BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 130

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 130 – Dark Souls


It didn’t take long after we told everyone that the test showed negative before we left for Kalmerus.

I asked Patrea if she wanted to come along, and she glared at me as if I were joking. I knew I needed to be more cautious around her when it came to the Underworld because clearly, she didn’t want anything to do with it.

Adan drove us out of the territory and into the nearest portal in the middle of the night. I was just hoping Lucius was in the tower and not somewhere f*uc*king someone

“Do you think I can come and go to the underworld without selling my soul or my body?” Adan asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“You can try. As I stated earlier, you are now a part demon, so it shouldn’t be a problem unless one of the demon lords or gods forbids you from entering.”

“Shall I try?”

“Do you know which portal you’re going through?” I asked.

“Yes. The one nearest to the tower, where Lucius took me the last time. Surrounded with stone hinges.” He explained.

“Yup, that one. Take me there.”

“What do you mean?”

“Hold me and transport us. We won’t go anywhere if you don’t have the capacity to enter. Then you’ll have no choice but to sell your soul to me, as Lucius and Patrea did.”

“But you have my body and soul already. Even my d*ic*k, what else can I sell to you?” He said candidly, his arms snaking around my waist as he pressed our bod*ies closer. The Adan I was with for the last 24 hours was the exact opposite of the broody Alpha who took me home from the Omega Feast.

This man went from scowling to smiling.

“Adan! Behave!” I mock-scolded him, but in reality, I was enjoying the fact that he couldn’t get enough of me because I certainly felt the same way. “I know you can’t stop l*sting after me, Alpha Stone, but a meek Omega like me would be too embarra*s*sed to be f*uc*ked in the wild where anyone can see us.”

Adan laughed heartily as his hand went to his chin, brushing it as if he had a beard. “If I remember it right, it wasn’t a shy Omega that I f*uc*ked in the forest one time. And that Omega even let Beast lick her p*uss*y, not minding that any shifter could p@ssby anytime.”

I glared at him.

“Fine. Let’s go meet your brother.” His hand went down to my @ssand squeezed it, making my body slightly jolt from his touch. “Are you ready? I’ll try if I can take us there.”

I nodded my head and coiled my arms around his neck while our eyes locked. Adan smiled lovingly at me before my body was s*cked into limbo, and the next thing I knew, we were standing in the portal near the tower.

“Wow! That was just perfect!” I exclaimed before my eyes squinted. “But you’re not allowed to go here without me!”

His grip on me tightened as he drew me closer before dipping his mouth into my neck. “Do you think I will find other she-demons irresistible? Nah, I have the s*e*xiest and tastiest she-demon in my arms. I’m happy with what’s mine.”

I giggled and wrapped my arms around him. “Good! But you need to stop. We need to find Lucius.”

The moment his mouth parted from my skin, I transported our bod*ies, taking us to the throne room, where, thankfully, Lucius was.

“Aren’t you back too early for someone who doesn’t want to be here?” Lucius snickered as he ordered the demons around us to leave us alone.

A smile curled on my lips as Adan untangled his arms around me and stood behind me, his hands brushing against my arms.

“We need some answers from you…” I started.

“So did you f*uc*k last night or this morning?” A devilish smirk crossed his face, and Adan’s hands tightened their hold on me.

“What?” I asked, my brows hiking up.

“Congratulations, you’re pregnant! I know it’s a merry celebration in the human realm but not here, so I’m not sure how you wanted the news to be delivered.” Lucius chuckled.

I could hear every word he was saying, but I couldn’t find my voice to respond. My mouth remained open as I stared at Lucius, just acting nonchalantly as if what he said was just nothing out of the ordinary. But maybe it was, for him and the demon world.

I felt Adan’s mouth press against the crown of my head as his arms wrapped around me, squeezing me tightly without saying any words.

“How did you know I’m pregnant?”

“I can feel another demon soul in your body. Ordinary demons can feel it through touch, but I’m not ordinary anymore. I felt it the moment you appeared in the portal — a new demon soul.”

“So, this pup was conceived last night? That fast?” Adan asked.

“It’s a demon. Not a pup.” Lucius hissed at him. “I beg to disagree…” Adan was almost growling, and I bet Beast was with him because Angel was not agreeing as well.

“Fine. I can’t distinguish at this point, so let’s consider both. But yes, if you f*uc*ked within the last 24 hours and it would be in your body right away and I’m sure you’ll give birth to your little demon… or pup in less than three months.”

My hands flew to my stomach as I gasped for air. “I can’t feel anything or any soul.”

“You’re sharing souls at the moment, so you and the master donor, which is Stone, won’t feel the soul yet, but you will in a couple of days when it starts to separate and stand on its soul.”

My chest heaved, still lost in the moment, as Adan turned my body around and cupped my face, mumbling between kisses on my lips. “We’ll have a baby soon. We’re pregnant!”

His eyes sparkled, and it snapped me out of the worries in my head. “You’re okay with a baby demon, right?”

“We’re demons too. I’ll be worried if he or she ends up as a dragon baby or a centaur.” He chuckled, and I couldn’t help but giggle as well.

I crushed my lips against him. Soon, Adan was kissing me passionately, our arms entangled with each other while his one hand was on my waist, brushing it gently.

“So, are you staying here to f*uc*k? Or be out of my way.” Lucius grunted.

“Are you kicking us out?” Adan chuckled the moment I pulled my lips away from his.

“I haven’t had any f*uc*k for many cycles now. And if I kept seeing you touching each other, I might end up summoning a she-demon here.”

“Patrea is leaving the Mystic Pack?” I ignored his words and blurted this out instead.

