Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 832

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 832 The Training of A K*ller

Sylvia’s POV:

“Did Noreen save you?” My mind instinctively jumped to that woman. She was the only person I could think of. She had a knack for always appearing at the right time. It almost seemed like she was in control of everyone’s fate, and she could do whatever she wanted with them. No matter how angry we were, there was nothing we could do about it. Noreen was like a gust of wind. She always appeared out of the blue and then vanished without a trace. She was the one who always took the initiative to come to us and we wouldn’t even know where to find her.

As I considered this, my determination to become stronger increased. I would only be able to defeat Noreen when I became a powerful black witch myself.

Joanna didn’t respond. She continued, “My adoptive mother has a serious nature. Even though she is cold, I wouldn’t have lived till now without her support. I felt that I should do something to return the favor.”

“So is this why you obey Noreen?”

I could finally comprehend Joanna’s difficulties. Regardless of the reason Noreen rescued her, she was still her savior and adoptive mother who had raised her since she was a baby.

Joanna didn’t really have any choice.

From the moment she was born, she was in a disadvantageous position. Fate had favored her twin brother from the very beginning.

Noreen had saved her and brought her up. She had traded her life for Noreen’s favor of raising her for so many years. To Joanna, it seemed quite fair.

Joanna smiled with a desolate expression. “Since childhood, my adoptive mother has constantly reminded me that I should not forget what she has done for me and I should repay this debt of grat*itude someday. This is why I have always been grateful to my adoptive mother, even if she just takes advantage of me. I have been trained as a K*ller since I was very young. My end goal has always been to a*s*sa*s*sinate the lycan king. I often wonder if my adoptive mother has any kind of maternal feelings for me. I once believed that she must have cared about me, even just a little, since she has kept me by her side for so many years. But I was very disappointed at the moment she cursed me so cruelly. I even wanted to leave this world and end my life. But in the dead of the night, I always remember how kind she is to me. The first time she taught me how to read. The first time she took me to the market to buy something of my liking. When I was sick, she cooked me a bowl of chicken soup…”

Joanna’s voice ch*oked with sobs as she gave her explanation. “It’s a lot more difficult to hate someone than to love them. I know I can’t escape my fate. Even if my adoptive mother only looks at me as a tool to achieve her ultimate plan, I already consider her my family. The only warmth in my life came from her.”

My heart clenched painfully. I held her hand and whispered, “But you have Harry now. He has given you the same affection as Noreen did. Noreen is an expert at manipulating people’s minds. All she did was use you for her own means.”

Joanna sniffled and her eyes turned red. “I know she is just using me. She showed me how my pack abandoned me in the crystal ball. I want to get away from her after I manage to remove the curse.”

“You hate your family? Have you been wanting revenge? So John’s death…”

When the topic of her family came up, the sadness on Joanna’s face melted away and she once again became indifferent. “I don’t give a f*uc*k about them and I have no plans to waste my time chasing revenge. John’s death was his own fault. I have nothing to do with it. Since childhood, my only goal has always been to a*s*sa*s*sinate the lycan king. Once I accomplish this task, I will be free.” I fell silent for a while before saying, “I don’t understand why Noreen is so intent on K*lling Ethan. She had cursed him before as well. I’ve heard that love begets hatred, and she hates him because she loves him but can’t have him. But now I don’t believe that people like Noreen would fall so obsessively in love with someone.”

Joanna pursed her lips and fell into deep thought. “I don’t know the exact reason. I only know that my adoptive mother set off on this path because she feels that the king had fooled her. She believed that Ethan had fallen head over heels in love with her, when he hadn’t. But even more importantly, she coveted the bloodline of the lycan king.”

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