Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 826

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 826 Warren Took Over The Position Of Alpha

Sylvia’s POV:

Warren was shaken up. “But I never once thought that the position would be mine, nor have I ever dreamed of seizing it. Besides, the task is so intricately heavy that I doubt I would even survive the first week upon taking the position.”

“No,” Edwin interposed, “I understand where you’re coming from, but what you think is wrong. The potential to lead is only a bonus a leader must possess; the principal integrant the position comes with is the will of the people. You grew up with the pack being aware of your abilities and achievements, Warren. What I’m saying is that you’re not a stranger to the pack. All things considered, I cannot argue that you’re indeed more suitable for this position than Sylvia is. It’s not just me who thinks so. I see eye to eye with Leonard,” Edwin finished, sincerity apparent on his face.

I stood still and silent, curtailing my presence as much as possible. As Edwin capped his confidence for Warren, I nodded in agreement. There was nothing about what he told Warren that I could refute. Even if I chose to stay, I would still put Warren forward to succeed the position. Leonard had trained Warren to be his heir ever since he had probably started to talk. All those preparations he had gone through were done in anticipation for this day. As compared with me, Warren was a more suitable person to supersede as the pack’s Alpha.

 “Leonard had been training you as the successor to the spot and treated you like his own son. You may not come to acknowledge this yet, but you’re simply not a knight tasked to just guard Alina. At least, not the way you think it is,” Edwin added.

Owen drew a long sigh, but it was without words. He lifted his hand and offered Warren a gentle pat on the shoulder, as if to let him lay down the decision by himself.

Warren was silent for a moment, and we waited apprehensively. I gathered my thoughts and went on to persuade him, trying to a*s*sure him, as did the others, that he was best suited as the Alpha. “Leonard had always placed great hopes on you; he had envisioned the pack to be prospering with you on the lead. I believe that he wouldn’t make a wrong judgment about you.

“I know your hesitation and worry, but there are some things that you will experience along the way, and that’s something that comes with the bundle of managing the pack. I hope you can be more confident and give yourself more credit than we do. I know telling you to not let Leonard down and to shoulder the responsibility that trails leading the pack is a hefty combination, but if even you can’t stand for them, then the pack will lose prospects for new hope.”

After digesting what I said, the scarlet shade painted Warren’s eyes once again, and his voice trembled. He sounded like a kid as he asked, “Did Alpha Leonard really want me to take his place?”

As if to make the fact that we were making him realize more obvious, I nodded firmly. “Yes.”

I shifted my gaze to look at Owen and Edwin, trying to gather more a*s*surance from them. They bobbed their heads and said, “We believe that you can do it well, Warren.”

Warren fell silent, pondering about what was yet to come. To our relief, he looked at each pair of eyes around him with determination and agreed. “Okay. I promise to take over as the Alpha but only temporarily. I will try my best to make the pack better until we find someone who’s much more suited for the position. If we find a better candidate in the future, I will voluntarily abdicate at any time.”

Warren’s words amused everyone. It was, after all, the least set of replies we were hoping to hear from him. But since he had practically agreed to inherit the position, no one hurriedly refuted. After all, no one among us could actually tell what would happen in the future.

Edwin opened his arms and enveloped Warren with satisfaction, ease reflected in his eyes as he did so. “That’s good to hear. The pack has a hope; you’re bringing it to them. Leonard can rest in peace knowing the pack is under your command.”

Warren’s decision was good news after all that had happened recently. I hoped that this would mark a good beginning. The dead could not be brought back to life, and the people who were alive should try their best to live well.

Rufus came to pick me up, and he found us in the state we were in.

He was delighted to know that Warren accepted to fill in on the spot. Even before, when Warren was selected to join the elite team, Rufus had long recognized his potential. Warren was now the Alpha, and it undoubtedly alleviated the burden on everyone. Somehow, the filled spot gave stability to the pack.

Rufus generously gave Warren a hug to congratulate him and exchanged a few words with Owen and others. I watched them with a smile cracked on my lips, satisfied with how things turned out.

My eyes were feasting on the scene when Flora walked over to pull my sleeve and whispered, “Are you going back so soon?”

“I’m afraid, yes. Rufus is actually pretty busy right now and he just made time to come here with me. He still has a lot of things to deal with in the capital city,” I whispered back to Flora.

I noticed her face muscles stiffened before it fell into a dejected sulk. “Well, I was actually hoping you can stay for a few more days.”

“I’m really sorry. I’ll come to see you when I can.” I squeezed her hand and comforted her gently, and my heart ached slightly. I knew deep down that it was difficult to meet her again.

Rufus’s subordinate came to inform us that the car was waiting at the gate. I bid goodbye to everyone before leaving with Rufus.

Just when I reached the threshold near the door, Flora caught up with me. She looked a little anxious when I turned to her. I nearly jumped and immediately thought something bad had happened. I extended my hand on her shoulder to urge her into speaking.

Flora shook her head as she caught her breath, but even as she did, a small smile made its way to her lips. “Nothing serious. I just want to confirm something with you; you’ll come to my wedding, right?” Flora asked as she carefully observed my expression. She seemed to have sensed something.

My heart skipped a beat. I didn’t expect her to notice. 

Still, I managed to control my guise but did not answer. “You will be there, right?” Flora asked again, her tone now full of expectation.

My heart ached as I thought that I could not bear to break hers, and guilt swallowed me whole. I fondled the small box in my pocket. The bug I raised was almost fully grown, which meant that the day of my departure was fast-approaching…

But I couldn’t find the strength to break the news to her. Without any hesitation, I met Flora’s gaze and said with a smile, “Of course, I won’t miss your wedding. I am your bridesmaid, remember?”

Flora immediately revealed a bright smile. “That’s a promise! I’ll be waiting for you.”

“I promise I’ll be there.” I kept a smile on my face, but my heart was hollow.

I didn’t mean to lie to her, but I was afraid that I’d have to let her down this time.

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