Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 155

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 155This Did Not Bode Well at All

Ann and Adam followed the senior Elder in front of them, with the Enclave guard contained on all sides by the Royal guard as they made their way to one of the private rooms available.

“I’m terribly sorry for this outrageous intrusion, my Queen. He should have been stopped by the guards before he ever got this far…” The senior Elder grumbled.

He had briefly introduced himself as Bartholomew, one of the Senior Elders that oversaw the Enclave, before offering to escort them to a private room to receive whatever news it was that the man had brought.

“It’s not a problem, Bartholomew. If it is as important as I think it may be, then the sooner we hear what he has to say, the better.”

Bartholomew turned to look at her with an unreadable expression in his eyes, and she didn’t miss the curious look that Adam gave her either.

“Do you know what he’s here for, my Queen?” Bartholomew asked as casually as possible, but there was a definite hint of suspicion in his tone.

Ann smiled lightly and shook her head.

“I don’t know for sure, no. However, I can only pray that I’m wrong in my suspicion.”

From the moment that the council had announced their removal to a containment facility, she had been concerned that something like this might happen. However, she had reasoned with herself that they transported inmates constantly to that facility, and there had never been successful attacks on the convoys before.

Ann had put aside her paranoia and trusted that the Elders knew what they were doing. After all, Ada’s baby was innocent, despite the heinous crimes that its mother and grandmother had committed, the fault did not lie with that of the unborn child.

She found it curious that Narcissa had been sent along with her daughter though, yet had simply accepted it. ‘See? Even the Elders f“k up. We need to be firm when it comes to handing out sentences.’ Maeve growled, instantly irritated at the possibility that both Narcissa and Ada were out there somewhere.

‘We don’t know if that’s the case yet Maeve. Let’s just wait and see, okay?’ Ann replied gently, trying to pacify her anger.

‘There’s not a lot else that would warrant an intrusion like this. I know it and you know it. Well, unless it’s an a*s*sa*s*sination attempt, but seeing as how he hasn’t made a move yet I doubt that’s his goal here.’

a*s*sa*s*sination attempts? Already?! Are you insane?! We’ve only just ascended the throne!’ Ann scoffed disbelievingly.

Maeve shrugged lightly.

‘You say that as if it actually matters to the people who want us dead, how long or how little we have sat on the throne. All they care about is getting rid of us and either getting their own grubby little hands on it or shoving some poor unsuspecting puppet into it at their behest.’ Maeve snorted sarcastically.

Ann sighed heavily. She knew Maeve was right even without her years of watching court politics at play.

Sitting on the throne brought a whole host of problems in itself from power-hungry individuals and she would be foolish to think that they wouldn’t try their luck in getting rid of her, especially as she had no hair yet. Ann frowned to herself.

That was something that she would have to rectify as quickly as possible. Many heirs meant a stable throne as there was already a viable line of succession and she was sure that Adam would not object to the prospect.

After all, it had been something that he had been keen on quite quickly.

Bartholomew stopped in front of a door and quickly ushered everyone inside, directing Ann to a brocade-lined, high-backed mahogany chair that sat behind a heavy desk.

As she took her seat, Bartholomew positioned himself on her left-hand side, and Adam to her right, with the royal guards providing a line of defense in front of them, in case she would need it.

“Please, sit.” Ann addressed the exhausted and weary-looking guard with a tight smile, as she gestured to a comfortable chair that sat opposite. “Bartholomew… could we please arrange a drink and some food for this man? He looks as though he could use it”

Before Bartholomew could answer, the guard replied hastily.

“Thank you, your highness. Please, don’t take this the wrong way as I appreciate your generosity, but… that can wait.” The guard rushed out with an apologetic grimace, “I came as soon as it was clear exactly what had occurred, once we had returned to our garrison. I’m already concerned that it took me so long to get here.”

Ann nodded benignly as her stomach churned with anxiety. She twisted her fingers together nervously out of sight under the table. This was not news that she was sure she wanted to hear.

“Very well, then we’ll arrange it for afterward. Please, go ahead. It would be helpful to know who you are and where exactly you are from as well.”

The guard looked horrified as he quickly stood, causing the royal guard to quickly move their hands to their weapons in preparation for an attack they felt sure was coming.

The guard posed no threat though and raised his arm across his chest in a salute.

“My apologies, my Queen! In my haste to report the news, I have forgotten protocol entirely.” He barked, clearly distraught with the monumental slip-up. “Commander Greyson of the 12th Garrison at yourservice, My Queen.”

“The Garrison at the Northern Tips?” Bartholomew asked incredulously as Ann realized that her worst fears were most likely to be confirmed in the next few moments.

“Yes, Sir,” Greyson answered brusquely as he swallowed nervously. “The convoy that was designated for the containment facility… it’s… well…”

“They escaped, didn’t they,” Ann stated flatly with a grim expression on her face.

Greyson looked momentarily taken aback before recovering his composure and nodding curtly.

“Yes, my Queen. The entire convoy was decimated, with no known survivors amongst our troops, and no sign of the prisoners in transit.”

“What?! The prisoners?! All of them?!” Bartholomew blustered in shock.

“Yes, Sir. Not a single prisoner from the six in transport remains. We’ve found no trace of them, living or otherwise.” Greyson answered his face now a mask of tired professionalism.

So that was it then. Narcissa and Ada were free once more and undoubtedly had managed to recruit other dangerous convicts to their cause from the convoy’s other prisoners.

Ann’s heart sank as she struggled to retain a neutral expression.

This did not bode well at all.

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