Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 816

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 816 Let’s Perish Together

Alina’s POV:

Everyone around me looked at me as though I were a lunatic. The disgust in their eyes made me feel terrible.

But I couldn’t blame them. I was indeed no different from a madwoman now. The sharp pain and the endless humiliation was making me go crazy.

I knew that I was completely doomed this time. I would lose everything—everything!

It wasn’t until I heard a familiar female voice that I came back to my senses. She was calling me crazy!

With tears streaming down my face, I looked at Flora, who had cursed me just now. Her cheeks were as ruddy as a ripe apple, and she held her round belly calmly. Warren stood in front of her protectively, eyeing me in disgust.

The people I used to look down upon now all trampled on me. How the tables had turned!

Overwhelming anger made my heart ache.

The scene on the crystal ball still went on. I couldn’t stop it anyway. The only thing I could do now was look for an escape. Calum would never let me go and would definitely K*ll me. It was better to make a run for it.

As for Owen and Edwin, since they already knew the truth, I knew they wouldn’t help me anymore.

Everything happened so suddenly that I had no chance to prepare.

My mind was a total mess. How could this have happened? Only Noreen could’ve exposed me in public with such a trick!

Could Noreen have set me up secretly?

But we were on the same side. It would do her no good to hurt me.

I looked around anxiously, trying to find Noreen. Finally, my eyes landed on Sylvia.

Sylvia noticed my gaze and sneered at me coldly. The contempt in her eyes made me flare up.

However, I noticed just then that her hands, partly hidden under her sleeves, gently moved. The way she gestured was the same as that of Noreen when she activated the crystal ball in front of me once.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought I was wrong, but Sylvia looked at me provocatively, as if she had read my mind.

She seemed to know what I had realized as well as my deepest fear.

I was shocked to my c*ore as I recalled what happened after Noreen showed up. Although she didn’t directly target Sylvia, everything that happened was all indirectly related to her.

So Noreen’s ultimate goal was to get to Sylvia, and I became nothing but cannon fodder!

This was between Noreen and Sylvia. Why should I be the one to take the fall?

The sheer amount of rage boiling inside me gave me a sudden burst of power. I pushed past the crowd, rushed to Sylvia, and grabbed her hands—all in the blink of an eye.

Sylvia didn’t see it coming. The crystal ball fell and smashed onto the ground. Pieces of glassflew in all directions.

“It was you!”

All eyes were now focused on me and Sylvia.

I turned to the crowd and shouted, “It’s her! She’s the one controlling the crystal ball. She’s a black witch!”

Rufus was the first to move to protect Sylvia. He pried my hands off of her and threw me to the ground. “Alina, you’re hopeless!”

I couldn’t care less. I stood up and tried to attack Sylvia again, but Rufus stopped me and threw me to the ground once more.

I cried and laughed like a lunatic. Pointing at Sylvia, I roared at the crowd, “Are you all f*uc*king blind? It’s clear as day that she framed me! I’ve seen Noreen use the same crystal ball. It’s obviously something that only belongs to black witches. So why does Sylvia have it? Moreover, she knows how to use it. That proves that she’s on the same side as Noreen, and she might even be a black witch too! You’ve all been cheated by her!”

“You’re crazy!” Edwin roared angrily, thinking that I was slandering Sylvia.

“Yes, I’m crazy,” I shot back, spit flying everywhere. “It’s better than being stupid! You’re all fools! You should arrest Sylvia and execute this damned black witch!” In the end, I just screamed at the top of my lungs and my voice came out shrill.

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