BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 139

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 139 – Life With Lucy

Two Months After Aiden’s birth.


Aiden’s birth came at the beginning of spring, and like the meaning of the season, it also meant the beginning of a new life for me.

More than six months ago, my only concern was that my f*uc*king d*ic*k couldn’t stay hard in front of any females like it had lost its appet*ite to f*uc*k anyone, while everyone around me, especially my Beta was concerned about having me produce an Alpha heir.

But with Lucy falling from the heavens — or was it spewed out from hell? — both concerns were addressed. I now have my heir in my arms, and my d*ic*k couldn’t stop f*uc*king my female, my Luna, my Lucy.

I smiled at my own thoughts as my hand smoothed over Aiden’s nak*d back. My son was peacefully sleeping on my chest while I sat on the balcony of our suite, letting the morning sun and the cold wind brush against his skin.

Lucy preferred to have Aiden sleep in our room, and she made sure she was up whenever he would wake up and be fuzzy at night. So, I made sure Lucy would have an extra hour of sleep in the morning while I attended to Aiden before I proceeded with my daily responsibilities as an Alpha.

This was a life I had never imagined possible for me. I felt content and at peace, despite the uncertainties of the future ahead of us.

Dad told me at some point that when I found my mate, my exact half, life would flow in sync as if being with my mate was something I had done my whole life. And I couldn’t agree more.

Lucy might be part-demon, but no matter how many times she would say her heart was tainted with darkness, I had never seen the darkness in her. She was my ray of sunshine, my light in the darkest place.

I grunted as I pushed the chair I was sitting on back while my hand clasped Aiden’s back tightly in a protective stance when a figure raised from outside the balcony.

“Lucy! The f*uc*k!” I cursed before I ended up laughing in a hushed way so as not to startle Aiden.

Lucy had her wings out and was slowly ascending from the grounds to surprise me. Or taunt me.

My darling Lucy hadn’t changed, despite being a Mom and a Luna, she still had it in her to play tricks and games on me.

She giggled heartily, letting her red hair brush against the wind before she fluttered her eyelashes at me and prompted her elbows on the balcony railings. “Well, I thought I wanted to have some fun this morning.”

“So having fun means giving your Alpha a heart attack?”

“You’re too tough for a heart attack, Alpha. How about we fly around with our little Alpha there?”

I moved from my position, still holding Aiden, and leaned closer to her before letting my lips brush against hers. “Hmmm… I didn’t even get a morning kiss yet.”

Lucy’s hands went up to my cheeks, and she squeezed them together, making my lips pout like a duck before she pecked them numerous times. “

What else does my Alpha want her Omega to do?” “Don’t ask now while I still have Aiden in my arms. I might end up throwing him out of the balcony and grabbing you instead.”

“Aren’t you a big, naughty Alpha?” Her voice sounded like a melody in my ears, and I couldn’t help but grin.

Life with Lucy would never be boring.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure Lucius would appear out of nowhere to catch Aiden if you threw him.”

I laughed heartily before kissing her lips and standing up.

Lucius had been watching Aiden like a hawk whenever he could, so I had to ask him if he had any plans to steal my son. I was expecting a coy response from him, but what he told me made me understand him better.

He said he never thought having a kid would mean anything to him. He had many but had never seen them while growing up. Seeing Luther that very first day opened something in him – that he was subconsciously yearning to hold a baby in his arms.

I offered Aiden to him that day, so he would know how it feels to hold him, but the demon king refused. He said he would one day if he thought he was already worthy to hold one.

I was unable to respond because he simply vanished in front of my eyes, and we never discussed it again.

But from then on, it didn’t bother me anymore that he would appear in places where his nephew was — using his power to catch him when he was about to fall, or stopping him from putting dangerous things in his mouth — because as much as we tried to train Aiden to behave, the little demon in him would always surface.

“I’m ready, whenever you are.” I winked at her as my wings erupted from my back. I made a flapping sound that made Aiden’s body flinch, but he remained sleeping. This baby could sleep even in the face of war if he wanted to.

“I can’t stop ogling at you.” Her eyes twinkled as she rested her chin on her knuckles, still leaning on the railings.

I should have known she was trouble when, in seconds, I found myself nak*d and my c*oc*k was already on standby mode. “Lucy…”

She laughed wickedly before she put my clothes back on, pointed at me, and said, “I’m just checking if my favorite body part is still looking good.”

