BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 114

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 114 – The Rightful Heir Part 2


The fireballs hit me badly. I haven’t recovered from the one given to me by Zelda, and these recent ones have shattered every part of me. I was losing this battle. This was already enough.

Seeing Patrea almost d*ie twice was enough for me to realize I could never take Lucien down. Lucija’s aura wasn’t changing, and I could not f0rce her to do more. She had never embraced her demon self in the first place.

And I brought them all here.

They shouldn’t be paying for my mistake.

I coughed up blood as I tried to heal the cut directly above my heart to stop the bleeding. But I was too weak. I’d always been weak, and I had no idea why I was chosen as the heir of Kalmerus. But it was all gone now, as fast as it came.

Patrea came rushing, and despite the pain coursing through my whole body, a smile tugged on my lips. I could end this now, and she would be safe.

“Lucius…” Her voice broke as she dropped to her knees and held the hands, I was using to keep my blood from oozing out of my heart.

It felt good. I had always tried to find ways to touch her, but now she was doing it of her own free will. Only if she would smile instead of having tears in her eyes, maybe I could go peacefully.

I never dreamed of heaven. I knew the demon world was where I was meant to be until the end of my days, but at this moment, I was hoping I could get a taste of heaven — like the one I see in Lucija’s eyes.

I wondered why she had a taste of heaven and I didn’t. Perhaps because, despite the darkness around her, her heart was pure, whereas mine was dark from the start. “Let me heal you…” Patrea stuttered, but her words came through clearly to me. “No. Don’t.” I f0rced myself to shake my head. “Everything we worked hard for will go to waste…”

“How about me? I thought you said…” She couldn’t say it, but I knew what she meant.

I moved my hands to cover hers and squeezed them tightly. “You’re free to go, Patrea.”

I closed my eyes and took in the pain in my chest before I opened my mouth to speak again. “I, Lucius, Prince of the Underworld, set your body and soul free. You are free to leave the demon world through any portal you can find. I am voiding the demon contract from this cycle forward. Live free… Back to the normal life you always want.”

“No. Don’t say that. We have a deal, remember? Don’t you want to collect that?” She asked, and she tried to smile, but there was a pain in her eyes. She was far too kind by making me feel special right now.

I felt my face get w*et. Tears? I never shed one. Maybe Patrea’s tears rained on me.

Patrea looked so beautiful despite the tears on her face, which made my already badly beaten heart ache once more.

I f0rced a chuckle, and it just added pain to my heart. “I just want one night, but I guess, the demons never get what they wish for because we don’t deserve it.”

“Let me heal you, please…”

I closed my eyes and shook my head one more time before I felt Lucija’s presence beside Patrea.

“No one is supposed to d*ie! You promised me…” Lucija’s sobs filled the cave.

I could hear my father murmuring things, but I was aware of the pain I was experiencing — we were going to d*ie soon.

“Except me. I told you that. It’s okay. I will still be around. Floating around…” Like the millions of lost souls in the underworld.

“You’re just giving up. We can heal you. Adan said he can…” She then shifted her gaze to Patrea. “Please, Patrea, do something. I will never ask for anything from you ever again.”

“No. If Lucien survives, I don’t know how we will take him down. He will K*ll all of you.” I kept shaking my head. Stubborn females.

“But you’re the rightful King of Kalmerus! Lucius, this is all you ever wanted…” Lucija kept pleading.

“I thought too…” My eyes darted to Patrea. “But sometimes something comes along the way and breaks everything you planned. I’m sure you and Stone can find a way to rule here and on Earth.”

“No! No! I’m not losing you… You’re the only family I have. Please…”

A loud swoosh broke the solemnity of my moment with Lucija and Patrea. My eyes widened as I saw tails coming out of my father’s body. His demon form has three tails, which he used to coil around Stone’ s body and neck before he dragged him to the biggest fire around the cave.

I had no idea if Father was stupid, and didn’t realize that Adan was not affected by fire anymore. Nevertheless, he raised his body and positioned him above the ma*s*sive fire.

“Heal him!” Despite his struggle on the ground, he yelled.

One of his tails sharpened, and it imitated  a dagger as he directly pointed it at Stone’ s chest.

“You mother f*uc*ker, you can’t K*ll me!”

Stone growled, and I knew what he meant. Hades had given him two lives to use for himself or anyone else. Lucija rose to her feet as fire enveloped her body. “Let him go! Now or I swear to Hades you will regret that you let me live!”

“Now that I know you’re useless to me, Lucija, K*lling him will also K*ll you. I have no need for you… You just f*uc*king wasted my time! Now order Patrea to heal Lucius, or I will strike his heart and we can all d*ie together!”

Patrea’s trembling hands raised above my body, and I knew she was starting to chant her spells, but I grabbed them and brought them to my lips instead, and I began kissing her hands. “Lucius, please, I want to do this. We can think of the consequences later.”

She took her hands away from my grasp and placed them on my bloody chest as she murmured her chants before she f0rced a smile and tugged at her lips with tears still streaming down her face. “Just a small one, just to help you stay… just a bit longer.”

I closed my eyes, my hand reaching up to her arm and letting it rub on her soft skin — just a little touch — to help keep the pain at bay while I listened to Lucija.

She was in a rage, and her aura was getting stronger as she yelled back at Lucien.

‘Don’t let him take away the only person you care about, Lucija…’ I connected with Lucija’s mind and opened my eyes just in time to see her hair rise and hover over her form as light ignited in her body.

Her eyes blazed yellow instead of red, and the heat coming off her body was so much that it was affecting Patrea.

If I was right, the princess of the underworld just summoned her ultimate demon form.

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