Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 856

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 856 Erase The Traces

Sylvia’s POV:

I felt a great deal of relief after venting out my frustrations. Then I tucked Rufus in and got out of bed to pack my stuff.

I went to the cloakroom to gather the things I would take with me and sealed the rest in the suitcase. I would ask Laura to deal with them later.

Besides, I couldn’t keep the jewelry that Rufus had given me. They had to be packed and sent to Laura.

I hastily emptied all drawers containing my personal items, taking even the matching sets of jewelry and watches I owned.

The cloakroom was big. It took me half an hour to put away all my belongings.

After a while, I slumped on the ground and took a deep breath. As I looked at the dozens of suitcases and bags at the door, I was overcome with sadness all over again. When I met Rufus, I thought I would never be alone for the rest of my life. But in the end, I was left with no choice but to leave him.

Thankfully, I had my unborn child to lean on.

In the middle of moving all of my things, I realized they were too many to transport just by myself. So I called Laura to send her people to help me send the packed things to her palace.

Laura’s confidants did a great job. They first sent away the sold*iers guarding the palace, and then brought a car to secretly send my luggage away.

Since no one must find out about this, I had to be very careful. Everything must have gone according to plan and nothing could go wrong.

So once I was done cleaning the cloakroom, I moved Rufus to the couch and then change the sheet and pillowcases.

When I got out of bed, a small box fell out of the bed sheet. I picked it up and opened it. Inside was a simple diamond ring.

Last time, I asked Rufus to buy a simple ring to propose to me. This should be it. Rufus must have hid it under the pillow to surprise me.

I put on the ring and realized that the size fit me perfectly.

The sight of the ring on my finger triggered a flood of long-buried feelings.

Slowly, I got down on my knees and sobbed loudly.

If it wasn’t for the curse, Rufus should have been preparing our wedding now.

“Don’t cry, Sylvia. We have to hurry up. It’s almost dawn, and we need to get going. Otherwise, people might see us,” Yana reminded me in a low voice. She was sad and crying too, though.

I quickly wiped my tears, tucked the ring into my pocket, and quickly pulled myself together to continue packing. Everything in the bathroom, including the matching toothbrushes, towels, and slippers, had to be thrown out. When I looked around, I saw my rocking chair in a corner.

“Keep this. He wouldn’t find anything wrong about the rocking chair,” said Yana.

I thought for a while and decided to listen to Yana and leave the rocking chair in the room.

It might be useful to Rufus whenever he was tired. Besides, it would not be a big deal to keep it in the palace. It was just a simple chair and I didn’t think it would remind him of anything about me.

Then I went into the study, opened the cabinet where I usually keep my tools, and took out a black wooden box. The bug in it had fully matured, staring at me with its round and dull eyes.

I poked its head with my finger and whispered, “Let’s see what you can do now.”

I went back to the bedroom and spent a considerable amount of time staring at Rufus. Eventually, I bent down and kissed his icy lips.

“This would be our last kiss, Rufus. I love you.”

Once again, tears streamed down my cheeks. I reached out and touched Rufus’ face, wishing I could freeze this moment in time, but I had to leave now.

I reached into the box, carefully took out the bug, and set it on Rufus’ chest. Then I closed my eyes and began to cast a spell that would implant the bug into his body.

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