BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 13

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 13 – The Beta Couple


‘Alpha?’ I reached the Alpha’s mind as soon as we neared the border.


‘We’re approaching the border. Can I lower the part*ition?’ He didn’t reply, so I thought it was okay to do so. And so I did.

The part*ition between us lowered, and the Alpha was startled when it happened. His hand was tucking the stray hairs from the Omega’s face behind her ears. She was sleeping peacefully – on the Alpha’s lap.

‘Roll it up,’ he ordered me through mind link, probably so as to not wake up the sleeping female in his arms. His eyes were looking at the ceiling of the car. He was refusing to meet mine.

I rolled the part*ition up before I let a smile tug on my lips. I think someone was smitten. I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a female seated on his lap, aside from those females he would hang out with whenever we hit clubs and bars. But never in his car. In fact, in my years of service with the Alpha, he never sat in the back seat. He would always drive the car or sit on the passenger’s side.

Even when we picked up females from somewhere, females he would end up playing with, but they never reached his lap inside his car the way this Omega did.

I knew something was odd with his behavior the moment we entered the auditorium where the bid was being held.

This afternoon, I had to f0rce him out of the packhouse to come with me. I literally had to beg him to just check the females out and if none of them interested him, we would leave the feast immediately. But the moment we stepped in, instead of going to the stairs that would lead us to the private viewing room, the Alpha walked straight to the front of the stage.

For a moment, he stayed there without saying anything. I thought he was just checking on the females. I would say they had a pretty good bunch this year, but, of course, none was as beautiful as my mate, Laira.

So, when the Alpha decided to turn around, I thought we were heading home. But he went to the private viewing room and ordered drinks for us.

And the next thing I knew, he was handing me a tablet and asking me to continue bidding, and to make sure we would win the Omega. He said the sky was the f*uc*king limit.

I knew Alpha Stone had personal money due to being the only son of Alpha Audrius, but he was looking at me with an expression that said he was willing to send my soul to the devil just to make sure I would win the bid for the Omega.

‘No need to roll my window at the border. Just tell them I’m asleep. I don’t want anyone to see her for now.’

‘Yes, Alpha.’ I chuckled internally, knowing he probably didn’t want the others to see how the Omega’s body was clutching to him like he was a damn bed.

Maybe having the Omega around wouldn’t be that bad. If she could tame Beast, maybe she could control the Alpha’s temper as well. Because lately, he has been a little pain in the @sswith his anger issues.

I stopped by the border and checked with the man patrolling for any issues. The weather was chilly on this side of the territory, and the leaves were starting to frost. Soon, winter is coming. Not that the cold bothered us, but we needed to play our part when traveling to human territories or neutral cities. Who the f*uc*k wanted to sport big coats and boots when I’d rather be walking around n@ked?

‘Babe?’ Laira’s words dug into my head. ‘Are you in the territory now?’

‘Yes. Five minutes, we’re arriving at the pack house.’

‘Oh, thank Goddess! I thought you ended up in some clubs again with the Alpha. So did he take home an Omega?’

‘Yes, we took home one. Did you ask Matilde to prepare a room at the Omega quarter?’

‘Yes. But, did the Alpha really say she would stay there? I mean… that area is for the workers around her. And that female…’

‘That’s what he told me this morning when I asked him where the Omega will stay if we take home one.’

‘Hmmm… Just odd. I mean, if I’m your personal Omega, shouldn’t I be in a room beside yours?’

‘If you’re my personal Omega, you’ll be in my room. In my bed… But what the f*uc*k, aren’t you already my s*e*x sl*ve?’ I chuckled, my d*ic*k twitching in my pants at the thought of my female n@ked in our bed.

‘Hmmm… Isn’t it the other way around, Beta? Last I checked, you were doing everything I asked you to do… Str!p, roll, on your back…’ She teased back, and I knew she was right. But she had to stop teasing me because I was still on duty.

‘You have to stop, Lai. Or I will have a f*uc*king boner when I step out of the car.’ She giggled seductively, and it just made me want to slap her @ssand bend her around for teasing me.

‘I’ll meet you at the front of the packhouse.’

