BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 07

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 07 – Touch It 


Dark Blue Eyes was approaching, but his eyes were on Mr. a*s*shole, a smug smirk plastered on his face.


Another flashed on the screen and the a*s*shole cursed and brushed his hand over his hair before he started pressing his tablet again. All the while, all my hopes of being bought by Dark Blue Eyes flew out of the window. He had no tablet with him.

He was not bidding. He might be the organizer. Or… Goddess, he might be Olivia’s mate.

My heart clenched and I had no idea why I was hurting. My eyes watered as I dropped my gaze down, but I saw the screen move. Mr. a*s*shole bid over again.


“Getting frustrated, Ethan?” The deep baritone voice sent shivers down my spine, but this time, it was a shiver of ple@sure. Even without looking, I knew it came from him.

“Me, frustrated? Watch and learn, Stone. “A c*oc*ky grin flashed across Mr. a*s*shole‘s face.

Stone. What kind of name was that?


The screen flashed, but I was wondering if Ethan – Mr. a*s*shole, saw it as he was still looking at Stone.

“You’re losing your touch. What’s special about this Omega?” I almost raised my brow, but instead, I bit my bottom lip and made sure to glue my eyes to the timer ticking down.

“f*uc*king virgin.”

Goddess, you’re wrong. I was far from that.

“How many have you bought tonight? Are you not running out of resources? Your pack is going to lose money.”

Five seconds.

“Why do you care? Do you want to take over my pack?” He chuckled, shaking his head as he mocked him.

Stone shrugged his shoulders before he faced the stage at the exact moment the clock timer went to 00:00.

Our eyes met, and I couldn’t help the smile that graced my lips, despite the fact that he wasn’t smiling at me. I was thankful for his distraction. Now if I could only find out who bought me.

“What the f*uc*k?” Ethan growled, and my body jolted at the intensity of his voice as his eyes dilated, fangs erupting as he looked furiously at Stone.

He was throwing words at him, but my attention was drawn somewhere. A muscular man with blonde hair walked down the same stairs that Stone descended, with a tablet in his hand.

Was he, my buyer? I swallowed hard as I looked at him, but he wasn’t looking at me.

A female came and asked me to step off the stage. I followed her, but my eyes weren’t leaving the blonde man while I was being ushered out until he reached where Stone was and handed him the tablet he had in his hands.

I gasped softly. Did Stone buy me?

It was at that moment that Stone motioned for the female who was holding my arm to stop walking.

“Stop. I’m taking her with me.” His voice was so s*e*xy I couldn’t help but swallow.

I bit my bottom lip as I dropped my eyes to the ground. Did he really buy me? If he takes me now, I will not be able to run away. But do I still want to run away?

“Sir, payment must be made before you can take the Omega.” The female answered respectfully.

He scowled at her. “I’m not going to run away…”

His words were cut short when Ethan came and held his shoulder, which Stone slapped away before he growled at him for touching him.

“This is not f*uc*king over, you f*uc*king cheated!” Ethan’s face was furious.

“Complain to the board then! Oh, I forgot, there’s no f*uc*king board!” Dark blue eyes smirked at him, slipping his hands into his inside pocket.

But I didn’t hear the rest of their argument because the female whisked me away and took me backstage again.

1.5 million.

Everyone was whispering around me, but I remained seated on a couch, my knees pressed against my chest as I hugged them. I didn’t care if they could see through my skirt or my thongs. I was trying to make sense of what happened.

1.5 million for an Omega.

I tried to tune out the noise around me, and the next thing I knew, there was somebody standing in front of me. I tilted my head to look up and met his dark blue eyes.

“Let’s go.” That’s all he said, and I immediately scampered on my @ssand stood up, following him, but we were blocked by Mr. a*s*shole.

“What the f*uc*k do you want?” He was almost growling, making the Omegas in the backstage cower.

“A Duel for the Omega.”

“The bidding is over. You cannot offer a duel outside of the bidding.”

“No rules stated I couldn’t offer after the bidding. Now it’s up to you if you’re f*uc*king scared to accept a duel because you know you will lose.”

“Me, lose? On you? Look at you, Ethan. You’re hallucinating.”

“Then take my offer. If you win the duel, I will pay half of her bid price and she’s still yours.” He smirked, crossing his arms against his chest. “Lose, and I’ll take her home. I’ll pay you back whatever you paid for her.”

My hands clutched the hem of my skirt tightly. Please don’t. Please don’t agree.

“Don’t tell me you’re cowering? Where is the fearsome Alpha of the Mystic Pack?” His tone was mocking him.

“If I win, you’ll pay one million. Take it or leave it.” Did I hear Stone say that? Oh, Goddess!

“Deal.” Ethan extended his hand while a devilish smile tugged at his face.


“Deal.” He took his hand and shook it while I restrained myself from shouting at him for being stupid. f*uc*king male egos! My face was burning with anger, but I tried my best to steady my breathing.

“I’ll meet you in ten minutes at the arena on the ground floor. I’ll have someone open it for us.” Ethan sounded too excited, and it made me nervous. He and Dark Eyes have the same body frame. Could he win over him?

“Make it thirty minutes.” Stone said in a cold voice before his hand coiled around my arm as he tugged me closer to him. His touch sent b*tterflies fluttering in my stomach, but I was still furious at his stupidity.

“Where are you taking her? She’s not yours yet. We have a deal.”

“I didn’t remember discussing who she would spend her time with before the duel. Now f*uc*k off and check the arena before I change my mind.” And without any warning, he pulled me away and led me to another exit, which in the end led to the same corridor where I saw him walking before he appeared and distracted Ethan.

“Where are we going?”

“Did I allow you to ask questions?” He asked back in a cold tone that made me roll my eyes.

He was walking so fast that I had to double my steps so I would not trip over. I was thankful I wasn’t wearing any shoes, or I would have been fumbling over already. We finally reached the door where he came out earlier, and my eyes widened when I saw the one–sided glassall around the room. He could see me earlier. He watched from here.

He locked the door of the room before he shoved my body onto the couch, and I almost fell down.

I closed my eyes to stop myself from snapping at him. I needed to be nice to him. I needed him to win because I would rather have him as my owner than Mr. a*s*shole.

My breathing slowed down, only for it to beat faster again when I heard a belt being unbuckled before a zipper was zipped down.

My eyes snapped open. And my jaw dropped as the biggest c*oc*k I had ever seen sprang free from his boxers.

“Touch it.” He said it with a blank expression on his face.

“What?” My lips quivered. Was he planning to f*uc*k me here?

“I said, touch it.”

“Why?” Of course, he wanted to f*uc*k.

“Again, did I allow you to ask questions?”

“I just want to know what you want me to do?”

“Touch it.” He grunted, his teeth gritting, and I saw his d*ic*k twitch as if it was getting harder than it already was. “f*uc*k! Just f*uc*king touch it! I just want to know if you’re worth the f*uc*king 1.5 million and worth putting my life on the line!”

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