“Tsk tsk… Come here.” I told her, trying not to smile this time.

“Will I get punished?” “I’m sure you will, at some point today. But come here and hold Aiden first.”

“Yes, Alpha.” She flew up and landed on the balcony beside me, and I let my eyes rake her body up and down.

Just beautiful. Her short, A-line dress just suited her form and personality perfectly.

“Like what you’re seeing?” She asked as she took Aiden from my arms.

“Always. Touch here.” My hand took hers and placed it on the top of my bulging er*ction.

Her mouth formed an “o,” and I wanted to stuff my c*oc*k into it, but I had to restrain myself. I could wait and punish her later for teasing me so early. “Like what you touch?” I teased back.

“Yes! Absolutely! Can we change our plans?” She asked, giving me those puppy eyes that make me bend to her will all the time, but not this time.

I laughed again before shaking my head. “Fold your wings. I will fly you and Aiden.”

Her eyes beamed as she folded her wings before they retracted from her back. She was soon standing in front of me, holding Aiden in her chest, as I wrapped my arms around her, pressing our bod*ies closer together.

“Oh, that thing is pointing at me. It can rip my p*an*tie*s…”

“Lucy, what will I do with you?” I grunted as I sank my mouth into her neck, nuzzling her soft skin as I slowly raised us from the balcony.

She chuckled softly but didn’t say anything and just arched her hips back, pressing her @sseven more against my er*ction. I began to nibble on her skin as I flapped my wings, preparing for us to fly.

Not long after, Lucy and I were already flying high, but this time we were not heading for the vast forest. I flew us to the residential area of our territory. The sun was shining brightly, and we could see our people as they headed for work or school.

Many had stopped on their way and looked up at the sky as we passed by, waving and blowing kisses to us, while Lucy did the same while holding Aiden in one arm.

I had flown many times with Lucy, and my const*ituents had seen us numerous times as well, but up to this point, this thing still felt surreal for me. But I was glad that, as much as this reality still amazed me at times, my people, my pack, had embraced this side of me and Lucy.


“Is it true?” I asked as soon as I flung the door open to Adan’s office. My heart was beating erratically as my gaze shifted from Adan to his Beta and Gamma.

Their expression was enough to confirm my question.

My hand clamped over my mouth as I leaned my back on the nearest wall for support as my eyes welled up with tears.

“Yes. Fabian is dead. And his territory was taken over by another Alpha.”

“And his people? Were they given the option to move territory or…”

“No. The new Alpha didn’t offer an option. All const*ituents will remain part of that pack.”

“Mark and Dalton?” Fabian’s Beta and Gamma. “Mark is dead,” Collin stated that his expression was full of rage, but he was trying to control it.

“Oh, Goddess!”

“Dalton is held captive until he submits to his new Alpha,” Collin explained.

“And our warriors?” We had sent ten warriors to help them out for a different reason, and they happened to be there when the attack happened. “Two are dead. The rest were allowed to go. I think they knew better than to K*ll more or capture any of my warriors. They are at the infirmary now.”

“Two of our warriors are dead.” I repeated.

My heart ached. These warriors were like my own kids, even if they were older or the same age as me. “According to them, the ambush happened at the border, and Fabian was captured immediately and executed in the central plaza in front of his people.” Adan continued, and my mouth hung open.

Fabian. He had never wanted to be an Alpha but he didn’t deserve this kind of death.

“This is unbelievable. Who is the f*uc*king Alpha that attacked them?” I could feel rage within me.


“I should have K*lled him!”

“We have a reason now,” Adan added.

“We need to find Blade.”

“He can’t be found if he doesn’t want to be, and I’m not sure Blade is the best option at the moment.”

“What do you mean? It’s his pack! His people!”

“His own people hated him for abandoning them. And what makes you think they will forgive him now that Fabian is dead? Fabian had taken on his task without hesitation, even if he didn’t want to, and the people loved him for it. I’m f*uc*king sure his death would ignite the fire of hatred against Blade all the more.”

I was about to say something when Adan immediately stood up from his seat, his eyes flecked with white, letting me know someone from his people was mind linking him.

“I guess we don’t need to look for Blade. He was on the border, asking permission to be let it.” Adan stated after his mind link conversation ended. “And he’s already on his way here.”

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