‘Sounds good. But I’ll drive the Omega to the Omega’s quarter first. And Lai… make sure you’re fully dressed when you meet me.’

‘Fully clothed. With nothing underneath…’

I was not able to reply because she shut off her mind link right away like she always did when she wanted me to play. Some females just love punishment. I shook my head as I stepped on the brake pedal as soon as we arrived at the building where we house Omegas and their families.

‘Alpha, we’re here.’

‘What are we doing here?’

‘Omega? Omega quarter?’

‘She’ll stay at the packhouse.’

I shook my head again and started the engine before I replied to the Alpha. ‘I didn’t ask Laira to prepare a room at the packhouse. But we can have her settle in one of the guest rooms for tonight unless, of course, you want to spend…’

‘Just f*uc*king drive. You talk too much, Beta.’

‘Chill man. When did you start being secretive when it comes to females?’

‘I’m tired. I just want to f*uc*king sleep.’

‘Or get laid.’ I chuckled.

The Alpha didn’t reply, but the part*ition window rolled down and my eyes darted to the rearview mirror. The Omega was still sleeping in his arms. Her hands on his chest were clutching the Alpha’s shirt tightly as if she was not allowing him to go.

“She must be tired,” I said, out of nowhere.


“Do you like her?” I asked, hoping the Alpha won’t dodge the question.


“I was asking if you liked her.”


“You can’t lie to me, Adan.”

“My wolf likes her.”

“Stop using Beast as an excuse. It wasn’t Beast who placed her in your arms because I am sure the Omega didn’t crawl there and demand to sleep on your lap.”


“What now?”

“Her name is Lucy.” He said and remained quiet after. He didn’t even respond to my accusations.

“Should I ask someone to come and meet us, to carry her up to her room? I can carry her too.”

“Can you just mind your business and give me a moment of silence?”

“Unfortunately, you’re my business, Alpha. In case you forget that.”

“Laira is waiting by the steps. Go f*uc*king do her and leave me alone.”

I snickered. He was pissed off already, but I had no idea why I was having fun taunting him tonight. Probably because I knew he would not do anything with the Omega in his arms. He was cuddling her as if she was something precious.

“And you, Alpha, who will you do tonight?”

“In case you’re f*uc*king blind, the Omega I took home slept on me.”

“You can always wake her up. Start with kisses on the neck, hands rubbing…”

“f*uc*k off!”

I hit the brake and was about to turn the engine off when he spoke again. “Put the car close to the steps. As close as you can get. She’s almost n@ked under my jacket, she might get cold.”

If I just thought earlier that the Alpha might be smitten with this Omega, I could say now that he was indeed smitten with her. The little distance from where I stopped to the entrance of the packhouse would never hurt her if he walked her to it, but then who was I to complain?

So, I did as I was told and drove the car exactly beside the steps. I got out of the car and opened the door for them. The Alpha didn’t even look at me or Laira, and just went inside the packhouse, carrying his Omega too close to his body, as if he was terrified someone would take her away from him. My gaze followed the Alpha’s movement while my arm sn@ked around Laira’s waist.

“Is the Alpha okay?”

“I think so,” I answered before placing a soft kiss on my mate’s forehead. Laira wrapped her arms around my body and rested her cheek on my chest. “He didn’t even look at me. Or you.”

“You noticed.”

“Even if the Alpha is not in a good mood, he never ignores a greeting. And did I see it right? He was carrying the Omega?”

She said the last part in a hushed tone to avoid being overheard as I walked her to the car. She sat in the passenger seat while I went back to the driver’s seat. I needed to park the car first before I could call it a night.

But Laira was right he was carrying the Omega and it was something he never did. The only female he would carry around was little Amara, his only niece, from his cousin Luna Alexa and her mate, Alpha Aeon. All the other pups from his cousins were males, so it was no wonder only Amara was given that privilege by her uncle.

Alpha Adan had no siblings. His closest relatives were now all living in the South with their mates. His parents, the former Alpha, and Luna of the Mystic Pack were still residing in the territory on their own estate. However, they were on vacation for the last two months, visiting the Grand Alpha Aurelius, who settled in the South two years ago.

So, at the moment, Adan, or Alpha Stone, had no family around him.

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