Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 947

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 947 What Are You Peeking At

Crystal’s POV:

Although I had only met Rufus several times since coming back here, I could keenly sense just how much he had changed. He was much more indifferent than the Rufus I once knew. Now that he was king, he had become colder and crueler.

Perhaps that was what Rufus was like before he met me. I felt bad, seeing Rufus again under these circumstances. I tried to comfort myself and thought about how lucky I was to have seen his soft side previously.

When I came to the imperial capital this time, I thought that I could restrain my feelings for Rufus. But the moment I saw him, I couldn’t ignore the love I had for him all these years.

Fortunately, the mask concealed the bitterness in my face and the unrequited love in my eyes.

I watched Rufus onstage and was deeply attracted to him. Afraid that he’d remember me, I was always so nervous whenever I crossed paths with Rufus and never had the time to look at him carefully.

Now that I was standing amidst a crowd, I stared at Rufus intently, drinking in every detail about him.

When Rufus was still a prince, he had garnered a lot of fans. It didn’t help that he was handsome and elegant, which made the she-wolves swoon. Everyone loved beautiful things. So even though Rufus seemed ruthless and cruel now, there were plenty of noble lad*ies who wanted to take pictures of Rufus.

I was soon pushed to the corner and almost crushed against the wall. Although they didn’t dare to make a sound, these noble lad*ies still shoved and elbowed each other in an effort to find a good spot.

Someone even stepped on my high-heeled shoe and left a dirty footprint on it. I took out a handkerchief to wipe it, but just as I was about to squat down, someone pushed me forward again.

I lost my balance and was flung forward. My hat fell off my head and my forehead hit the marble floor closest to the stage.

Wincing, I stood up and looked back, only to find a group of well-dressed she-wolves busy taking pictures of Rufus with their mobile phones. They didn’t care that they shoved me at all.

I pursed my lips unhappily and walked away from them. My forehead was still throbbing from the fall. The part that was hit seemed to be grazed, but I didn’t dare to take off my mask to check. Instead, I put on my hat again.

Just then, someone patted me on the shoulder. I turned around and saw Harry, well-dressed and smiling brightly, with Joanna next to him in a dress.

Joanna had long hair now. She had delicate facial features and a gentle temperament. She and Harry were really a perfect match.

Grinning from ear to ear, Harry said, “Joanna and I have been looking for you! It turned out you were hiding here, at the very front.”

“It’s too crowded over there,” I complained. I instinctively kept my distance from them both, worried that we’d look too familiar with each other. After all, I should have only just arrived here. Even if I made some new friends, we couldn’t act as though we had known each other for years.

Joanna seemed to have understood what I was up to, so she gently pulled Harry’s arm and whispered, “Stop being so enthusiastic. There are too many people here.” Upon hearing this, Harry immediately stopped smiling and nodded at me seriously. Then he stood beside Joanna and fell silent.

Joanna gently smiled at me and then turned to focus on the stage.

Rufus’ speech was wonderful. Listening to his pleasant voice, I felt like my thoughts began to wander again. I kept staring at Rufus unblinkingly. Only at this time could I let my guard down.

I was lost in my own thoughts when Rufus suddenly locked eyes with me from onstage.

I looked away in a hurry and felt very nervous. Did he sense me staring at him?

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