BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 100

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 100 – She’s My Luna 


I just came back from letting Angel out, and so far it has been amazing. Angel was stronger than I expected. She had K*lled five gullaps that were running around near the hot spring where we were staying, and she did it in an instant. These little creatures could emit poison from their bod*ies, but Angel had quick reflexes and was able to corner them and pounce them to death. Five was her highest number since we began staying at the hot spring three cycles ago. 

She was just as fierce as my demon side, and I was happy that despite being trapped in this realm, she was growing stronger and braver. My only hope was that the cleansing would take place in a neutral cove with no enchantments that would prevent my wolf from surfacing. I wanted to have a connection with her on that day. 

Aside from that, Lucius would find time to fight with me while I was in my wolf form. Angel and Lucius had built such a connection between them that it made me more confident that Lucius, my brother, was different from Lucien and Guillermo. He would sometimes take time to tell me the things he knew about Kalmerus and how he would change things around here. 

Every interaction with Lucius made me trust him more and more. I was hoping that after all this, all of us would be able to get out alive because I was one hundred percent sure that Lucius would make a great ruler of Kalmerus. 

I entered the tower and was on my way to Lucien’s chamber. I wanted a word with him, and I was notified he was in his room. I didn’t want to send him a message as he might invite Guillermo again if he knew I would be visiting him, so I wanted to take him on a surprise visit. 

I rounded a corner when all of a sudden someone grabbed me from behind, but before I could even find out who was holding me, my body was s*cked into limbo and was thrown on a bed the moment I was out of it. 

“What the!” I hissed, and my eyes blazed red as my demon claws erupted from my nails. I pushed my body up from the bed and glared at the demon in front of me. “What were you thinking, taking me by surprise?” 

Guillermo stepped forward until he was exactly in front of me, and instead of backing away, I remained in my spot and squinted my eyes as I looked at him. I kept reminding myself to play my part well. 

Lucius told me not to show Guillermo that I despise him. I could be mad or pissed off at him, but I had to pretend there was an attraction on my end. I was not in agreement, but I trust Lucius. If we wanted Guillermo out of our way, I had to do this. His knuckles brushed against my cheek, and it took all of me not to push him away. 

“Calm down, little spitfire. I just want to talk.” 

“What happened with ‘can we talk?’ Or is this how you treat females?” I asked, trying to keep my voice calm as I willed my eyes to return to normal. 

“Last time I went that direction, you disappeared on me, so I had no choice but to do it the other way.” 

“I don’t like being grabbed and transported somewhere without my consent. Besides, I haven’t forgiven you for stealing a kiss. !! 

“If you give it willingly, then it won’t be stolen.” 

I placed my hands on my hips as I smiled c*oc*kily at him, even if I wanted to throw him a punch. “You’re too old to be stealing kisses and forcing yourself. If you become my King, you will have unlimited access to those. 

“And why can’t I get it in advance? We both know I will end up as your King.” 

“Nope. I haven’t decided yet. I can’t go around kissing you and Lucius. I’m not that type of she-demon.” 

I was still talking when his arm wrapped around my waist as he pulled me closer. I stopped myself from arching my body away from him, but I raised my hands to his chest to put some distance between us. 

“There’s nothing wrong with experimenting to see which lips make your knees weak.” 

“Please… a few more cycles, and it will all be decided. You will get a taste of what you wanted at the cleansing, so just let me be?” I smiled at him as I tried to push away from his hold, but the sh*thead leaned closer, captured my lips, and began kissing me. 

I knew I should pull away, but Lucius had warned me about this. Demons are s*e*xual beings, and my father was probably sending Guillermo to test if I was still reserving myself for Adan. So as much as I didn’t want this, I kissed him back and relied on the idea that the presence of the enchantment in the tower would prohibit Adan from feeling this kiss. 

I kissed him back softly, but his kisses became deeper and harder as his hand gripped my hair, and I knew this was leading to something else already. My hand raised to his chin as I cupped it with f0rce before inching my face away from him. 

“Enough for now. You’re getting more than what you should take.” I flashed him a wicked smile before swiping my tongue over my upper lip. 

“You want it too…” His hand on my hair tightened as he crushed his lips against mine. This time he was a*s*saulting my lips so brutally that if I were an ordinary human, my lips would be broken. I regretted swiping my tongue against my lips – he had clearly taken it as an invitation, but I just said no, didn’t I? 

I mustered all my strength and bit his bottom lip hard before I pushed him away. He let go of me and I moved backward, shaking my head while a wicked grin formed on his face as he stepped closer. 

“Enough, Guillermo. I demand you respect my decision.” 

“I don’t let any female tell me what I can and cannot do.” 

