Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 141

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 141 We Could Shower Together

[Mature Content]

“That’s exactly what I’m saying, princess.” Adam grinned.

“You’re going to have to stop calling me that soon you know?” Ann laughed as she struggled to contain the feeling of heat that was spreading through her as Adam’s hands gently caressed her back.

“What? Princess?!” He asked in mock outrage, “I’ll never stop calling you that. You might be my Queen in public but behind closed doors in the privacy of our bedroom… you will always be my princess.” He growled huskily. The heat that smoldered in his eyes as he stared down at her intently, made Ann swallow nervously. There was just something about the way his eyes darkened when he looked at her this way that never failed to send her crazy with desire.

“You could at least let me shower before you start with your perverted primal urges you know,” Ann grumbled playfully.

“I could,” He mused thoughtfully before grinning devilishly at her, “but I just love it when you’re dirty…” he said as he bent forward to claim her mouth with his.

But Ann had other ideas and she moved her head backward, evading his insistent attempts with a giggle as she tried to escape his clutches.

“Adam…” she admonished as he rolled his eyes and let her go.

“Fine… go shower…” He relented, groaning loudly as she darted back towards the bathroom and shut the door behind her.

She turned the water on and proceeded to s*tri*p off her clothes, dumping them unceremoniously on the floor before she stepped under the soothing warm jets of water and closed her eyes appreciatively.

The sound of the door handle clicking as it was pushed open made her freeze momentarily and she called out hesitantly into the clouds of steam that were rapidly accumulating in the air.

“Adam? Is that you?”

There was no answer as the door slid open and revealed a very n*ake*d, and a very erect Adam, who was eyeing her hungrily.

Ann blinked at him in surprise as she tried to wipe the water from her eyes and when she finally succeeded, it was just

in time to see Adam’s hands reach for the shower gel and begin to ma*s*sage it all over her skin.

Her initial shock soon dissolved as the pleasurable sensation of his skin against hers wiped all emotions from her mind, all she could think about was his hands on her as he carefully and lovingly washed every inch of her body.

“I figured we could shower together…”Adam said huskily, his eyes clouded with the lust that rapidly consumed him and as his hands worked their way around to her b*reas*ts, he m*oa*ned appreciatively at the site of them.

“Ann… you have no idea how f**“‘g hot you are… look at you…” he murmured as he traced the rivulets of water that cascaded down her skin as if in a daze.

Ann didn’t reply, seeing him with his hair plastered to his head as he stood in the shower did something inexplicable to her insides.

Why did men, who were already ridiculously good-looking to start with, always look infinitely better when their bodies were soaking w*et and their hair was dripping? It was almost criminal.

She reached her hands out and traced her fingers lightly down his chest, moving them torturously slowly all the way down to his v-line as he growled softly.

“Was this what you wanted, my Alpha?” She purred as she took hold of his c“k and began moving her hands slowly up and down the s*haf*t.

“With you, I always want this…” He replied as his breath caught in his chest momentarily at the sensations she was unleashing on his skin.

Adam caressed her gently as she increased her pace with her hands, reaching down to the area between her legs and forcing her legs apart slightly to allow him access.

As soon as his fingers slipped between her folds, and he brushed over her c******s, her stifled m*oa*n seemed to snap something inside of him.

Adam pushed himself closer to her until she was backed up almost against the wall, lifting one of her legs around his waist as he slipped his fingers inside of her and ma*s*saged her c“**“s with his thumb, thrusting them in and out of her mercilessly.

Her breathless m*oa*ns as he finger f****d her were driving him insane and he wanted nothing more than to bury himself inside of her.

“If you keep that up princess, I’m going to make sure that tomorrow, you’re going to struggle to walk out of our bedroom at all…” He growled.

“Promises, promises…”Ann quipped quickly as if challenging his ability.

Adam growled lightly as removed her hands from his c**k and pressed his body against hers, her back now lying flat against the cold tile of the wall behind her.

“Is that a challenge?” he asked, the eyes of his wolf flashing briefly within his own.

“I’m not the one making promises that they might not be able to keep here… Alpha,” Ann answered with a smirk as Maeve made her appearance known, meeting his own wolf in defiance.

Adam’s growl rumbled from the depths of his chest as he took hold of Ann and flipped her around so that she was facing the wall.

“You know, you might come to regret those words, princess. By the time I’ve finished with you, your tight little p*uss*y going to be dripping with my s*eed, and I’m going to make sure that not a single drop of it is wasted.”

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