Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 845

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 845 Those People Were All Dead

Sylvia’s POV:

It never crossed my mind that Noreen also disguised herself as Layla. No wonder Layla hadn’t returned to the imperial capital afterward.

“When did you start pretending to be Layla?” I questioned Noreen in a frosty voice.

She returned to her own appearance and casually replied, “From the very beginning. From the moment you met Layla, it has always been me.”

“Where is the real Layla?” I was so furious that my whole body trembled. Noreen not only made fun of us, but also played with our lives.

When I’d first gone to the stone chamber, I’d searched for the mechanism everywhere like a fool. I didn’t know that had been Noreen’s plan all along. She f0rced my hand to use the pendant and suspect the relationship between my mother and black witch race. Then Noreen deliberately led me to discover the lab. And finally, she engineered an opportunity to rescue Flora and me from the stone chamber. She must have felt so smug at that time. We looked stupid when we couldn’t locate her, and didn’t know she was right there with us.

No wonder Flora was so resistant to Layla at the beginning. Layla’s weird actions towards me also made sense now.

“The real Layla already passed away in an accident. She was never a student at the military school. I took her place, tampered the enroll list, and purposely created the scent of werewolves. Although the process was a little complicated, making you believe that I’m just an ordinary werewolf made it all worth it in the end.”

When I heard that the real Layla was dead, I was shell- shocked and hastily asked, “What about the real Maya?” Noreen wasn’t surprised I was asking this question. In an indifferent tone, she answered, “She’s dead.”

“What? She’s dead?” I couldn’t believe my ears.

The blue barrier disappeared at this moment. Rufus stepped forward, as if preparing to attack Noreen again. Noreen stepped back vigilantly. “You can beat me to death, but then you will never know what kind of poison Ethan has been affected with.”

Rufus froze in his tracks and icily asked, “What poison did you use on my father?”

Noreen regained her composure and said with a smile, “What’s the rush? You’ve asked me so many questions. Let me answer them one by one. Sylvia, what did you ask me just now?”

Noreen pretended like she really forgot what I just said. I ground my teeth in anger, but I still had to give in. “What happened to the real Maya?”

“She’s dead. I just told you. If you don’t believe me, that’s your choice. Truth be told, I prefer Layla’s appearance. She is beautiful and suitable for me. But unfortunately, she was rendered useless to me later. You also became wary of her. Maya, on the other hand, was old and ugly. I don’t like her at all. My initial plan was only to control her. She had the duty of cleaning Rufus ‘ room, which brought her closer to the potted plant that is nourished with my blood. Logically speaking, it was easier to control her. However, her consciousness was unexpectedly firm, making it difficult for me to influence her. I had no choice but to K*ll her.” Noreen’s tone was very arrogant, as if she was chatting about the weather. In her eyes, no one could stop her from achieving her goal. She wouldn’t even blink her eyes before K*lling someone to fulfill her ambition.

“K*lling Maya was later proved to be a wise decision. It helped me get closer to you,” Noreen said this with a lot of pride. She took out another crystal ball and showed us the scene of Maya’s death. Maya was stabbing her stomach with a fruit knife. “You should thank me. I controlled her mind while she was K*lling herself, so she barely experienced any pain.”

I watched the scene play on the crystal ball with bloodshot eyes. Although Maya was not feeling any pain, her body still responded to her actions. She twitched as she cut her abdomen open and gouged the organs out of her body.

I couldn’t bear to see it anymore. My whole body was shaking as I averted my eyes.

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