This was hopeless. How could I pretend more when this was already disgusting to me? I willed for my body to transport, but nothing was happening. I swallowed hard and tried again. Nothing! 

“You can’t get out of here, my queen.”  

“What have you done?” 

He shrugged his shoulders, still flashing me his evil smirk while he kept walking toward me and I kept inching backward. My chest heaved while I let my eyes blaze red before throwing him a fire blast. Flames engulfed his body, but he just laughed it off as it slowly d*ied down. 

“It seemed we had the same kind of fire. It only caresses me, my queen. You need to try harder.” 

My eyes squinted as I ordered my fire to emit something that he couldn’t destroy, and before I knew it, ice blasts were spewing out of my hand and targeting him. 

Guillermo’s body was thrown to the other side of his chamber before ice spikes pinned him to the wall. He hissed and glared at me, but I just gave him a satisfied smile before I dusted my palms against each other. 

“Next time, never threaten a queen.” I winked at him before I walked out of his room with my head held high. I had no idea how he would get away from it probably by melting the ice with his fire but that was his problem, not mine. 

I was sure Lucius would be disappointed that I was not able to maintain a good connection with Guillermo, but I was also sure he would be excited if he found out I could summon ice as well. 

I transported my body back to my chamber as soon as I was out of Guillermo’s, and the moment I was in the comfort of my own room, I screamed and pointed all my fingers at where the candles were sitting nicely and ignited their wicks before stomping my way to my bathroom while wiping off my mouth with my hands. 

I took my clothes off with just a flick of my hand and stood under the shower. I tried to scrub off his touch and kisses on me, which was really unnecessary because demons never bathed at all. But I felt better rubbing every part of my body that he touched. 

I hope Adan didn’t feel this, like the last time. Or if he did, I hope Lucius’ message to him the last time was clear enough to pacify him, that those kisses were not welcomed. 

I had to be more careful. One more cycle and all will be revealed. Lucius promised me that before the cleansing he would tell me how we could K*ll Lucien. And if I could, I would send Guillermo with him. 

There were already too many demons in this realm. K*lling two would not be a great loss. 



“The question is, what are you willing to give in return, Alpha Stone?” Hades’ question kept ringing in my head. 

It took a while before I found my voice and asked him back. “What do you want from me?” 

“The one you want to take away from my realm is someone precious.” 

“She’s my Luna,” I told him, trying to control my urge to raise my voice. 

“She was mine before she was yours. So, tell me, why would I help you if it meant losing her?” 

“You will not lose her. I will make sure she does not abandon her demon side. I will not let her.” 

Hades laughed, and the hair on my body rose again. How would I convince him? “Her demon side will always be with her. Even you can’t stop that. Tell me exactly what you wish for me to do?” 

Great. I thought he knew what I wanted. But this was it – I wanted my intentions clear. 

“I want a guarantee that no matter what happens, Lucija and I will come out alive from this,” I told him with a straight face. 

“Hmmm… Invincibility? What you are asking is impossible. One strike to your heart or your wolf, and you’re dead.” 

“I know. That’s why I want a contract with you and not with a simple demon. I hope that after all of this, I will still be able to enjoy life with her. Hades, I only had her for a few weeks. A few minutes after finding out she’s my mate. I will go anywhere for her, but I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with her.” 

Hades entwined his fingers and began drumming them against each other as he looked at me, and I knew he wanted to hear more. But before I could continue, pain ripped through my chest as marks began to appear on my wrist. The pain was longer than the previous one. 

I closed my eyes for a brief second, and when I opened them, I saw Hades’ gaze on my wrist before he shifted it to look me in the eyes. He was staring at me as if he were looking through my soul, wanting to know how I felt. 

If Lucius had not come to me and explained more of what he wanted Lucy to do, I would be outraged again. But I knew I had to put my trust in someone to keep going -not with Lucius. I trust my mate. I trust Lucy. And I will keep trusting her until she tells me she no longer loves me. But as long as she did, she would be the only person I would believe in this world full of deceptions and lies. 

I cleared my throat and began speaking again. “You never found a female that could love you back, but I did. I don’t know how much time we have, but I want to extend it as long as I can. I will take her back to my realm with every ounce of my capability, but I am nothing compared to the lord we will be facing. I can say I will save her until my last breath, but I don’t want that. I don’t want my last breath to be at this point in our lives. I want more time with her. Help me save her. Save us. Spare us from death.” 

“You’re asking too much.” 

“And I am willing to give as much. Just name your price.” 

“I want you.” He said almost immediately. 

“What do you mean by me? I don’t want to be separated from Lucy.” 

“You can have her here, in this lifetime, as long as you both live. But after this lifetime, I want to have you…”

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