Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 869

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 869 Two Corpses

Harry’s POV:

I struggled frantically in the black fog and tried to dash out of the crowd, but there was such a crush of people that it was hard for me to get out.

“Joanna! Where are you?” I called out to Joanna loudly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t even catch a whiff of her scent. While I was burning with anxiety, the black mist suddenly began swirling and slowly began to fade away. Soon, I was able to view everything around me clearly.

I rubbed my eyes and realized that I had been swept to the edge of the trial platform. However, Sylvia had vanished, and even Laura was gone!

“What’s going on? Where are they? Even the queen is missing. Did Sylvia cast a spell again?” The onlookers also noticed this detail, and became flustered and more keyed up.

“Let’s get out of here. Maybe the black witch has planned to destroy this place!”

The crowd descended into panic and began to scramble again.

My stomach twisted with unease. I quickly tugged at a sold*ier’s arm next to me and asked in agitation, “Where are the queen and Sylvia?”

The sold*ier remained remarkably calm and didn’t share my panic at all. “Calm down. You’ll know everything soon.”

What did he mean? The sold*ier seemed to know something. Was this a trap?

At this moment, Joanna finally returned to my side and asked in a confused voice, “What’s happening now? Why did Sylvia and Noreen disappear together? And the black fog is so strange, as if it can make people fall into some kind of illusion.”

I turned around and asked Joanna seriously, “Did you notice anything wrong just now? I think the black fog was Noreen’s trick. I have witnessed it at the border before.”

Joanna shook her head when she heard me. “I was hidden on higher ground right now, away from the black mist, but I couldn’t see anything. The only thing I sensed was that Noreen did come here just now, but her scent disappeared in a few moments.”

“But why did the queen vanish as well? Sylvia should be Noreen’s intended target.” I couldn’t figure out the reason behind this.

After all, Laura was the queen of the empire and the noblest she-wolf of the entire country. If Noreen attacked her, she would become the enemy of the entire werewolf race.

Regardless of how arrogant Noreen was, it was still impossible for her to kidnap the queen by herself. The chances of victory were too slim.

“Let’s wait and see what happens. The sold*iers look composed, which means there shouldn’t be a problem,” Joanna whispered.

About three or four minutes later, the queen, surrounded by a group of guards, suddenly appeared at the other exit.

The crowd broke into a spirited discussion at once, asking the queen what had happened. 

Thanks to my height, one glance was enough for me to confirm that Sylvia was not standing behind the queen. This was unusual. Why hadn’t Sylvia come back with her?

“Do you see Sylvia?” I asked Joanna softly.

Joanna was also sweeping her eyes over the crowd. “I don’t see her. I can only see that the queen returned alone.”

“Did Noreen kidnap Sylvia?”

“Relax. I want to hear what the queen has to say. She seems to know something.” Joanna wrapped her fingers around my wrist and rea*s*sured me softly.

I had no choice but to restrain my emotions and wait for the queen to give us an explanation.

The queen walked slowly to the stage. After pacifying the crowd, she said, “I was attacked by a black witch named Noreen just now.”

A ripple of shock passed through the crowd on hearing this.

The queen gestured with her hand for everyone to remain silent. “Don’t worry, everyone. I’m unhurt. Noreen, the black witch, is Sylvia’s accomplice. She attempted to save Sylvia just now. Fortunately, the royal family was well prepared and the two offenders have been brought to justice.”

As Laura spoke, she raised her hand and asked her men to bring two corpses up on the stage. One was Noreen’s charred corpse, and the other one belonged to Sylvia!

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