BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 102

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 102 – Adan & Sheena


Since the procedure with Blade didn’t have any problems, Althea proceeded to do the same for her and the unconscious Sheena. I felt bad having to drag Collin’s sister into this, but we were left with no choice. Sheena had always been a pleasant person, and I knew if she knew the whole thing, she would be willing to help, but since she had no idea. about our contact with the underworld, it was safer for her to be left out as much as we could.

She was staying in the city with their aunt since she went to university, so people in the pack would not be surprised to see two Sheena’s while Althea is there. The only thing was, we had to be careful that no one would see Althea, aka Sheena, around the packhouse to avoid questions from our pack members once my rightful Luna came home.

After Althea took Sheena’s form, Collin drove his sister back to the city while we all waited for him to come back. Blade and Althea would be coming home with Collin, while Patrea and I would enter the demon world in a few hours.

“Does Lucy still have no idea I’m coming?” I asked Lucius as he handed me a cigarette.

“No. She doesn’t. We will still go with the plan, and I have to remind you again: Whatever you see in there and whatever act Lucy does, don’t show any emotions.”

“This is f*uc*king hard.”

“You don’t have a say at this point. Do it or your emotions will blow us up. I took a deep breath and puffed on the cigarette in my hand. “Are you sure the demons helping us are really on our side?”

“Yes. Those are my demons. My life is tied to them. If I d*ie, they d*ie. And if they betray me, they will perish, never to return except with the lost soul in the depths of hell.”

“Those souls that you take the unworthy ones, the unwanted – where do they end up?

“Pits of hell. The hottest part of hell. They will burn for eternity, and they will feel every bit of it. Their souls will never d*ie, will never be reborn.” He answered, and I swallowed hard.

“How about you? If you d*ie, where will your soul go?”

“If Hades or the Gods of the underworld deemed me worthy, I will be a soul floating in the underworld. I will never be able to take a physical form, but I will still be around, and I can command demons…”

“Will you be able to visit the pits of hell?”

“Yes. The anguish in there keeps the living demons and the dead demons alive. We feed off of their pain and hatred.”

“I see.”

“Why are you even bothered? If you d*ie in this war against my father, you won’t be there. You’ll be returned to the moon.”

“I know.” Unless the god of hell desires your soul, I told myself. “And Lucy, will she be at the Underworld too?”

“I have no answer for that. She’s a part werewolf, and she’s always loved that part. I’m thinking her soul will be returned to the moon unless she fully embraces herself as a demon, maybe she can choose which realm she wants to be returned to. But that’s just my thoughts.”

I closed my eyes and leaned my back on the tree behind me. His words were shattering what was left of my heart. What I wished for was a lifetime with Lucy, and I would do everything in my power to keep us alive as much as I could because, after this, I no longer had a guarantee of eternal life with her.



I was quiet the whole time we were driving back to Alpha Stone’s territory. I had to keep addressing Blade as Stone, and from time to time, I would slip because he was forcing met to talk with him, as he said we needed to be comfortable with each other, but it was annoying me.

Many things were running through my mind. I worried for Patrea and Alpha Stone, the same way I worried for Lucy. I knew the part I was playing was minimal compared to what they had to go through, so I vowed to myself that I would do my best to perfect this deception to make sure Alpha Stone could move freely in the Underworld. But having Blade around me made it harder. He was surely enjoying this part, as he had been smiling the whole time he was conversing with Collin and asking things. about the Alpha’s routine and the time for breakfast, and what he usually eats.

Thankfully, Sheena had never stayed the night at the packhouse, so I could be myself, but I had to be careful that her parents didn’t see me there or everything would be even more messed up. But we had Collin, Laira, Kingston, and Lena helping us, so I should not worry about blowing this up.

The packhouse was already deserted when we reached home. It was past midnight, and thankfully, the previous Alphas and Lunas. were already asleep. At least we didn’t have to deal with them tonight.

“Goodnight, Alpha, Sheen…” Collin smiled warmly at me as he stopped on the second. floor. This was where his and Laira’s room was, while Blade and I needed to proceed to the third floor for Alpha Stone’s room.

I went up to Collin and wrapped my arms around him before I gave him a peck on his cheek. “Good night, Cole. And thank you…”

He ruffled my hair and shifted his gaze to Blade. “Take care of my sister, and just mindlink me tomorrow if you’re not joining breakfast.”

Before we left, Alpha Stone inducted Blade as part of his pack, so the mindlink would work between him and the Beta and Gamma.

