BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 103

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 103 – Welcome Back To The Underworld


My throat was parched as I stood beside Lucius, about to enter the portal to the underworld. Aside from traversing a world unknown to me, I would be on my own.

Patrea had put Beast to sleep to avoid any demons, especially Lucien, from detecting or sensing my wolf once we were outside the tower. Lucy’s cleansing would be held in a cove somewhere far from their abode, which was better since Lucy would be able to let Angel surface in case she needed to. As for me, I had to rely on my own strength and on the demon power that Lucy shared with me.

I couldn’t be stubborn at this point. We needed to stay hidden as much as we could.

“Would you like to join me in the underworld, Patrea?” Lucius’ eyes blazed red as a devilish grin crossed his features. His hand extended, reaching out for her to take it.

It took a while before Patrea gave him her hand and responded, “I do.”

“Are you sure?”


Lucius clasped his hand with hers as he motioned for me to hold on to his shoulder, and the moment I did, my body was immediately s*cked into limbo, and I just found us in a different place.

I wanted to cough because everything was so warm and constricting my breathing, but I tried to suppress it to avoid drawing attention to us. Lucius disappeared but reappeared in an instant and shoved something over me and Patrea.

It was the invisible cloak that Patrea owned and that Lucius took from her cottage. The same one that Lucy used when she ran away from this realm more than two years ago. The cloak would be able to hide us, including our scent and auras, as long as we remained under it. But we would not be able to use it in the middle of a crowd. We were invisible under it, but they would still be able to touch us if we bumped into them.

I held Patrea closer to my body under the cloak, hunching my back a little so we could be of the same height and our feet would not be visible. We held on to Lucius’s clothes, and we were immediately transported to a small cottage. I a*s*sumed this was Patrea’s home in this realm.

We needed a place where she could start her enchantments, and this was the only option in this area.

“Father has a dark witch with him, so I was a*s*suming he would not be bothered if he sensed a witch’s aura near him, but we still need to be careful. I will be leaving you here for now since I need to speak with Lucy. After this, I will not be able to talk with her.”

Lucius’ eyes shifted to me. “If you feel one more pain, just bear with it. I can a*s*sure you she doesn’t want to do it.”

“I’m putting my whole trust in you, Lucius. But if you go back on your word, I won’t care where my soul ends up. I will be the one to end your life.”

“You’ve threatened me with that a hundred times, Stone. I’m still not worried.” He said before he threw a light punch at my arm. “Besides, we’re brothers.”

“I’m an only child.” I scoffed at him, but a smile was slowly tugging at my mouth.

“Well, if you take Lucy, it means you’ll take me as well.”

“Says who?”

“f*uc*k you! I’m her only family.”

I chuckled before responding to him. As much as I initially loathed him, I did like the Lucius I was seeing and interacting with lately. “I didn’t know demons knew what family meant.”

“I know you’re both overjoyed upon realizing you are brothers-in-law, but that won’t be a reality unless we save Lucy. So get your a*s*ses up and stop fooling around because we have many things to do, especially you.” She pointed at Lucius, and the demon just looked at me, suppressing an evil smirk that crossed his face.

So, I answered on his behalf, “Yes, Mom.”

Patrea rolled her eyes at me but remained quiet as she continued to gather vials and liquids from her stash.

‘Damn, I’ll be your Dad if you’re calling her Mom. Lucius’ words dug into my head.

‘Do you seriously fancy Patrea?” I asked, leaning back in my seat on the couch.

“Yeah, but she’s still not warming up to me. Care to help a brother out?’

‘Seriously? Now? You know I’m here to save Lucy, right?’

‘Just kidding.’ He chuckled before he stood from his seat and spoke to us. “I will go ahead. I will meet Lucy. And then we will go with the first plan. Just be ready.”



‘Where are you?’ I asked Lucy as soon as I transported my body to the cove, where the first stage of Lucy’s cleansing would be held later.

‘Just walking out of the great hall. Guillermo is there, I tried to start up a conversation with him.’

