BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 115

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 115 – Demon Forms


I had no idea what was more painful: knowing that Lucius had decided to d*ie so Lucien could d*ie too, or knowing that I couldn’t do anything to help him. I knew that even with my own power, I would not be able to take down Lucien without his help.

But if we saved him, Lucien might come back to life much stronger. And Lucius was right — I was sure he would raise hell on earth for revenge.

But could I let go of Lucius when he was the only family I had?

I knew Lucien was a devil, but I didn’t know that even in the face of death, instead of begging for us to save him, he was still cunning like the demon that he was.

“Now that I know you’re useless to me, Lucija, K*lling him will also K*ll you. I have no need for you… You just f*uc*king wasted my time! Now order Patrea to heal Lucius, or I will strike his heart and we can all d*ie together!”

Anger surged through my body as I had never experienced it before. If he had not been f*uc*king stupid and had not a*s*sumed I was his f*uc*king heir, this could have all been avoided, and I could have had the life I wanted with my mate. But he had to come and f*uc*king ruin everything, and now he was threatening to take the person I loved the most and the only brother I’d learn to care about. I would not let him take them away, even if it meant using my last breath to save them.

My hair rose around my head as the goosebumps on my skin rose, and I noticed little thorns coming out of my skin. I had no idea what they were, but they were letting me know I was transforming into something else. If this was what Lucius was talking about, I was about to transform into my ultimate form.

“There’s only one person who will d*ie here! And it’s not someone from my side! ” My whole body shook, as did the ground around the cave, making burning stones fall on us, but my gaze didn’t stay away from Adan and the dagger tail aiming for his heart.

Adan’s body was also shaking as his eyes blazed red. The same thorns that sprouted out of my body were sprouting from the back of his arms up to his back, and the sharpness of them cut through my father’s tails, making him fall on the big fire below him.

“No!” A tortuous scream left my throat as I watched his body fall onto the ma*s*sive fire, like a pit of hell. He would never get out of it unharmed. I rushed to the fire and forgot about Lucien and Lucius. All I wanted was to save Adan from the fire that ate him alive, only to be taken aback when I got into the middle of it.

A demon was standing in front of me. And I had never seen such a handsome, beautiful demon as the one I was seeing right now. Adan, my mate, looked too perfect in his demon form.

The flames whirled around him, but they were not touching him. I was still confused at all the abilities Adan had shown today, but I just accepted them, knowing getting out of here alive was more important.

“How did you get a demon form?” I asked this time.

He crossed the gap between us, and soon, his arms coiled around my scaly body, and we ended up laughing because it was not really comfortable to be in this kind of intimacy.

I didn’t even notice my form. I had red scales all over my body, whereas Adan only had them on his back, but they were more prominent and bigger, and it made him look as s*e*xy as f*uc*k.

“I looked like a snake.” I rolled my eyes because he looked so hot, making my p*uss*y throb.

“You looked like Mystique, just more beautiful, but you ended up being how I always imagined you would be. How f*uc*ked up is that?”

I giggled before Adan’s body stiffened as he blurted out. “sh*t! We have a demon to K*ll!”

“Yes!” And without even saying anything, our minds linked, and we knew what we were supposed to do even without discussing it. It seemed like we were in full sync.

I summoned my wings, and red wings flapped on my back as my body rose in the air and out of the hell of fire.

Lucien’s eyes widened at the sight of me as he staggered backward and sat up. He built a barrier between him and me, but I watched as he inched backward on his @ssas I slowly walked toward him. My hands were raised with my palms up, and fire emitted from them, but in between them, shards of big thorn-like spikes were dancing around.

I would have wanted to say many things to him, but I didn’t want to waste any more time. Lucius needed to be saved, and we were running out of time. I raised my hands higher and aimed the fire in my palms at him. It made him stop moving to protect his heart as he raised his hands in the air to counter my aim, but Adan, with his big, black wings, flew out of the hell of fire and swooshed through the back side until he rounded the area where Lucien’s back was and dove straight into his body.

His claws were out, and they were a mixture of demon and wolf claws — not too long like mine, but not as short as those of wolves. However, they appeared to be lethal as they were.

He dove straight into Lucien from behind him and struck his hand into his back. It caught Lucien off guard as he let out a painful scream before I shot the shards of fire straight into his face and his legs, pinning him to the ground.

My eyes snapped to where Lucius was, making sure he was not connected to him in any way. His chest was heaving, but he was alive, and there were no signs of any pain emanating from Lucien.

“Just hold on a little, Lucius. Just a little more!” I shouted as Adan plunged his claws deeper. Too deep that I saw them emerge in the front of Lucien’s body before he closed his hand and dragged it back, taking Lucien’s heart with him.

Lucien’s battered body fell backward. His eyes and mouth were open, and I didn’t want to look at them anymore, so I ended up shooting ice to cover his whole face. It didn’t take long before the Usurper, the demon ghost of the dead came and s*cked the soul from Lucien’s body. I held my breath as I watched his next move. I was not sure if any of the others could see him, but I was hoping he would not approach Lucius.

The Usurper’s gaze fell on Lucius.

“[Please, not him.]” I whispered in the air, and his head turned in my direction, and I found myself staring at the bottomless blackness in his eyes before he disappeared into the thin air.

I let go of the breath I was holding before I darted my eyes to Adan, who was still clutching Lucien’s heart. It was still beating.

A devilish grin tugged on my mate’s mouth and tingles erupted all over my body, down to my c0re. He looked so s*e*xy. “Did you know that eating a demon’ s heart makes you powerful? Want to eat this?”

