Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 846

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 846 Bewitching

Rufus’ POV:

“It’s a good thing she’s dead. She was useless to me even when she was alive. When I wanted to control Maya, I failed halfway, and my plan almost got ruined because of that. Luckily I still got Layla’s ident*ity as backup at that time, or I wouldn’t have succeeded in this plan of mine,” Noreen said. She didn’t regret K*lling Maya at all and even kept saying that she was useless.

I clenched my fists and tried my best to calm down. I couldn’t K*ll Noreen without knowing what kind of poison she made my father ingest.

However, Sylvia was a different case. She couldn’t stand Noreen’s arrogance anymore and raised her hand, causing a black fog to form. She then pointed directly at Noreen, and the black fog transformed into a huge arm before it strangled Noreen’s neck and lifted her in the air. “Shut the f*uc*k up!” Sylvia shouted angrily.

She then summoned a strong gust of wind, causing the crystal ball that had been floating in the air to shatter into tiny little pieces.

Noreen, on the other hand, didn’t struggle. On the contrary, she seemed to be satisfied that Sylvia was out of control and continued to provoke her by saying, “You know, Maya was actually calling out your name before she d*ied. She didn’t stop saying your name until her last breath.”

“I told you to shut the f*uc*k up!” Sylvia roared. Her eyes gradually turned black as her body emitted a dark energy that was similar to Noreen’s.

At that moment, I felt like my back hurt like hell and my insides were burning because of it, but I had no time to care about that.

I immediately walked over to Sylvia and gently held her hand to try and help her regain her senses and prevent her from completely losing control.

Sylvia shifted her gaze at me, and her dark irises slowly returned to their usual color. Her voice was hoarse as she whispered, “You don’t have to worry, honey. I can handle this.”

Noreen burst into laughter although the huge arm that Sylvia summoned was still strangling her. “What are you afraid of, Prince Rufus? If I were you, I’d let go of her so her black witch bloodline can completely awaken.”

“Shut up!” I glared at Noreen and sneered. She was truly a nuisance. Even if she d*ied a thousand times, I wouldn’t pity her.

Noreen didn’t shut up. Instead, her laughter grew louder as the huge hand kept lifting her up in the air. It was like she didn’t fear anything at all.

“I’m really impressed, Sylvia. Hybrid indeed seems to be the answer! The power you have right now is stronger than last time, and this verifies my theory. It seems like you’re much more valuable a subject than your mother.” After she said that, she easily managed to break free from Sylvia’s spell.

Sylvia immediately staggered backward, but I supported her back just in time. Then, I looked up at Noreen, who was now floating in the air—surrounded by a blue light. The magic of the black witch race was unfathomable. Although Noreen wasn’t good at close combat, her magic was superb. Maybe that was why she dared to sneak in and stir some trouble in the imperial palace. “Come with me, Sylvia. You’ll only waste your bloodline and talent if you keep staying in the werewolf race,” Noreen arrogantly exclaimed as she tried to bewitch Sylvia in front of me.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. Enough was enough. I instantly turned into a wolf and rushed forward, making sure to let Noreen have a taste of the lycan bloodline’s power. The blue light barrier that she created instantly shattered upon impact.

It didn’t take long before she fell down and sneered at me. “Mind your own business, Rufus!”

I growled at her. “Do you really think you can hurt Sylvia without dealing with me first?”

Noreen awkwardly stood up and turned to look at Sylvia. “Listen to me, Sylvia. You should release the power of the black witch completely. Don’t let the werewolf power suppress your true abilities.”

Hearing that, my ears began to ring. I wanted to K*ll her so badly. Thus, without thinking, I focused the power of my lycan bloodline on my fist and punched Noreen’s face.

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