‘Did you two fight?”

‘No. I was rather sweet with him, but he was not pushing himself on me. I guess my ice made him realize I could actually hurt him.’

‘Good. And father?’

‘He hasn’t left his chamber.’

‘He was probably checking on Stone to make sure he wouldn’t interfere with your cleansing.’

‘What can Adan do against him?’

‘You don’t trust your own mate?’

‘I don’t trust my own father. Adan could be the strongest and smartest man alive, but match him with a devious devil and he would still come undone.’

‘I agree. Meet me up in my chamber.’

‘Your chamber? I’ve never been there.’

‘I know.’

‘I don’t think I like that idea. Why not in mine?’

‘Father can pop up there anytime. He can’t on mine. I requested decades ago that he not be able to enter my chamber via teleportation.’

‘And he agreed?’

‘He doesn’t care about me. And you were not born yet at that time, so you are not included in the enchantment that prohibits my brothers from entering it.’

“Now that’s something I should be concerned about. No one can save me from you in case you are planning to sabotage me.’

‘Didn’t you just tell me Guillermo backed off after you shot ice on him? What makes you think I can overpower you if Guillermo himself was afraid of you?’

‘That’s what a predator does-boost their prey’s ego.’

‘Shut it, Lucija. We are running out of time. I need you in my chamber right now or I’ll let Guillermo have his way with you.

‘I’m not scared. And before you keep blabbing there. I’m already outside your bedroom. I couldn’t get in because I had no idea what the inside looked like.’

I was not even finished with my words when the double doors to his room opened and he motioned for me to come

I walked inside and tried to sense if there were any dangers, but there was nothing I could sense. Either I was safe here or Lucius was just good at this.

“Are you going to tell me everything now?” I asked as I turned my body around to face him.

“Yes, and I want you to hold your tongue until I’m done.” He answered, pointing a finger to the section where the couches. were.

I nodded my head and took a seat on the single sofa in the corner of his receiving area before flicking my fingers to light up the candles around the room.

“Did you ever wonder why Father was so adamant in taking you to his side? In making you the next queen of this place? Why was he still protecting you despite your defiance of him?”

“No. Except that he is so afraid of his own. sons that he chose his weak daughter instead. Or maybe I was just his favorite.”

“Ern!” He chuckled, mimicking a buzzer for a wrong answer. “He was actually afraid of you.”

“Me?” My eyes widened, as disbelief crossed my face.

“Once upon a time mind you, this is not a fairy tale, but we can still get a happy ending. Anyway, our father went to meet Orpheus. Orpheus is the seer, or the third eye, in this realm. He asked if Orpheus could see the future of Kalmerus. He went back there too many times, but Orpheus could never f0rce herself to see the future. Her visions just happened, and one time they did. She foresaw that the next ruler of Kalmerus would have a stronger aura than Father and that his life would be linked to the rightful heir to his throne.

“What do you mean linked?”

“If the rightful heir d*ies, so does Lucien. I always thought Father was invincible, akin to Hades. But this prophecy proves he could be taken down.”

“By K*lling the rightful heir…” My chest heaved as the hair on my skin raised. I slowly stood up from the couch, my hands clutching the armrest tightly. “Is it me? Are you … planning to K*ll… me, Lucius?”

I was stuttering. I understood when he said the rightful heir had a strong aura but did it mean it had strength as well? Because I didn’t think I was strong enough.

“Lucius… answer me,” I said while gritting my teeth.

An evil smirk crossed his face as he swiped his tongue slowly over his upper lip while his eyes blazed red. His gaze never left mine, and I could feel my heart thudding so loudly that it felt like it would jump out of my chest.

Coming here in his chamber was a big mistake. I was sure he planned this, and if he wanted to, I could never get out of here.

I was scared of my father and Guillermo, but it was nothing compared to the fear brewing in my chest at the moment.

Lucius would never betray me. He was different from them. Or was he?

Fear and betrayal. Was everything he showed me a lie?

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