Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 858

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 858 The Era Is Coming To An End

Laura’s POV:

I turned my head in surprise. Ethan was awake.

I felt flustered. “When did you wake up? Did you hear what the doctor said just now?”

Ethan gave me an unguarded smile. “Yes, I heard him, and honestly speaking, I’m not surprised. This day was bound to come sooner or later.”

With a sigh, he continued, “From the moment I heard the news of Leonard’s death, I felt like the end of our era had arrived. I’ve been a strong man all my life. I’ve fought numerous battles. I’ve devoted my entire life to the people of the empire and never lived a single day for myself. I’m tired and it’s time for me to step aside. The only person I feel bad for right now is you, Laura. I know it’s too late to make up for my past neglect, but I do want to spend my remaining time with you.”

As Ethan said this, I got the sense that he felt like one foot was already in the grave. Such sadness was like bowing down to fate.

I felt terrible when I heard his words. I had never seen Ethan bow his head in front of anyone from the time I knew him. He always believed that he had the power to shape his destiny. He never gave up easily. Instead, he struggled and tried hard.

But now he seemed to have given up resisting the fate. Perhaps his days were truly numbered.

I lowered my head, unable to hold back my tears anymore. It seemed like just yesterday when Ethan still looked so young and possessed the same energy as Rufus.

He held my hand and softly said, “Laura, don’t be scared. Wherever I am, my soul will always be with you.”

“Don’t say that…” I ch*oked with sobs. I was so sad that I felt my heart shatter into pieces. I regretted spending most of my time arguing with Ethan in past, doubting his love for me. I didn’t cherish the time we had together.

“Laura, cheer up. You still have Rufus to take care of you after I’m gone. That brings me some relief,” Ethan said.

My eyes turned red again when I heard this. After pondering for a while, I told him about my conversation with Sylvia.

He remained quiet for a long time before finally sighing, “No wonder.”

My eyes flew to him in confusion and I didn’t understand the meaning behind his sigh.

Noticing my puzzlement, Ethan chuckled softly. “During the Blood Moon Battle, I had received a startling piece of news. Leonard bragged that he had found his destined mate first. I was furious at that time. Later, I heard that Leonard had agreed to the marriage arranged by the elders of his pack. I found this strange back then and believed that he was going to marry his destined mate, but later discovered that she was actually someone else. I considered him with disdain. Regardless of how powerful he was, he still had to bow down to the wishes of others. Now it seems that I was wrong. I didn’t expect the truth to be something like this.”

I sighed as well. “I saw Olivia once during the parade years back. She was a lively and outgoing she-wolf, and the complete opposite of Leonard.”

“Their different personalities contributed to their good chemistry. Leonard, the man who seldom showed any interest in women, fell deeply in love with her. But in the end, Olivia had to erase his memory.”

As soon as Ethan finished speaking, a pitiful expression appeared on his face. “Now Rufus and Sylvia are going to suffer the same fate. They cannot stay together and have to live through the same tragedy as the previous generation.”

“Sylvia is destined to carry her miserable fate because of her black witch bloodline. She loves Rufus so deeply, but she will have to erase his memory and leave. Sylvia is a poor girl. She is suffering a lot more pain than we can see. The most difficult part will be to escape the mental torment,” I said sympathetically.

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