Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 957

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 957 Baby With A Snotty Nose

Crystal’s POV:

Seeing that I had fallen silent, Warren cleared his throat and changed the topic. “Our child should be about a year older than your kids.”

“Yes, yes! Do you want to meet our kid?” Flora gushed excitedly.

I was surprised. “You brought your son here, too?”

Flora smiled confidently. “It’s not like he has anything better to do.”

Then Flora fled the room under Warren’s speechless gaze. She soon returned carrying a sleeping toddler. It seemed that this wasn’t her first time doing this.

Warren and I exchanged helpless glances. The little boy had thick golden hair and a round face. He lay obediently on Flora’s shoulder, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

“Lucas, say hi to your auntie.” Flora shook the little boy’s hand to wave at me excitedly.

With a runny nose, the little boy turned around and greeted me in a sleepy voice. It seemed that he has been used to being pulled out of the crib by Flora unexpectedly.

Lucas was so adorable! I couldn’t wait to hold him.

Lucas had the same beautiful blue eyes as Warren. He even had the stern, focused look of his father.

I took out a candy from my pocket and gave it to him. Lucas glanced at the candy and then at me. Finally, he shyly took the candy and said, “Thank you, pretty lady.” The way he addressed me changed dramatically now that I had won his heart.

Flora couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “Food’s the fastest way to this kid’s heart.”

Lucas swiftly peeled the wrapper off and stuffed the candy into Flora’s mouth, “Mommy, it’s for you.”

Obviously, he had done this before.

Flora dutifully chewed on the candy and nodded at her son in approval. “Good boy.”

I clicked my tongue at Flora. Fortunately, I had more candy in my purse. I carefully piled a handful of candy onto Lucas’s little palm.

Unexpectedly, Lucas gave them all to Flora.

Flora unwrapped one for him and popped it into his mouth. She rubbed his head dotingly and said, “Lucas, this one’s for you.”

Lucas giggled, revealing his two front teeth. He looked so cute!

“By the way, Auntie Beauty has two kids. Do you want to play with them sometime?” As Flora cajoled the child, she took out a handkerchief and gently wiped Lucas ‘ runny nose.

Lucas’ eyes widened in curiosity, “Two kids?”

“Yes, they’re one year younger than you,” Flora said with a smile.

Lucas nodded immediately. “Yes! I want to see them now!”

Then he jumped off my lap and scurried to the door on his little, pudgy legs.

Flora picked him up and said helplessly, “What’s the rush? We’ll meet them in a few days.”

Lucas squirmed in Flora’s arms and said disappointedly, “Fine… Can we go out to see the rabbit lanterns tonight?” “Of course. I would never break my promise.” Flora sat beside me again, this time with Lucas in her arms. She turned to me and said with a smile, “There will be a lantern show in the city tonight. How about we go there together? You can bring Arron with you! No one would see his face with the bandages anyway.”

“I might not have the time. There’re still some urgent matters from my pack I have to deal with.” I made no promises.

Flora clicked her tongue with pity. “I keep forgetting that you’re an Alpha now. Both you and Warren are always so busy.”

“If I’m free later, I’ll take Arron out to see you.” As I spoke, I pulled a bracelet of golden beads from my pocket. Smiling brightly, I put it on Lucas’s wrist. The size was just right. I had planned to give it to Arron for his birthday, but I figured it’d be the perfect meeting gift for Lucas. I did hope Lucas would like it.

“I came here unprepared. I’ll get you a better gift next time.” I rubbed Lucas’s golden head of hair dotingly.

Flora rolled her eyes and warned, “You’d better think about when we meet next time. Don’t make empty promises to me. Anyway, I’ll come to see you while you’re still in the capital.”

I had no choice but to agree helplessly. “Whatever you say, Flora.”

It seemed that Flora was very traumatized by my disappearance five years ago. Thinking of this, I felt very guilty.

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