Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 842

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 842 Being Tricked

Maya’s POV:

I had been keeping an eye on the imperial palace ever since hearing the news from Sylvia.

Thankfully, nothing happened the following day. Then Harry, who was gone for two days, suddenly turned up near the palace again. He looked ghastly pale and haggard. Rumors in the palace had that Sylvia would use Joanna as a scapegoat.

This would ultimately put Harry and Sylvia’s friendship at stake. I told the guards to keep an eye on Harry and not let him in.

Meanwhile, Sylvia spent the entire day in her room. Even though she wasn’t particularly hungry, she gobbled up a bunch of chicken wings. She ate them while watching a movie and soon the bones had already filled a small bucket.

Compared with yesterday’s restlessness, Sylvia was in better spirits today.

Rufus must have comforted her last night.

After I had finished my work at the palace, I went for a walk to clear my head and settle my stomach. Like always, I took the path from the secret prison to exit the palace.

This path was very remote, and behind it was a forest. Unless some prisoners were being secretly escorted to somewhere else, relatively few people would normally p@ssby.

I checked the time and learned that it was nine o’clock in the evening. It was time for Sylvia to drink her milk. So I hastily returned to the palace and brought a glassof milk to her room.

Sylvia was lying in a rocking chair, taking a nap. She was wearing a loose-fitting white nightgown that accentuated her pregnant belly, and her long hair cascaded down over her shoulders. Her stunning features seemed at ease.

I walked over quietly, set the milk down, and said softly, “Miss Todd, if you are tired, why don’t you sleep on your bed?”

Sylvia slowly opened her eyes and yawned. “Okay. Put the milk here and I’ll drink later. Rufus will not be home until very late tonight. He has something important to deal with. You don’t have to wait up. Go and have a rest.” “Yes, Miss Todd,” I replied respectfully and then left.

I hurried back to my room and changed into light and comfortable clothes that were convenient for walking. After hearing Sylvia said that Rufus had something important to deal with tonight, I figured he would usher the two fugitives out of the palace.

Without any delay, I went back to the same path quietly and discovered two prisoners being held in the car outside the secret prison’s entrance by Rufus’ private guards. The heads of the two prisoners were covered in hoods and their hands were tied behind their backs.

I sneaked around and followed them. This group of private sold*iers managed to sneak the detainees out of the palace through a hidden rear entrance.

Soon they arrived at a very remote place. Both prisoners ‘ mouths were gaged, and they whimpered in terror.

I took cover under a large tree nearby, waiting for my chance to strike.

The two prisoners struggled frantically, as if they knew their death was approaching.

“Behave yourself! I can give you a quick death if you stop struggling.” One of Rufus’ men pulled out a sharp dagger and waved it around their necks, seeming to try finding the ideal angle to finish them without getting blood from splashing all over his body.

The two prisoners were pinned on the ground by f0rce, their fear rendered them silent.

When the man was about to K*ll the prisoners, I quickly rushed out and sprinkled knockout drops on him and his comrades.

Before they could do anything, they collapsed to the ground.

After that, I said to the two hooded prisoners who were trembling on the ground, “Your lives are now mine. So, you have to do as I tell you.”

As I spoke, I went to pull off the hood on one of them. As soon as I removed it, Sylvia’s face peered out at me.

I was stunned when another hooded person beside me suddenly sprang up and pressed me to the ground. It was Rufus!

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