I saw Lucius’ body go rigid for a second before he shrugged his shoulders. “So? Let her do what she wants. She’s too old to be told what to do.”

“I thought you wanted her to stay so you could keep an eye on her?”

“Stone, Stone! You can’t keep your mouth shut… surprising.” He scoffed before shaking his head. “Not from my mate,” Adan answered him.

“Really?” I saw his eyes flash red, and I wondered if I was looking at a different Lucius than I was used to. He seemed to be in a rage at the moment.

“Wait, where is this animosity coming from?” I asked. I could feel Lucius’ aura getting stronger and it confused me.

“Tell me, Stone, if you can’t keep your mouth shut around your mate, did you tell her already how you got here last time, and who gave you the power to heal me?”

“f*uc*k off! I f*uc*king saved you, at least have the decency to respect…”

“I knew nothing about respect, just as you disregarded my request to keep it between us.”

“What the f*uc*k is going on? Why are you furious with Adan? I’m his mate… Shouldn’t you be happy his loyalty is with me?” I retorted at Lucius.

“Then f*uc*king ask him why he never told you the deal he made with Hades!” Lucius hissed.

“f*uc*k you!” Adan growled and I saw him launch at Lucius but my brother made a shield out of glassshards, and I knew it would rip Adan’s body apart, so I threw a ball of fire between them, knocking Adan backward and causing the shards of glassto backfire on Lucius, but the shards just disappeared and didn’t hit him.

“Ask him. Ask him what he did.”

Adan was still on the ground, his chest heaving as his eyes dilated.

“Adan… Did you make a deal with Hades?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Adan snapped at me.

“What did you ask him?” I wasn’t done with this topic.

“The ability to come and go from here, take you away from here on my own, and the power to revive you, me, or anyone.” He stated this in one breath as he rested his arms on his knees.

“In exchange for what?” I was trying to calm myself, but I couldn’t think of anything that Hades would want from him except for one thing.

“What’s important is we beat Lucien. And that I saved your f*uc*king ungrateful brother.”

“What did you give him in exchange?” Ignore his words.

Adan pushed his body off the ground and in seconds was already in front of me, his hands cupped my jaw as he caught my gaze. “We’ll talk when we’re home.”

“I want to know now.”

“Tell her. Don’t keep her in the dark.” Lucius b*tted in.

“Shut the f*uc*k up!” Adan growled. “Really now? Just because the female you want, wanted nothing to do with you – you want every around you to suffer! But I shouldn’t expect anything less! You’re selfish like the f*uc*king devil that you are!” Adan was furious but at this point, I just wanted answers.

Lucius laughed maniacally, and it was ringing in my ears. “Whatever you want to think, Stone. You still owe Lucija the truth.”

I closed my eyes, and I felt Adan’s forehead rest on mine. “Love, let’s go home.”

“No. I want to know… Tell me the truth, Adan, did you promise your soul to him, in the afterlife?” I asked, my voice breaking.

I never really cared about Hades, but I remembered patches of memories while I was here when I was younger. Some demons said Hades would always seek the souls of the strongest, as the underworld feeds on them.

“Lucy, it doesn’t matter where I end up as long as I get to live this life with you. I was not going to give us up to death just a few days after we found each other. Hades made certain that we would make it out of here alive.”

Tears trickled down my face as anger brewed inside me. Hades made a fool out of my mate. He took advantage of Adan’s love for me.

“Our souls belonged to the moon, Adan,” I told him in a soft voice.

This should have been a happy moment upon knowing I was carrying his baby, but the revelation of his dead soul ending up in hell was something I couldn’t comprehend.

Adan doesn’t deserve this place.

Even the gods of hell could choose where they would end up, and I doubted if Hades would choose his own kingdom. But of course, he wanted Adan for his own reason – but I didn’t care what his reason was.

Adan doesn’t belong here.

“We’re demons too. It doesn’t matter where we end up after this life.” Adan was trying to sound positive, but he knew nothing of this world.

“You don’t understand. Have you seen any dead souls here? They’re alone. Forever. For eternity. At least with the moon, we can be together, be reborn, and find each other again. The only souls that belong here are dark souls.”

“Don’t you want a lifetime with me?” He sounded hurt but he didn’t understand where I was coming from.

“I do. But after this lifetime, what will happen to us?

“We will think about that when the time comes. But maybe, I’m hoping you’ll choose hell to be with me.”

“You know that wherever you go, I will follow. But even if we’re both here, we can’t be together. I’m not going to risk letting our souls rot in hell. No…”

With my face w*et with tears, I pried his fingers off my face before turning my body around to face Lucius, who was now sitting on his throne.

“Take me to Hades…” I told him in an authoritative voice.

“No.” He answered curtly.

“I said, take me to Hades!” I hissed at him. I could feel my eyes blazing red, and if this went on longer, I knew my ultimate demon form would surface.

“Oh, for f*uc*k’s sake, Lucy, calm down! Go home and talk with Stone! Sort this out without bothering Hades…”

“My mate f*uc*king saved you! Now pay back and send me to Hades!” I could feel my hair rising before Adan grabbed my arm and spun my body around.

“Enough, Lucy.” His eyes were dilating, as his jaw tightened.

My eyes squinted at him. “If you think I will let this go by, you’re wrong, Adan… No one can take what is rightfully mine!”

I growled lowly as my eyes blazed yellow, but before I could transform, my body was s*cked into limbo, and my feet landed on burning coals, but they didn’t burn my feet – they were caressing them.

My head tilted up, and my eyes locked with the god that I’d been wanting to meet.

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