Blade didn’t reply and just gave him a salute before his arm went around my shoulders as he guided me back to the stairs. I leaned my body closer to him and walked quietly. My mind and my body were tired.

I was glad I didn’t p@ssout after the two spells. It helped that Mama Patrea was there, and she was the one who performed the shield spell because that one could take too much energy as well.

Blade unlocked the door, but before he let me in, he placed a soft kiss on the crown of my head. I wanted to scoff at him for overacting, but then I reminded myself that we had no idea if someone was watching or not.


“Goodnight Adan…” I crawled to my side of the bed after putting on silk shorts and spaghetti-strap pajamas.

“You need to start calling me love.” Blade winked at me as he watched me. He was sitting up and leaning his back on the headboard. His upper body was n@ked, and I was not sure what he had on the lower part since the blanket was covering his body.

“Why can’t I just call you Adan? Or Stone?” I asked, raising my brows but still smiling at him.

“Everyone calls me that. But no one has called me love, so let’s reserve that for you. He answered playfully.

“In your dreams…” I laughed sarcastically before I remembered I was supposed to act in love with Alpha Stone. “Fine… Good night, my love.”

I slipped my body inside the blanket and waited for him to say goodnight. It felt weird that, despite knowing it was Alpha Stone’s form beside me, I could imagine Blade as he even the way his mouth twitched was how Blade does it.

I shut my eyes, annoyed that he didn’t even bother to respond even after I called him ‘ love’ as he suggested.

“Come here, and give me a good night kiss.” He suddenly spoke, making my eyes snap open.


“Come here.”

“Why me? You want the kiss, then come over here.” I wanted to sound sweet, but I couldn’t help being sarcastic. This was getting harder than I thought it would be.

“If I’m the one rolling over there at your side, I’m sure I’ll be taking more than a kiss. But I know you’re tired. So I’m doing you a favor, my love. Kiss me now and I will let you sleep.”

As much as I wanted to be upset, I couldn’t help but feel giddy with the way the word ‘ love’ rolled from his lips. Although he looked like the other Alpha, his voice was almost identical to his own.

I got up from laying down and crawled to his side when he suddenly turned off the side lamps, leaving just the faint light from the moon to illuminate the room.

“Why did you turn off the lights?” I asked in a hushed tone.

He didn’t reply, but I saw the way his mouth twitched into a smile, and it made me smile wider as the thought of him not wanting to see Sheena the same way I didn’t want to see Alpha Stone crossed my mind. I tilted my head higher and pecked his lips instead of the cheek I was initially planning to kiss, and just when I was about to withdraw, his hand went to my nape and held me in place as his lips began to caress. mine.

“Just close your eyes…” He mumbled… “And know that it’s me.”

My stomach churned as my knees weakened. Those words were enough to let me break. loose from my control as my arms wrapped around his neck and I pressed my body closer to him, kissing him the same way he was devouring my lips: hot and deep.

Blade rolled us over, pinning my body against him, and I kept my eyes closed so as not to break the magic between us. I could feel his ere*ction prodding the front of my c0re, and I couldn’t help the M0@n that escaped my throat.

This was not the first time that we kissed, and although there were times I felt his hard c*oc*k pressing on me while we kissed, this was the first time that it was pointing at me as if it were ready to break the barrier between us.

I was thinking about wrapping my legs. around him and rubbing my p*uss*y against his sh@ft, but I was afraid he was just playing his part so well that I was the only one that got carried away.

Insecurities arose from my chest, knowing I would never be able to seduce him because had no idea how, and he was probably going to compare me to his first mate. The thought was enough to wash away the desire that was building inside me. My hands went to his chest as I slowly pushed him off of me. I then tilted my head slowly to the side and opened my eyes.

“We should sleep now. I’m really tired,” I told him in a low voice, and he nodded his head before he rolled over to his side without saying a word.

“Can you hug me?” I asked. This was just part of the pretending, I kept telling myself, but I was hoping he would not decline.

Soon, the mattress dipped as his weight shifted and he inched closer until he was in front of me and slid his arm under my neck, letting my head rest on his arm as his other arm sn@ked around my body.

I scooted nearer and rested my cheek against his n@ked chest before coiling my arms around his warm body and closing my eyes. “Good night… Bla… baby…” I almost slipped.

“Good night, baby…” He replied this time and kissed my forehead before he pulled my body closer to him. This felt good. If this was the only pretending that we had to do, I think I would be okay with it.

I let my legs tangle with him under the sheets before letting myself succumb to sleep.

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