Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 945

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 945 Keep Pretending

Crystal’s POV:

I initially thought that this man would at least watch his mouth given the grand occasion, but he didn’t. Instead, he cursed me more and more, showing all of us how an Alpha shouldn’t act.

At first, I wanted to endure it in silence, but I couldn’t stand his s*e*xist comments and personal attacks. I couldn’t help but open my mouth again.

“When you’re caught doing something wrong, is it your automatic response to throw s*e*xist insults at the person who corrected you? Don’t tell me you rule your pack with such rudeness and unreasonableness.”

“Shut the f*uc*k up! You’re just a b*tch who became Alpha through connections. Don’t think you can tell me what to do just because you’ve made some trivial achievements.” The man was so angry that he rushed up, fist poised to punch me. People beside him quickly intercepted, but they wasn’t able to subdue him.

The scene was a little chaotic. Even a group of several strong werewolves couldn’t stop the furious one.

Just as he was about to hit me, I used my lycan power. In the blink of an eye, the people around me were knocked down to the ground.

The man stood up with trembling legs and looked at me in disbelief. “How—how could you have lycan power?”

I sneered. “What do you know? You’re just a puny frog at the bottom of a well.”

His face turned scarlet with anger, but he finally learned his lesson and didn’t dare to say anything more.

I didn’t want to stay with them any longer, so I turned around and looked for a less crowded place.

The parade was still going on. Rufus would give a speech to the whole empire in about ten minutes. Then, there would be a banquet at noon. I planned to head back with Rufus to see Beryl when the festivities were over.

Rufus had become quite busy ever since he became king. There were times I’d show up at his palace to see Beryl, but the royal guards wouldn’t let me in because Rufus was away.

I sighed. For some reason, I felt that my future was a little uncertain. Not only was Rufus suspicious of me now, but even my child couldn’t recognize me.

Doubts ran amok in my mind. Suddenly, a cold and domineering voice sounded, pulling me back to my senses.


I turned around and found Warren standing behind me. Although his face was still gloomy and serious, his eyes didn’t seem as hostile.

“What’s up?” I asked cautiously.

Warren stared at me for a few seconds before finally saying, “Thank you for what you did just now.”

I was startled. My first thought was that he recognized me. That would’ve explained why he bowed his head and thanked me.

But on second thought, I had covered my scent before going out today, so it was impossible for Warren to recognize me. Realizing this, I secretly sighed in relief.

 “You’re welcome. I’m just helping them expand their horizons.” With a dry cough, I subtly touched the mask on my face to make sure it firmly covered my face.

Warren smiled, but the smile soon faded. “I took you for someone arrogant. I didn’t think you’d speak for me.”

“Oh, it’s no big deal,” I said, waving my hand dismissively. I really didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t easy to deliberately lower my voice. If I was not careful enough, I would accidentally use my real voice. But it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t bothered to disguise my voice when I quarreled with that group of people just now. Warren must have heard it.

Thinking of this, I suddenly slapped my palm against my forehead. sh*t, the imperial capital was making me stupid and reckless!

Warren smiled. “You don’t need to care about those people, but thank you anyway. I’ve heard that the border pack is getting better and better under your management. It seems you’ve done a better job at being Alpha than me. If possible, I’d like to be friends with you and ask you for advice.”

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