warren’s eyes were tinged red and he screamed maniacally.

Alina didn’t know what to say. She just rambled on, wanting everyone to believe her. But the evidence was conclusive. All of Alina’s excuses were in vain.

At this time, a grieving werewolf charged up the stage and wielded his long sword at Alina. Rufus rushed to us and pulled me behind him. Then he gently pushed Alina forward.

Alina screamed and dodged the blade of the sword. Her hair was almost completely undone, and her cape was covered with dust. The ring, which represented the power of Alpha, fell to the ground and rolled toward me. I crouched down to pick it up and tucked it away safely. The werewolf looked formidable. It was obvious that he was well-trained in martial arts. He slashed his sword in Alina’s direction without hesitation.

Alina let out a piercing scream as her face was cut. There was a deep wound on her once beautiful face, leaving her completely disfigured.

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