Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 937

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 937 A Little Mummy

Laura’s POV:

It would be great if Crystal and Beryl could stay longer in the imperial capital. I picked up the tea cup and took a sip before inquiring about my other grandchild.

“Beryl and Arron got separated when they were chased by the robbers. Later, Harry and Joanna saved Arron and he is currently in my room.”

When we were at Rufus’ place, I didn’t dare ask about Arron. Now that I knew what had happened, I couldn’t sit still anymore. “Is Arron okay?”

“He’s alright. Thankfully, it was nothing serious. He just got some bruises.”

Crystal’s face darkened a little with fear.

“Fortunately, your arrival coincided with the military parade. Otherwise Rufus wouldn’t have goon on a patrol in the suburbs. Harry and Joanna wouldn’t have been in the capital either.”

I really didn’t feel like chatting right now. All I wanted to do was see Arron and check on him.

“Arron is fine. The doctor thoroughly checked him before he was discharged from the hospital. He’s in much better shape than Beryl is.” Crystal also got up and stood in front of me. It seemed that she didn’t want me to go. 1 “Nothing will stop me from going to see him. It’s rare for him to come to the imperial capital. I have to see him anyway.”

I felt some worry creeping in. Arron was a sweet and obed*ient child. How could he bear any harm? I didn’t know exactly where he was bruised, and that only made me even more anxious.

“How about another day? Arron is still a little shaken. I’m afraid he might be emotionally unstable right now.” Crystal cleared her throat and scratched her nose.

I narrowed my eyes suspiciously. Unless Crystal had something to hide from me, she wouldn’t have prevented me from seeing Arron.

Did something terrible happen to Arron?

I looked at her square in the eye and asked, “Is Arron severely injured? You told me he merely got some bruises, but you’re lying to me, right? And that’s why you don’t want me to see him!”

“No, I didn’t, but…”

Crystal couldn’t explain it clearly, so she gave up and let me go to her room.

Before we left, I asked someone to pack a large amount of delicate dessert for my grandson, and I also brought some new toys with me.

“I’ll send the ones for Beryl to her later myself,” I turned to Crystal and said.

Both of my grandchildren were treasured equally in my heart. I couldn’t possibly treat them any differently as their grandmother.

“Okay,” Crystal replied.

As she spoke, she put her black mask back on again and then helped me carry the bags. The mask indeed served its purpose of concealing her face, but it was unsightly.

With a sigh, I recalled the beautiful masks I kept in my private collection. I took a mental note of asking someone to send her some later.

I wanted to give Crystal presents as well. Being a single mother was difficult, and she had done a good job of educating her children over the past few years, so she deserved some credit. Crystal was a good woman. If she couldn’t be my daughter-in-law, I could still take her as my daughter.

Since her temporary residence was not far from my palace, it didn’t take long for us to arrive.

I went up to the third floor with Crystal without having anyone else follow me.

As soon as I opened the door, I was startled to see a tiny mummy sitting on the bed.

The figure was bandaged from head to neck. I could only see his eyes, mouth and two nostrils. When he smiled, his white teeth were revealed.

I almost couldn’t breathe and asked in a trembling voice, “Is… Is this Arron?” “Grandma.” The mummy waved at me and called me sweetly.

I almost fainted, but Crystal caught me in time.

After gaining my stance, I pushed her away and strode to the bed. That was when I reached out and took Arron’s hand. Instantly, tears rolled down my cheeks. “My dear Arron, what happened to you? How did you get hurt like this?”

After saying that, I turned to look at Crystal and glared at her. “You call these mere bruises?”

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