Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 978

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 978 He Is Daddy

Beryl’s POV:

I swept my eyes over the room curiously and asked the little monster numerous questions. Gradually, I began to believe that he was indeed my brother, as we had almost the same likes and dislikes.

I excitedly grabbed his hand and asked, “Where is your Daddy?”

He was quiet for a few moments before replying in an aggrieved tone, “We don’t have a father.”

“You’re wrong. I have a father. He is very good-looking!” I swung my legs smugly.

The little monster’s eyes flew to me in surprise. “That’s impossible. We are brother and sister. If I don’t have a father, how can you have one? You must have lost your mind.”

“No, he is my Daddy.” I was not convinced, so I sprung to my feet and refuted.

“Since you say he is Daddy, why doesn’t Mommy know about him?” the little monster asked me calmly. Instead of arguing with me, he was trying to reason with me.

But I didn’t want to hear him out. Since I regained consciousness, Daddy had been by my side all the time. How was it possible that I didn’t have a father? The little monster must be jealous because I had a father.

“Mommy also knows him. She didn’t say that he is not Daddy! As she hasn’t denied this fact, he is my father. You have to believe me! Otherwise, I won’t talk to you anymore!” I argued with the little monster, my face flushed. I wanted to shout so that I could drown out the little monster’s negative voice.

“If he is really our father, you should take me to meet him.”

He softened his position. He wanted to see our father.

I snorted. “Okay. Anyway, he’s my father.”

“We have the same father. We are twins and can’t be separated,” he explained again.

I curled my lips to one side. I didn’t want to continue this argument. Anyway, he would realize the truth when he saw Daddy. Maybe he would happily call him Daddy too.

I was secretly pleased. If this was the case, the little monster should thank me. After all, I found our father first. That meant I also helped him discover his father.

I didn’t know how Daddy would react when he saw the little monster. After all, he was quite ugly.

The little monster fell silent and kept stealing glances at me. He seemed to be trying to figure out if I was angry.

I raised my chin and gave him a haughty look. He burst into laughter, as if he was mocking me.

For some reason, I felt ashamed and annoyed. I felt like my expression right now was a little goofy, so I started another quarrel with him.

During the argument, I accidentally knocked a wooden box off the table to the ground. Although I quarreled with people, I didn’t want to be seen as a spoiled brat who would smash things when I was angry.

I placed the wooden box back on the table and then realized that there were several handmade dolls inside the box. Each of them was cute and looked familiar. “You made these for Mommy in your handicrafts cla*s*ses.

She takes them with her every time she goes on a business trip,” he explained.

As I studied the pink hair tie on the little doll, which was the same as the one in my hair, I began to believe that the masked woman was my real mother. She was not lying.

I felt a little sad that I had resisted her before. She must be very sad because I wouldn’t let her hold me. Next time I saw her, I would hug her tightly and would never neglect her deliberately again.

Although I still had no memories of her, I could sense that the masked woman loved me immensely. It was stupid to make a person who loved me sad.

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