Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 147

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 147 Mother s Gift

Ann exhaled slowly as she began explaining. When she was done, she was met with stunned silence at the end of the phone.

“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting that, but of course I can squeeze you in. I don’t have anything urgent that my girls and I can’t push aside fora little while, and actually, part of the work may already be done for this.” Mimi announced cryptically.

“Huh? What do you mean?1′ Ann asked, the confusion clear in her voice.

Mimi chuckled lightly.

“You’ll see my dear. Try not to worry yourself. I’ll be free in about an hour’s time, so, is there somewhere that we can meet? Would you prefer it to be at the palace or somewhere else?”

Ann stole a glance at Adam quickly, whose eyes were still riveted on her every move

“Actually, it might be better to come here. My mate still needs his suit sorting, so the more information he has about the color schemes the better.”

“Not a problem. Text me the address and I’ll make my way over when I’m free.”

After they said their goodbyes, Ann did as she had asked and sent the address over. As expected, Mimi arrived in good time and before long she found herself escorting her up to the Luna’s Suite at the Dark Moon Pack.

Even Mimi found the intricate work on the doors breathtaking, as Ann had done when she first arrived, and she took a few moments to admire it before sweeping into the room after Ann, with her little entourage of girls in tow carrying all sorts of carefully wrapped boxes.

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for this, Mimi. You know how strict they are with protocol and…”

“I do indeed your highness, but as I said on the phone, I have something that was entrusted to me a long time ago until this day came,” Mimi answered as she motioned for one of the girls to step forward.

She retrieved a box from her outstretched arms and placed it almost reverently on the bed, before stepping back and gesturing toward it.

“What’s this?” Ann frowned, a little perplexed at what she had brought.

Had she already gone ahead and made her a gown?

“Open it.” Mimi smiled kindly, her eyes crinkling at the corners and shining with an expectant light.

Ann carefully unwrapped the box and took off the lid, gasping as soon as she saw the contents of the box shimmering like starlight in the soft lighting of the room.

“Mimi… what… I don’t understand! When did you make this?”

Mimi chuckled softly and looked fondly at the grown woman before her, recalling the many times she had been cradled in her m other’s arms in her early years when she had visited.

“As soon as I took your measurements for the wedding dress, I began work on it. It was actually a design that your mother had asked to be made for when you came of age.” Mimi said softly, “I knew that with losing your mother at such a young age, you would treasure this, whether you chose to wear it for the day or not.”

Ann was utterly blown away by those few small sentences. After all these years it was almost as if her mother would be there at her side again, wrapping her arms around her in a warm embrace. The mere thought brought tears to her eyes and she wiped them away with one hand while she stroked the material with her other.

“It’s truly beautiful,” Ann murmured as Mimi bustled over and lifted the dress from its box, holding it up so that Ann could see it fully.

“Come on now, put those tears away, Princess. Your mother hated to see you cry, although she would probably have made an exception for tears of joy.” she chuckled. “Now, let’s get this tried on so you can see what you think and I can work out if any alterations need to be made.”

Ann nodded her head, still a little stunned that her mother would have gone to such great lengths in advance for her and her heart ached terribly at the memory of her loss.

The material was beautiful, as soft as silk against her skin, and the reams of almost iridescent sheer material studded with diamonds that flowed downwards from between her shoulders almost perfectly imitating the sky filled with stars.

Ann was speechless. She couldn’t have imagined a dress more perfect for the coronation, it was almost as if her mother knew that it would come to this.

“Well, looking at this, I don’t think I need to make too many alterations at all.” Mimi nodded in satisfaction as she swept an a*s*sessing gaze over her and pinned and tucked a few places around her waist, and murmured to the girls she had brought with her as she measured Ann’s bust again.

“I think it could be a little tighter here, maybe… and of course, we will need a cloak of some sort… Perhaps a fur-lined one… it’s always cold on those balconies so high up, I remember your mother complaining about that…”

Ann listened to her work as she struggled to tear herself away from the image she saw in the mirror before her. It truly was breathtaking and more than worthy of the ceremony.

A knock at the door rang through the room and Adam’s voice followed, bringing Ann out of her thoughts.

“Can I come in or is it another of those deals where I can’t see it until the day?”

Ann chuckled lightly.

“No, it’s fine, my Alpha. You can come and see.”

The door opened and Adam’s curious face poked around the corner, almost like a cat looking to see what was going on before they decided whether it was safe to enter the room or not.

His jaw visibly dropped at the sight of Ann as she turned to look at him over her shoulder, the brightest smile on her face that he had seen fora longtime.

“Look Adam…they already had the perfect dress. My mother designed it for me when I was little…”

“You look stunning…” Adam stammered feeling a heat rise to his face.

It wasn’t often that he was floored by something, but when it came to Ann, his beautiful mate, she seemed to provoke reactions that he never thought he was capable of.

Seeing her in this dress gave her a sense of righteousness, nobility, and strangely enough… purity. She looked every inch the Queen that she was going to be.

Now he would have to make sure that he could hold his own at her side as the consort of the Alpha Queen.

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