Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 855

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 855 Painful Choice

Sylvia’s POV:

I sprang from the chair and closed the distance towards Rufus’ bedside. I gently held his hand and whispered, “It’s rueful to think that the only thing I can do for him is to hold his hand. The truth is, it is indeed all my fault! I made him suffer. If doing this would at least ease away his pain, then I have no regret.”

“It’s not your fault; you didn’t wish for any of these to happen. You’re also the victim. If any, you’ve been through a lot of pain more than anyone else in this matter,” Laura consoled.

I subtly brushed off the tears that stained my cheeks before turning to Laura and apologized, “There’s another thing I must do that I hope you can understand. I’ll take the baby with me. I believe keeping the child by Rufus ‘ side will only increase the risk of him remembering anything about me.”

Laura swept her eyes at my bump with reluctance, worry was also evident. “Your child will be leaving his or her father even before it’s born.”

I couldn’t help but graze my hands along my belly. I felt a light kick on my belly, as if the baby was responding to my touch. I needed to do this, but would it be the right thing to do for our child?

My heart ached even more and it was apparent on the smile that I managed to crack. “I’ll shower the baby with more love and care to make up for the absence of his or her father.”

“I’m not against your plan on taking the baby with you, but you have to tell me when you settle down. It worries me since you’re still pregnant and you’ll be living outside with no one else with you. What if anything happens to you and the baby while you’re away?” was Laura’s long litany, worry lacing her voice.

“Don’t worry. I will take good care of the child and teach him or her to be a good person. I’ll make sure I won’t fall short on the parenting department.”

I appreciated Laura understanding my condition. She struck me as a cold woman, but in fact, her heart was warmer than anyone else’s. I gave her a genuine, faint smile to relay my grat*itude.

Laura looked at me with tender eyes and said with a smile, “You should not only take good care of your child but also yourself. You still have a long way to go, and you’ll be met with obstacles. Only by taking care of yourself can you overcome those difficulties.”

I nodded despite crying my heart out. My eyes were already sore and swollen. I didn’t expect that the time I needed to leave would come so soon. I thought it was still far in the future. Either way, this moment was inevitable.

I inhaled a lungful of air before pleading, “Please allow me to stay with Rufus alone while I still can. After this is over, I’ll go find you and cooperate with the investigation.” Laura returned, “Okay, I’ll leave now to give you and Rufus some time alone.”

I saw Laura off to the door and then went back to Rufus ‘ side after closing the door behind me.

The night was slowly eating away the subtle hums reverberating around the place. There was no one else roving around the palace except the guards. I went past 

Rufus’ bed to close the large window and turned to the table on a nook to light an incense that Rufus liked best. The scent of snow pine filled the room in a calming manner that even I was appeased.

I slid my feet out of my shoes and climbed on the bed. I settled myself cross legged on the mattress beside Rufus and gave his hand a feathery kiss. I wanted to say something, but of all the things I wanted him to know, the words were stuck on my throat instead.

The blood that pooled around Rufus’ mouth had been cleaned up. Without the stain besmirching his visage, his handsome face looked calm even while he was unconscious.

I reached out to touch his face. As if that contact was what I waited for, my feigned toughness collapsed and I could no longer hold back my tears. All the while that Laura was around, I had tried my best to not let my walls crumble. I had to stay strong.

I gasped for air as sobs escaped my lips. My wretched heart was slowly smothering me. Thinking that Rufus would no longer be around me in the future, I couldn’t help but be crestfallen. It was hard just thinking that I would be away from him, much less that I would be taking our child away from him. I bawled without care and bent over to give my motionless beloved the tightest hug I could muster, greedy for the last moment of warmth. Who knew if we would meet again in the future? No one. If we eventually would, that moment was trailed with uncertainty.

“Sylvia, I don’t want to leave Omar.” Yana ch*oked with sobs.

“But we have no choice. In order to keep Rufus alive, we have to leave.” I sobbed.

Yana wailed in reply.

I mildly hushed her. “Don’t cry, Yana. We will see Rufus again in the future. Right now, us staying here is the least thing that would help him recuperate. As long as he can be happy and safe, nothing else matters. We have to be strong for him.”

Luckily, contemporary technology was so advanced that I could see Rufus whenever I wanted to. Even if he didn’t remember me, as long as memories of him were still engraved in my mind, our love would never cease to exist.

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