Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 156

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 156 The 12th Garrison

“The 12th Garrison?” Adam asked, his expression one of deep thought, “How were you alerted to the convoy’s demise?”

“Generally we track the progress from the 11th garrison at the receiving end through the Ravine with spotters from our garrison. We hadn’t heard from the spotters for longer than was normal, and had begun to mobilize a search party.” Greyson explained calmly, “They were about to leave when a group of Aurochs, that we know are used for transport there, entered the bottom of the valley in a panicked state.”

Adam nodded thoughtfully as Greyson explained, scrutinizing his face subtly and checking for any trace of dishonesty.

“As soon as the lookout at the Garrison reported it, we mobilized a f*orc*e to intercept and conduct reconnaissance in the area. We knew that it meant nothing good as there was no trace of the guards or the convoy that they were supposed to be attached to, so support was requested from the 11th Garrison as well.”

“Did they call the wyverns in to help?” Bartholomew asked quickly, his brows creased in concern.

“Yes, Sir. Although they couldn’t proceed too far in the air into the ravine because of the winds, they swept the area closest to them. We a*s*sumed that at least one side would be able to recapture any escapees or a*s*sist in bringing things back under control but…” Greyson trailed off and licked his lips, a haunted look in his eyes as he glanced down at his feet briefly.

They waited patiently for him to compose himself and after only a few moments, exhaling deeply, he lifted his head and continued.

“There was no one that we could help. Not a single person there was left alive.” He stated simply. “And what of the attackers? Do we have any intelligence on what could have caused this?” Ann asked curiously.

She hated to admit it, but to pull off an escape in that environment was practically impossible, and to do it without leaving any traces of the escape route, was unheard of.

“Actually, yes. We have an idea of what attacked, but the gravity of it…” He said almost disbelievingly, “The garrisons are sworn to silence on this matter, at least until we receive directions from you as to how to proceed.” “Well don’t just give us a vague answer! What was it?!” Bartholomew asked impatiently.

“We don’t know.” Greyson answered grimly as a dark look crossed his face, much to everyone’s surprise. “There are many… beings… or animals… whatever you want to call them, that none of us have ever seen before. The Enclave has many experts here that have seen a lot over the years and studied countless areas unfamiliar to soldiers like us. I thought it in everyone’s best interest if the specimens could be brought here for further examination.”

Ann narrowed her eyes at him as she studied his features. Surely he didn’t bring any live specimens to the Enclave? With all these people here that could prove a deadly mistake.

“You didn’t bring any ‘live’ creature here did you?”

“No, my Queen. As I said, there were no signs of life when we arrived, but perhaps I wasn’t clear. Both sides suffered devastating losses. It’s the only comfort that any of us could take from the situation. The men that died, fought valiantly and gave their lives in service to the Crown.”

Ann nodded quietly and turned to look at Bartholomew.

“I want those that were k*il*led in this ambush, or escape attempt-.whatever this was, to receive funerals with full honors and I will personally guarantee that any families they left behind will be taken care of by the crown’s treasury.” “Yes, my Queen. I’ll see it done.” Bartholomew said as he inclined his head slightly.

“This is not acceptable by any means. Narcissa should have been executed.” Ann hissed furiously under her breath as Maeve’s anger rose to match hers.

She felt Adam’s hand land on her shoulder and he squeezed gently, in an effort to rea*s*sure her as she took a calming breath and focused her attention back on Greyson.

“You brought the corpses of the attackers here?” Ann asked as calmly as she could. “Yes, my Queen. They are secured and concealed well. There’s no danger of them being discovered by people that shouldn’t.”

Ann nodded again as she tried to come up with a plan of action.

“Do we have areas available for identification, and specialists that can do so, Bartholomew? Or do we need to send for them?”

“I believe we have what we need here, my Queen. Although, I cannot be sure as none of us know quite what we are dealing with.”

“Very well. See to it that the bodies are brought to a safe area then, please. I think I would like to see these beasts for myself as well.”

“Your highness!” Bartholomew protested, “You can’t possibly mean..”

“Don’t argue with me on this. You all decided that granting a stay of execution on both Ada and Narcissa until the child was born was the best course of action. I trusted that you knew what you were doing and that the transportation would go smoothly.” Ann hissed furiously, “Now, to find out that the woman who k*il*led my mother, and her daughter who tried to destroy my life, are walking around free without repercussions for their actions, well… I can’t quite put into words exactly how I’m feeling right now.”

Ann took a deep breath and snorted loudly as she listened to Maeve’s furious tirade inside of her. “You will have to trust me when I say that if my wolf had her way, every single Elder involved in that decision would feel her wrath most keenly. I can promise you that all of you would regret their decision on that day, and it is only the fact that I understand you were trying to show a little mercy towards the unborn child that I am not letting her do as she pleases.” She fumed, allowing her aura to release a little in order to appease Maeve’s lust for action.

She was howling for their blood inside of her and having her f*orc*efully take over to vent her fury was not something that Ann could afford. This was the only option that she had at the minute and she just prayed that it would work.

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