Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 948

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 948 He Is Considerate

Crystal’s POV:

I felt relieved when Rufus’ gaze eventually shifted elsewhere.

After the speech, the parade resumed. Different phalanxes appeared one after another. This familiar scene brought back memories of the past.

Harry was right there by me at that time. He was high- spirited and swore to be loyal to the empire. Many years had passed, and we all now had our own lives. But in the real way, we never changed. We’d always remember our vows. It was for the people, for the empire, and for peace.

When I was lost in thought, Joanna took my hand and led me forward, saying, “You can have a better view here.”

I nodded and thanked her.

The crowd was ma*s*sive. Harry held Joanna’s hand tightly, afraid that she would get lost.

Looking at their happy faces, I felt joy from the bottom of my heart. Harry and Joanna were both affectionate and loyal people. Whether it was for love or friendship, they were always sincere.

I stood quietly behind them and watched the grand parade. Suddenly, I realized how much I had gained from this trip to the imperial capital. The best part was that I could see the people I wanted to visit and know that they were happy.

The parade lasted for another hour before it came to an end. The past few years of Rufus’ leadership were clearly the most productive of his life. There was an evident widespread adulation for the king among the nobility and commoners alike. For this, I was also proud of Rufus. He deserved all the praise.

Rufus then returned to the podium to announce the closing of the ceremony.

It was almost noon. Almost four hours had passed since I left the palace. The potion and the special perfume I used to mask my scent could wear off any minute now. I couldn’t wait to go back. Staying outside for a little longer would increase the risk of exposure.

I reached for my perfume bottle and sprayed a few sprays to my wrist. It was not as effective as the magic potion, but it would do the trick so long as Rufus didn’t get too close.

Joanna looked at me for a moment before handing me her sachet. “There are jasmines in it, which can cover your scent.”

“Thank you.” I took it over and held the sachet in my hand. At that point, I was relieved and waited for the procession to end.

Rufus’ epilogue was about to end. Just when everyone thought they were going to leave, Rufus abruptly altered the conversation by highlighting the many accomplishments of each Alpha.

I had a bad feeling. Sure enough, Rufus mentioned me soon.

“You haven’t seen Alpha Crystal of the border pack before, have you? Well, you are lucky enough to meet her today.”

After saying that, Rufus motioned his hand, and the cameras captured me from the crowd. The next second, I was shown on the big screen.

A she-wolf who was wearing a white metal mask and had her whole body wrapped—in the crowd’s eyes, I probably looked very strange.

I just stood there, bewildered. Thankfully, the mask and hat I donned concealed my panic.

Rufus also praised me for my excellent ability, my loyalty to the crown, and my love for the people.

His tone was flat. Although he was praising me, it sounded as though he was insincere.

Everyone had their eyes on me. Harry stared at me in surprise and muttered to me in a low voice, “Why do I feel that the king is against you?”

I agreed with him. Rufus was obviously targeting me. It seemed that he was trying to f0rce me to face the public. I didn’t dare to nod to Harry, so I f0rced a smile. With my head held high, I looked directly into Rufus’ piercing eyes and proclaimed, “It is my duty to serve the empire.”

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