I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 103

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 103 

Kian POV: 

Taking a few steps closer to the bushes by the swamp Cannon and Jessie come walking up behind me turning my head to look back I see everyone else walking on the small path over the swamp. 

Hearing some sounds coming from the house I snap my head in that direction and see some men get out and stand outside the house. 

I’m about to get further ahead, ready to take them on when I get grabbed from behind and Cannon starts to drag me back. 

“Get away from here now!” he booms out and starts dragging me with him away from my place. I try to get him to loosen his grip on me when all I see is a purple light hit us all and I get blasted back by the shock wave. 

The impact is ma*s*sive and everything becomes dark for a moment. 

Opening my eyes I find myself laying on the ground with my lower body in the swamp, trying to feel my body when I turn around on my stomach. It’s ringing in my ears and my vision is blurry when I try to get up from my place, turning my head and looking around I try to see the others I know Cannon and Jessie were right behind me. I have to blink repeatedly to try and get my sight back to normal, it takes a moment before the ringing in my ears starts to subside and my vision becomes better. 

My eyes land on Cannon a bit in front of me, he is laying on his stomach with his. face down on the ground. I don’t see any movement when Declan is walking up to him, he squats down on the ground and turns Cannon around to his back instead, I see his chest rise and fall and that’s a good sign. 

Declan gets up and walks over to where I lay on the ground, turning to my back I try to sit up and have to take it slow. 

“Are you alright? Have you seen Jessie?” he asks and I hear how worried he is in his voice. Shaking my head no when my vision starts to clear up. 

“Is she the only one you can’t find?” I ask him and try to get up from my place but my legs are like jelly and I instantly get a hit of dizziness when Declan grabs my arm. 

“It looks like she is the only one missing. Two of the Alphas men are badly hurt and laying further up, they have mind linked for more help and I have to find Jessie!” he says and lets go of my arm when I hear Cannon start to talk beside me on the ground. 

“f*uc*k! I missed it!” he says and I turn my head to look at him. 

“You missed what?” I hear Declan ask and wait for the answer, seeing him get up from the ground and look at his body. 

“Emma told me to get away from here if there would be some men walking outside the house! I where almost too late!” he says and comes walking up beside me. Turning around to look back over the swamp my eyes have a hard time focusing at first before I see every tree laying on the ground and almost every bush being ripped apart, further ahead where the house stood before is only some debris left. 

“You’re telling me Emma knew this was going to happen? Then tell me is the witch dead?” I ask and feel devastated if this were the only clue and now the whole place is erased. 

He doesn’t answer my question when I turn around slowly to see Declan has left to look for Jessie and Zoey is down in the swamp and searching for her, she is all covered in dirt. 

Turning my head back to look at Cannon he is searching on the ground for something and it takes a moment before I see him find the bottle with the potion, I didn’t see him bring it with him but it’s obvious he had to have carried it in his mouth. 

“Is she dead!” I ask again when he hasn’t answered for a long moment. He turns to look at me and by the sight of him I know it wasn’t the witch and the purple light came from her. 

“You knew she was here and you didn’t tell me, you f*uc*king knew!” I bark out and rage takes over my body from their betrayal. If they have told me before I would have been here and could have stopped him from breaking the bond. 

Because of them, this happened! 

Shifting on my place and start to run over to where the house used to stand. I’m too angry to listen for any response from him! 

Another second in front of him and I might take out my anger on him and he wouldn’t survive it! They both knew she was here and they let this happen! 

“Kian listen to me!” I hear Cannon shout out after me but I have heard enough from him and Emma. I could have prevented this! I could still have her as my mate if they have told me. 

Running over the swamp on debris and fallen trees we make it over to the iland. 

There is a large pile of debris and fallen trees in the place where the house used to stand, starting to sniff on the ground and try to find any trace of her I curse in my head! 

How the f*uc*k could Emma let this happen if she knew it before? 

Hearing some movement to my side I see Jessie comes running, she is dirty and bloody over her head. She runs right to the debris and starts to throw it away from the pile. 

“Help me get all of this away!” she screams out and I don’t hesitate and shift before I get in the pile and start to throw it to the side. 

We are occupied with trying to get it away when the rest comes over and start to lift a big tree away from the pile. I get a sniff of her scent and instantly all my senses are on high alert, she is here! 

Sniffing around I find her scent stronger on one side and rush over to get a better chance to smell it. Walking around her scent gets stronger and I start to lift some debris away when I feel her scent getting stronger for everything I take away. 

“She is here!” I bark out when the others rush over to my side and help lift everything away piece by piece until my eyes land on her small hand sticking out under a beam. My heart takes an extra beat at the sight of her when we lift it off her. 

She is badly hurt with blood covering her whole body, falling to my knees beside her I sniff in the air and I’m relieved most of the blood doesn’t belong to her. 

Leaning forward I place my hand on her cheek and tingles instantly play under my palm, it’s still there! I hear a weak sob from her lips and have no time to waste when I bit into my wrist before placing it to her lips. 

“Fight Selena!” I say to her when I take my wrist away and bite into it again before placing it on her lips. I feel exhausted and weak, my head starts to spin. 

“Kian stop!” I hear Cannon bark out but I ignore it. I will never listen to him again! 

Holding my wrist to her lips when I’m being f0rcefully dragged away from her. Trying to fight it but it’s even getting hard to take a breath, trying to fight my body and take a deep breath. 

“f*uc*k Kian!”

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