Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 934

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 934 An Exception

Crystal’s POV:

Sure enough, Laura pretended to feel helpless and said, “Beryl doesn’t remember her mother right now, so it’s best to keep her here until she gets better. Otherwise, she will be scared.”

Quickly, I b*tt in and said, “I’m afraid King Rufus is too busy to take care of my daughter.”

If Beryl did stay here with him, I would be expected to make frequent visits. And knowing how sharp Rufus was, he would soon find out about the truth of our past if I made even the smallest mistake.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I will help take care of her. There haven’t been any children here in a long time. It’s strange, but I somehow feel a connection with this kid. So please just agree to leave her here with me, okay?” Laura looked at Beryl with a gentle smile.

It had been five years and Laura had now finally seen her grandchild in person. Naturally, she was filled with joy and affection.

Ethan’s death had been devastating for Laura. If Beryl could make her feel better, that would make me happy too.

I just hoped that Beryl could warm up to me soon so that I could take her back to the border pack as soon as possible. Otherwise, things might spiral out of my control.

After giving it some thought, I agreed to leave Beryl here until her memory returned.

“But Beryl seems to be hostile to all strangers except the King,” I pointed out. Realizing this truth, my face grimaced into a frown.

Laura was a little surprised, but she reached out a hand anyhow and gently patted Beryl’s tiny head. “Beryl, I’m your Grandma. Don’t be afraid, okay?”

The little girl didn’t answer and just stared at Laura with her big, round eyes. She was visibly nervous, as seen by the way she was holding her breath.

I also felt nervous, worried that Beryl would cry the next second.

Beryl shrank her head, and her messy pony tail came loose and the strawberry hair band on her head fell.

Laura picked it up and gave Rufus a suggestive look.

Rufus’ expression stayed the same. As he held the child in his arms, he looked down at her and murmured, “She’s Grandma.”

Beryl glanced at Laura again and asked in a childish tone, “Is Grandma Daddy’s mother?”

“Yes!” Laura replied in a hurry and then gave Rufus a kiss on his cheek to prove that she was indeed his mother.

Beryl immediately cheered up and reached out to Laura. “Grandma, hug.”

Laura was ecstatic that she no longer cared whether her smile brought out her wrinkles. She swept Beryl up in her arms and planted a loving kiss on her cheek.

When I saw that, I was almost stunned. Wasn’t Beryl only close to Rufus just a while ago? But now, she had accepted Laura too. The latter could even hug and kiss her.

So now, I had to kiss Rufus first if I wanted to get close to my daughter?

I glanced at his undeniably attractive side profile. In fact, I could be just fine with that idea if it meant having my daughter warm up to me again. But Rufus might not agree. He might throw me out before I could even touch his sleeves.

Rufus was no longer the same needy boyfriend of mine he was five years ago. He had turned into this ruthless man who was not interested in women at all. But most of all, he was now the King, the ruler of the empire, and he had the right to decide the life and death of all the werewolves. If I did something wrong in his presence, perhaps he would k*ll me without a second thought.

I lowered my head in frustration, feeling terrible at everything.

But soon, I straightened out my emotions and made another attempt to hug Beryl again. “Sweetheart, I’m your Mommy. Can I hug you too?”

Beryl pouted and said unhappily, “But you are not Daddy’s wife.”

I froze for a while, and I had to bite the bullet and answer, “Well… It’s true, but…”

“Then you can’t hug me. You are not Daddy’s wife, so you are not my Mommy.” Beryl didn’t listen to me. She covered her ears with both hands and looked at me angrily.

I was taken aback, but Rufus just sat there leisurely and smiled. He was obviously enjoying it and it was really annoying!

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