Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight Chapter 990

Fated to the Cursed Lycan Prince by Dark Knight

Chapter 990 b*ull*ying A Child

Arron’s POV:

I clenched my fists and glared at these mean grown-ups. I kept trying to tell myself not to cry, even if they kept hurting me and pinching me.

I wanted to push them away and bite them, but I was too weak and they were too strong. They could even lift me up with one hand.

A she-wolf in a b*tterfly mask grabbed me by my collar and called me ugly.

I was scared, but there was a rule for strong men. Strong men didn’t cry or scream even when they were in danger, because that’d just make the attacker attack more fiercely.

“Can’t you speak? Are you mute, boy?”

“You must be ugly. Why else would you have bandages all over your face? Poor boy. Not only is he mute, but also ugly.”

“You didn’t apologize for stepping on my shoes just now. Is this how your mother raised you?”

“Let me go!” I glared at the she-wolf and struggled to free myself from her grip.

Just now, I was separated from Beryl and couldn’t find her. So I sat in the corridor and waited for her. Unexpectedly, these drunken she-wolves were so excited that they didn’t notice me in the corner and directly ran into me. It wasn’t my fault, but they decided to gang up on me. She not only tore my scarf, but also stopped me from leaving.

“Actually, this kid looks familiar. Do we know his parents?” The one speaking was the she-wolf without a mask. She had short hair and long nails, and she pinched my mouth so that I couldn’t say a word.

I wanted to cry. These grown-ups were so mean, but I was too weak to fight back.

“I think he came with the she-wolf who had the first dance with the king. When I first saw them, the she- wolf was fixing up the little boy’s clothes. She has to be his mother,” one she-wolf said.

Her words made the she-wolf with the b*tterfly mask even madder. She slammed me against the wall.

“Sure enough, that b*tch has a f*uc*king child, and her boy is a little monster.”

“I can’t believe she seduced the king. What a sl*t! I finally had the chance to get close to the king, but it was taken away by that f*uc*king b*tch!”

“She’s a wh*re. It’s said that her face has been disfigured, so she’s probably as ugly as this little bastard. Like mother, like son!”

My head hurt from hitting the wall, but their mean words made me stand up from the ground. I clenched my fists and rushed to the bad she-wolf in the lead, beating her like crazy.

“Shut up! You can’t talk about my mom that way! You should say sorry!”

The short haired she-wolf started pulling away the bandages on my head and said casually, “Why should I apologize to an ugly monster? You’re a little boy, so I’ll go easy on you. Take off the bandages and show us your face, then we’ll let you go.”

“No! You’re the ugly one! My mommy is the most beautiful lady in the whole world!” I shouted at them angrily.

The short-haired she-wolf sneered, “Your mommy’s just a disfigured sl*t, and you’re her ugly son of a b*tch. Ha- ha!”

Then she pushed me to the ground.

“Hey, I have an idea. What if we throw him into the lake outside? No one will see anyway,” someone suggested.

I was so scared that I stood up quickly even though my b*ttocks hurt. The short-haired she-wolf grabbed me. She had a scary smile…

“That’s a good idea! He’ll drown before anyone even notices he’s gone!”

I struggled madly and shouted for help, but they quickly slapped me to shut me up. It hurt so much that I wanted to cry. I pouted and tried to hold back my tears.

All of a sudden, the she-wolf that was holding me suddenly stiffened. She immediately let me go. Her face looked weird, as if she had seen a ghost.

I rubbed my aching b*ttocks and got up awkwardly. I found that all the she-wolves looked very scared because of something behind me.

I turned around vigilantly and saw a man standing not far away. He was tall, handsome, and looked a little familiar. But his face was too scary. Even the grown-ups were scared. The short-haired she-wolf who had been hurting me just now was shaking like a leaf.

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