Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 969

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 969 The List Of Candidates

Crystal’s POV:

Stunned, I had no idea how to answer Beryl’s question.

Rufus and I exchanged glances. Apparently, he was also stunned, but he reacted quicker than me. “No, we’re just friends,” he told Beryl calmly.

“Friends? If you’re just friends, then how was I born? I thought you need to be a couple to have a baby!” Beryl was even more confused. She scratched her chin and pouted, like a wise old sage deep in thought.

I didn’t know how to explain. I couldn’t tell her that friends could have babies together either, which would sound even weirder to her.

Rufus’ ears turned slightly red from embarra*s*sment, and he didn’t say anything more. It seemed like he wasn’t going to offer any explanations and planned to leave Beryl to figure it out by herself. The best way to deal with these hard questions was to not answer it.

As the sun started to dip in the horizon, I scooped Beryl into my arms and together with Rufus, we headed back to his palace. Laura was there waiting for Rufus, toting several sheets of paper.

“You’re right on time. Please go over the candidate list for the ball and see if there’s anyone missing.” As she spoke, Laura’s head was lowered. When she finally looked up and saw me behind Rufus, she paused for a moment, looking a little embarra*s*sed. She seemed at a loss whether to hand over the list or keep it to herself.

It suddenly occurred to me that the list Laura was talking about was the list of candidates for Rufus’ wife. Now I understood why Laura felt embarra*s*sed when she saw me.

I tried my best to control my facial expressions and voice. “Where’s Arron?”

“Asleep. He was so tuckered out from playing all afternoon,” Laura explained.

“I see. I’m going to check on him.” I quickly scurried off before Rufus and Laura could speak.

I found Arron in the guest room, sleeping soundly. Leaning against the side of the bed, I stroked his soft cheek, feeling a little sad. It wasn’t surprising that Rufus would marry someone else. In fact, I had already been expecting this, so I shouldn’t have felt sad. I should’ve restrained my emotions and wished the couple happiness.

I let out a long, helpless sigh. I couldn’t stay here. I needed to return to the border pack as soon as possible. And I had to think about what I should do about Beryl’s situation.

Under the quilt, Arron stirred slightly. He soon opened his eyes sleepily and called me.

I patted his back gently, coaxing him to go back to sleep. Arron stretched his little arms out, sat up in bed, and yawned.

“Since you don’t want to go back to sleep, shall we go?” I asked.

Arron rubbed his eyes and nodded sleepily. “Okay, Mommy.”

“Come on, reach for the skies.” I instructed him to stretch out his arms and helped him put his coat on. I looked at the bandage on the bedside table and hesitated. In the end, I wrapped Arron’s face with a scarf and put a hat on his head.

Arron sat on the edge of the bed, letting me dress him obediently. The soft scarf was more comfortable than the bandage. He rubbed the fragrant scarf happily and said, “It’d be nice if I don’t need the bandages anymore.” My heart ached. Squatting down in front of Arron, I touched his cheek and said, “Soon, you won’t have to cover your face anymore. Just a little longer, Arron.” “Okay, Mommy.” I gave him a candy, and Arron smiled so happily, bring out the dimples on his cheeks.

I cautiously carried Arron downstairs, only to find the living room empty. A servant quickly came over and said, “The lycan king and the queen mother are in the study. Would you like me to inform them?”

“No, thanks. If they ask, just tell them that Arron and I have left.” After giving the servant brief instructions, I headed back.

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