Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 920

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 920 Stop Quarreling

Crystal’s POV:

I went to the third floor of the children’s hospital and located the room the she-wolf had mentioned to me on the phone.

I knocked on the door without hesitation. When I knocked the first time, I heard a familiar man’s voice from behind the door. However, I didn’t dwell on it.

The people inside must have thought I was a delivery person, because the man told me to leave the thing by the door and go.

But when I knocked insistently on the door again, it was pulled open violently from the inside.

A handsome face with an impatient expression greeted me. His hair was as flamboyant as ever, dyed in a dazzling red color today.

I was nonplussed, and so was the man. We stared at each other, and awkwardness descended between us.

After exchanging a few words with him, it dawned on me that he must have realized who I really was and I immediately turned around and began running away.

But the man behind me shouted out, “Sylvia, stop! You coward!”

His voice attracted the attention of the other people milling around on the same floor.

I quickly ran back to cover Harry’s mouth and dragged him into the ward, locking the door behind us.

Harry struggled and kept calling out my old name.

Joanna, who had been standing in front of the bed, saw our struggle and rushed forward to help Harry.

I released him and said in a warning tone, “Keep your voice down! Don’t call me by that name again! Sylvia is dead. I go by the name Crystal now.”

Harry was so enraged that he wiped his mouth aggressively and pointed at me with quivering fingers. “How dare you come back?”

As he spoke, he tore my mask off my face. With a ferocious expression and bloodshot eyes, he exclaimed in a shaky voice, “It’s really you!”

I awkwardly scratched behind my ear. “Yes, it’s me. I have come back, but it’s only temporarily. I’ll leave soon.” Even though I hadn’t laid eyes on them for so many years, I felt like they were the same. It was as if I had only left for a couple of days.

Harry was still a chatterbox, while Joanna was still a woman of few words.

The only change was our ident*ities.

“Why haven’t you called or texted over all these years? Aren’t you worried that we won’t be able to claim your body when you d*ie?” Obviously, Harry was still furious, so he was speaking very rudely.

Joanna scowled and covered his mouth to keep him from speaking anything more.

I looked at them with a huge grin and said, “It’s so good to see you both again.”

Harry moved Joanna’s hand away and asked in a softer voice, “So where have you been all these years? Why has no one heard from you?”

“I went to the border.”

“No wonder we couldn’t find you.” He glowered at me.

A humorless laugh escaped my lips and I changed the topic. “How did you recognize me? Just by my voice?”

Harry scoffed. “We have been friends for so long. Your stupid mask is not enough to hoodwink me. Your voice, your figure and your scent all betrayed you.”

It was only then that it dawned on me that I had been outside for a long time. The perfume I had used to mask my body’s scent had dissipated quite a bit, and I’d forgotten to refresh it, making it easier for Harry to recognize me.

“Oh, okay. I was being careless. Well… Who would have thought that the world is so small?”

My answer left Harry very dissatisfied. In a strange tone, he muttered, “We haven’t seen you in so long. Were you too busy to even meet your old friends? Do you have some reason you can’t talk about? Or you just don’t want to see us at all?”

I gave him a bitter smile. “No, I just wasn’t ready to face you.”

Harry’s expression was as dark as the day we had unhappily parted ways five years ago.

Finally, Joanna stepped in to mediate. She settled Harry on the sofa and said, “Well, we haven’t seen other for so many years. Can you guys just stop quarreling for some time?”

Harry snorted and remained silent. He just pinned his gaze on me and asked, “So, you are the little boy’s mother?”

Oh, right! My boy! That was when my eyes fell on Arron, who was lying weakly in the bed.

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