I scoffed before I chuckled. “No, thanks. Let me destroy that.”

“No!” Lucius’ voice reached my ears, but he still sounded like he was in pain. “Give me his heart…”

“You’re not thinking of eating it,” I asked as I spun my body around to face him and Patrea.

“I will.” He responded.

“Lucius…” I grimaced.

“Can we heal you first? Or you’ll be dead with that heart in your mouth.” Patrea tried to hold him off from sitting up.

“I need to eat it while it’s still beating. Transfer of power… Only if you trust me, Lucija. Otherwise, I can just be myself, and it will take centuries for me to regain my full strength.”

My eyebrows raised, but before I could say anything, Adan tossed Lucien’s heart, and it landed so close to Patrea that she shrieked, but she caught it before dropping it on Lucius’ chest.

Lucius’ laughter filled the cave, but I could see him wincing in pain as well. “Eat it. Be powerful as much as you can, but I’m holding on to your promise that you will never f0rce Lucy and me to live here in the underworld.” Adan told him. “You have my word, brother.” A smug grin etched his face before he f0rced himself to sit up, this time Patrea helped him.

Without any more words, he began chewing on Lucien’s heart.

No, I was not grossed out by it. And Patrea didn’t look either, but she still rose to her feet and went to stand beside me while Lucius kept eating. She just probably didn’t like the idea of watching him eat it while she was so close to him. O “f*uc*k! I didn’t know Father’s heart tasted so good.” Lucis’ grunted.

“Will you become as evil as he was?” I asked.

“Wasn’t I already evil?”

“Not that much…” I chuckled, my heart starting to feel warm.

Lucius laughed until he coughed violently as if choking or having difficulty breathing. It only dawned on me that he was not safe yet and that he was also bleeding from his back.

“Oh, Goddess!” I was crouching on the ground, holding his shoulder, as I ripped off the clothes covering his back. I kept mumbling over and over again. The skin on his back was totally ripped, and I had no idea if Patrea’s magic could heal him.

My jaw tightened as I tilted my head up to look at Patrea, who was standing in the same position, just blankly staring at us. “Do you think you can heal this?”

Patrea shook her head to snap her out of her stupor before she went around me. I saw her close her eyes as her hands flew to her chest. “Oh, spirit. I’m not sure, Lucy. Let me try.”

“I’m fine. I can summon Simon…” He coughed hard, with blood coming out of his mouth. “… to clean me up.”

“No. I can see your heart, it was sliced open.” Tears began to pool in my eyes as Patrea wrapped her arms around me and moved me back as she took my position.

But before Patrea could do anything,

Adan was already kneeling in front of Lucius. My brother nodded his head, and I was a*s*suming they were talking in their minds. Then, Adan placed his palms on the side of Lucius’ head and rested his forehead against him.

Both their eyes were closed, and I was wondering what they were doing, but Patrea moved from the ground and went beside me, taking my hands and holding them before us.

I willed for my form to change into my regular demon form as I waited for what the two were doing.

Lucius’ breathing slowed down, and I almost panicked, thinking he was taking his last breath already, until I realized the skin on his back was slowly coming together, despite the blood splattered all around it.

“Adan is healing him…” I mumbled.

“He is…” Patrea replied.


“You need to ask him yourself, Lucy. But I ’m glad he can.” My eyes fell on her, and I saw her biting her bottom lip as she stared at the two most important men in my life.

“Don’t tell me you’ve grown to like my brother…”

“Maybe. He was nothing like your father, and anyone not like Lucien is more likable.”

Like magic, Lucius’ body glowed before the lights gathered in the middle of his chest. Patrea and I moved in front of them so we could see what was happening. The light closed in on his heart before it disappeared completely, and Lucius’ body jerked forward, making Adan release him.

Adan stood up and wrapped an arm around me, pulling me to his side as we looked at my brother.

Lucius’ opened his eyes and began breathing hard as if he hadn’t breathed air for a long time before he snapped his head to the side and looked at us. His face, void of any emotions, slowly tugged into a wide smile as the devilish grin he would always flash at us came back to his face.

“I’m back….” He blurted out.

I didn’t let him finish his sentence before launching myself at him, wrapping my arms around him so tightly that we almost stumbled backward, but he held us in place as his laughter filled the air. “You’re getting too many hugs from me, Lucija. You know I don’t like hugs.”

“I know you don’t like so many things, but I don’t care. You’re alive!” I told him excitedly.

“I know you’re only happy because you’ll be free of the underworld, right?”

I giggled as I pulled away from his body and nodded my head. “You promised to let me go completely.”

“I have to, or Adan will K*ll me.”

“Are you scared of my mate?”

“After he healed me? Yes…” He nodded his head, and I saw the truthfulness in his eyes.

“Speaking of healing… I have many things to ask about him being a demon, but I want to know, how in the hell did you heal Lucius?” I tilted my head to look at my mate and I saw the smile wipe out from his face as uncertainty crossed his features.

“Adan…” I was about to ask him again when all of a sudden a sound of demons appearing echoed around the cave, as Simon, Gargon, and many other demons appeared around us.

They bowed their heads to Lucius before they turned around and began cleaning up the area. Simon went directly to Lucien’s body, but Lucius’ voice echoed around the cave before he could reach him.

” [Bring his body back to Kalmerus. I’ll be the one to dispose of him.]” Lucius commanded, his voice laced with authority, and I couldn’t help the smile that graced my lips as hope rose from my chest.

Maybe this was the end of my journey here, and I could just go back, wishing for the ordinary life I always wanted.

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