Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 865

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 865 A Dagger Inserted Into Noreen’s Heart

Noreen’s POV:

“What did you just say? Speak louder!” I exclaimed with a proud smirk. I felt ecstatic seeing Sylvia lower her pride and show her weakness to me.

“Please save me, Noreen. I beg of you,” Sylvia said. It was rare for her to talk to me in such a pleading tone. She used to be cold and arrogant. Of course, the cause of her change was that she was already on the verge of death.

“Alright, then. I’ll save you.”

As soon as I snapped my fingers, Sylvia’s shackles loosened.

“Thank you so much, Noreen!” Sylvia said.

I nodded and accepted her thanks before I extended my hand to help her stand up.

However, just as our hands touched, a golden vine shaped thing quickly spread out from Sylvia’s wrist and quickly wrapped itself around my arm.

I instantly felt a shiver down my spine. I recognized this. This was Olivia’s witchcraft!

“You were lying to me! You were just pretending this whole time! I can’t believe you’re willing to give up the noble bloodline of the black witch and collude with those treacherous werewolves!” I exclaimed in fury as I glared at Sylvia. I was filled with uncontrollable rage. This b*tch was just like her mother! Both of them were tough and stubborn!

“How else would I be able to deceive you?” Sylvia replied, giving me a mocking smirk. “I should thank you for giving me a chance to completely destroy you once and for all.”

At that point, the golden light on her wrist looked even more dazzling, almost as if it was about to tear me apart. “You b*tch!”

It hurt so much that my whole body was starting to tremble. I wanted to get rid of the vines, but it was already too late. Sylvia had already stood up and hugged me, which caused the golden vines to entangle us even tighter.

“What are you going to do?” I asked, trying to suppress the fear that was slowly crawling its way toward me. “These mere vines can’t hurt me!”

Sylvia gave me a small smile. The desperate look in her eyes instantly gave me goosebumps. I didn’t know if I was just imagining it, but I could swear I saw that woman again. Her mother, Olivia.

“Mere vines can’t hurt you, but I have many other tricks up my sleeve,” Sylvia replied in a calm, monotone voice. Just as she said that, a golden pen appeared in her hand. I remembered that pen quite clearly. It belonged to Olivia, and she used to hurt me with that pen!

My eyes widened in pure disbelief. I desperately began to struggle and break free from the vines, but the more I did so, the tighter they wrapped around my body.

I tried to activate my powers, but somehow, I couldn’t do it. Not only were my powers completely lost, but I also couldn’t summon the crystal ball!

“It’s useless, Noreen. I’ve wanted to K*ll you for a long time now. I wouldn’t launch an attack without being fully prepared.” Sylvia coldly glared at me. Then, she pricked her palm with the tip of the pen. The pen that was stained with her blood slowly turned into a dagger. That same exact scene was exactly what had happened in the past.

“Don’t…” I heard myself whisper as I looked at Sylvia’s hand and repeatedly shook my head, my body still trembling.

“I’m sure you remember this. It’s one of my mother’s belongings. I didn’t know how to use it before, but I immediately connected the dots when you told me how she dealt with you last time. So, in the end, your arrogance only K*lled yourself.”

Sylvia’s glare was sharp as she spoke. Then without a second thought, she mercilessly stabbed my heart with the dagger.

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