BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 127

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 127 – Family


I stayed with Althea for a little more time as we talked about her and her plans. She wanted to experience going to school. I didn’t know she had never been to a real school. Everything she learned was taught to her by Adora.

It was also the reason she never had any friends at all and had never really felt attracted to anyone. Her world was limited to the spells and magic that she learned at an early age.

That’s why I couldn’t blame her if she didn’t have the courage, I had in me when I f0rced my way into Adan’s life. Despite being powerful, Althea was still new when it came to falling in love, and Blade rejecting her was surely not a good introduction to it.

After our heart-to-heart talk, Althea and I separated. She went back to her room, and I headed downstairs to find Adan. I wanted a word with him and Blade. I wanted this sorted out.

I wasn’t going to f0rce Blade to accept Althea, but he had to be man enough to face her and at least give their bond a try. If nothing else works out, they should just disconnect the bond rather than ignore each other.

It was unfair to let Althea keep his mark if he had no intention of even attempting to try this

relationship with her. I did understand, however, that the rejection could make his wolf weak, but he also needed to do his part and not just depend on Althea if he wanted to save his wolf.

But then, if he were a first-blood Alpha like what Adan told me, he should be strong enough to survive multiple rejections, right? Was he just making an excuse?

I knocked softly at Adan’s office door, which opened almost immediately, and behind it was Adan. Adan’s warm smile made my heart somersault in my chest. My Alpha was so handsome that just looking at him made me forget for a moment why I wanted to talk with him.

“Hello there, beautiful.” His hands held my waist as he pulled me closer, and he leaned his face forward, letting his mouth trail kisses on my neck. “You smell so f*uc*king good… Want to have breakfast now?

“Adan…” I M0@ned as my hands clung to his shirt while his mouth became aggressive on my neck. But then I remembered why I wanted a word with him. I snapped myself out of the trance he put me in and spoke calmly. “We need to talk.”

“I a*s*sumed you were here for hanky panky.” He chuckled before he lifted me off the ground and my legs automatically coiled around his hips. He took me inside the office and closed the door behind us.

My arms were locked around his neck as I dipped my mouth into it, s*cking his skin. I was just like him, I couldn’t stop myself around him.

“I thought you wanted to talk,” he growled lowly. His hand on my @sstightened when I swiped my tongue on his marked spot. “Lucy…”

“Enough of that,” I said as I pulled away from his neck before it led to something else and wriggled my @ssso he would let me go, which he did right away.

His eyes followed my movement as I placed my hands on my hips and tilted my head to look at him.

“Where is Blade?” My eyes made a swift sweep around his office.

“He left.” He let out a deep sigh.

“He left your office or…”

“He left my territory.”

“What? For good? Or is he coming back later?”

“For good.”

“How long has it been since he’s been gone?”

“Maybe ten, fifteen minutes.”

“And why didn’t you come to me? You know that I’m waiting, right?” I asked, my forehead creasing.

He pointed at the paperwork on his desk. “I wanted to, but then I saw them, and I said, f*uc*k it, I will read just a few to help Collin. When you came, I was exactly on my way out to see you.”

“Hmmm…” I mumbled my reply, squinting my eyes as if I were angry, but I wasn’t.

“Am I in trouble?” He asked, and he looked rather lost as he scratched his head with his fingers. Gone was the arrogant Alpha Stone, who was always sure of his actions. “I should have gone directly to you, right? My Luna above all.”

A smile curled on my lips as I rose on tiptoe and cupped his face, kissing and biting his bottom lip for a moment before letting him go. “I want to punish you for making me wait, but I have to go and tell Althea that Blade left…”

I didn’t wait for him to answer as I hurriedly walked toward the door. I was already in the corridor when I heard him say something that made me giggle.

“Isn’t this punishment already? Leaving me alone after you attacked my lips?” He grunted.

“Sort of!” I answered, giggling, as I ran and walked up the stairs and into Althea’s room, hoping Patrea was not there because I was not sure how Patrea would react to all this.

I knocked softly on her door as soon as I reached her room. She opened it, and my expression softened. Her eyes were still puffy, and her nose was now red from all the crying.

“He left…” she said when I failed to say anything.

I swallowed hard before nodding my head. She was probably using her locator spell.

“Do you want me to stop him at the border? I can mind-link the people who are there.” I offered.

She smiled weakly before shaking her head. “No. It’s okay. He doesn’t want me, Lucy. I might be young and know nothing about relationships, but I won’t f0rce myself on someone who doesn’t see my worth. ” She spoke in a soft but firm voice.


“I’ll be fine. I will just cry it out, and tomorrow I will be okay.”

“I wish I could help you.” I meant that. I wish I knew what to tell her and what to do.

“No one can help me but me. Blade is right — there’ s someone out there who’s meant for me. I just need to find him.” A lone tear fell on her cheek. Her hand swiped over her eyes, but the tears came anyhow. “Thank you for caring. I wish to be alone now.”

I nodded my head and watched as she slowly closed her door.

“I’m sorry, I wish I could do more,” I mumbled to myself as I closed my eyes and coiled my hands into fists.

Althea had helped me, and now I have Adan. But what can I do to help her?

“Don’t blame yourself, Lucy. There are things out of our control.” Patrea’s voice reached my ears, and my eyes snapped open as I tilted my head in her direction.

“I’m sure you know that, that is the reality of life. We win some, we lose some. Althea will be okay. It will hurt like hell, but my granddaughter is strong despite being young. One day, she’s going to have her own happily ever after. Just like yours. “

I started chewing on my lower lip, and my eyes welled up with tears at her words. She was right – I didn’t get to my happily ever after in just a day.

Patrea went up to me and extended her hand, which I took without any hesitation before she spoke again. “I think breakfast is ready, we should not keep them waiting.”

“How about Althea?” I asked, and my gaze darted to her door.

“She wanted to be alone. Let her be. I will bring her something to eat later.”

“Are you not mad at Blade?”

“Let’s not talk about him for now.” She patted my hand before she tugged at me to walk with her toward the stairs. “I’m so eager to meet your family.

“They are Adan’s family…”

“They are yours now, unless, of course, you don’t like them.” She said, smiling warmly at me.

“I a*s*sume too much, but, Goddess, I love this family!”

“I know they like you too, or they would have asked Adan to forget you while you were in the underworld. Do you think they won’t mind having another witch in the house?”

“I’m sure they don’t. What’s worse than having a demon?” I giggled, and I squeezed her hand.

“We won’t be staying here anyway.” She said and it made my heart stop.

“What do you mean? If you’re not comfortable here in the packhouse, I’m sure Adan can offer you a decent house somewhere nearby so we can still check on each other.”

“That’s nice of both of you, but I think it’s time Althea and I make our path together.”

“You’re leaving me.” I couldn’t help the pain that crossed my chest.

She stopped walking, and so did I. She let go of my hand and turned her body to face me. “You see, Lucy, I’ve known you since you were eleven. And even after you left the underworld, I never stopped caring and thinking about you. I prayed to the spirits that Adora would be able to find you and help you. She didn’t, but Althea did. I may not be with you, but you will always be here in my heart. I always loved that little girl who ran to my cottage to seek refuge when the demon tower overwhelmed you.”

I chuckled softly, but the memory pinched my heart. I remembered how badly I wanted to escape from the underworld. But Patrea kept telling me to wait for the right time, as I was still young and the world might not treat me well if I ended up somewhere not safe. My young heart didn’t even realize she wanted to get out of there too, but she couldn’t.

“But I can’t stay… Your father has done so much that I still get nightmares. I’ve been trying to be strong for so long now. But I’m finally free now. But seeing you and being in the company of people who knew about my ordeal will just make it hard for me to forget. Maybe one day, but not yet now. I just want to be normal again. Live the life that I missed out on.” She added.

I nodded my head as the tears welled in my eyes. She had escaped the underworld, but she was still not free from it.

“And I think Althea needs this too. As much as we love you, Lucy, the people connected to you…”

She didn’t finish her words as sobs escaped her throat. She covered her face with shaking hands while tears raced down my own cheeks.

I don’t think I could keep my word to Adan to make them stay. It would be selfish of me to do that.

“I understand… But you’ll just leave, but you won’t forget about me, right?” I had to ask.

She took her hands away from her face, and with her cheeks w*et with tears, she shook her head and smiled warmly at me — the smile that reminded me of those days she prepared hot chocolates and cinnamon rolls when I was having a bad day at the underworld. She was the only sunshine I had in that dark, gloomy place.

“No. Of course not. I will still be here whenever you need me. I will not miss your wedding day, or when you have your baby. On every special occasion that you want me here, I will be here. I promise that.”

My arms swung and wrapped around her as she pulled me into a tight embrace. “A family is not just by blood, Lucy. And I considered you one of mine.”

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