BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 143

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 143- Silver Crest Luna


“Luna!” Viktor growled, taking all the attention of warriors from both packs.

I landed on the place I was aiming to be transported, and if I thought I would immediately spring into action to a*s*sist my warriors, I was wrong.

The moment I appeared, my warriors moved swiftly and formed a barricade around me, almost the same as the one they did when they thought Beast was about to attack me, and I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Adan was right, his warriors would shield me at all costs.

I pushed any emotions away as my eyes swept and counted my men. I transported thirteen warriors on this border, and I could only see ten plus two dead bod*ies on the ground. One was still missing.

My eyes found him. Chris was on the ground, and the only reason he was not dead yet was because the man hovering over him was also looking at me. ‘Carry on. I’ll be fine.’ I sent them a group mind link before I disappeared in the middle of the wall they formed. I appeared in midair near Chris and planted my foot on the jaw of the man who was holding him down.

He stumbled backward and was about to launch on me, but I fired air at him, throwing him backward again. He immediately shifted into his wolf form, and I just found myself rolling over the ground as Chris jumped to push us out of the way.

Soon, a globe of fire enveloped both of us, and the brown wolf just kept growling outside of it.

“Luna! Are you hurt?” Chris asked, worry flitting in his eyes.

I shook my head before I held his forearm. He had a big cut on his shoulder, which I thought was a wolf bite. “Can you fight, or should I take you away from here?”

If I were basing this on a mother’s instinct, I would take Chris away and bring him to the infirmary, but I knew Adan had built his f0rce to endure pain and to last long in combat.

“I can fight, Luna. You should leave us. Alpha will K*ll us if…” I didn’t let Chris finish his words before I stood up and turned my back on him. I elevated my body until I was seven feet above the ground and let out a growl, which Angel actually did. All heads – humans and wolves – snapped in my direction.

Soon, I chose Ethan’s warriors one by one and transported them to the center of the clearing before summoning a ring of fire around them, separating my warriors from them.

“What the f*uc*k?” Almost all of them growled as their bod*ies were shoved onto the ground. Those who were in their wolf forms immediately shifted into their human forms, and they were all looking at me. I saw different emotions in their eyes: fear, fascination, and rage.

I knew I wasn’t fighting fairly, and although I knew that for every demon power I used, I was inching forward to an eternity in the underworld, but I had no choice at the moment. I didn’t want any more casualties on either side.

“This is the only border that we haven’t conquered yet, and if you think winning this side will allow you to win back the rest of this territory, then you’ re making a fool of yourself.” Of course, I was bluffing. From what I saw, we only won one border, but the rest were in our favor.

But they didn’t need to know that.

I hope they wouldn’t connect their heads with their packmates and catch me with my lies.

“Submit, and we can end this now. Or we can do it another way, which I’m sure you don’t want to because the only other way is for that ring of fire to eat and burn you alive.”

No one said anything, but I could hear rumbles forming in their chests.

“Think of your family, your loved ones. Do you want to see them again?” I asked as I moved the ring of fire closer to them, and they began to huddle in the middle. There were about fifteen of them attempting to fit into the circle I had drawn for them.

“Again, are we going to do this the easy way or the hard way?” My voice was getting impatient now. “Luna,” One of Ethan’s warriors dropped to his knees and bowed his head at me.

“Hands on your back, warrior,” I ordered him as I summoned the handcuffs that I saw in the dungeons and made them appear on the grounds in front of my warriors. These handcuffs would prohibit them from shifting into their wolves.

The man on his knees crossed his hands on his back, and I immediately transported him out of the fire circle before my men handcuffed him. Soon, three more kneeled, and the same process happened until only one man was left standing in the middle of the ring.

His aura was strong. He must be a Beta or a Gamma. My bet was the first.

I descended from the air and stood in front of him, with the fire between us. I lowered the fire until it vanished, and my warriors immediately sprang into action and were about to approach us, perhaps to shield me again from this man, but I stopped them with my hand.

“Beta?” I asked without taking my eyes off him.

“Yes, Beta Calix, Luna Lucy.”

“You know me…”

“It’s not hard to identify you as there’s only one demon Luna around.”

“And you refused to submit to me?”

“I only have one, Alpha.”

“Fair enough. What do you propose we do?”

His shoulders relaxed as he let out a sigh. “I will surrender, but I will not submit. My loyalty stays with my Alpha.”

“I wish he knew how lucky he is to have a Beta like you.”

I could feel the lies in his words. He would surrender, but there was something there that was making me uneasy. “Turn around and put your hands on your back, Beta Calix.”

He didn’t need more prodding. He placed his hands on his back before he turned around.

But I knew what was about to happen.

He abruptly swung his body around with his claws out and was about to aim for my heart, which he could have reached if I was not prepared.

Loud growls erupted in the air as all my warriors shifted into their wolves. I saw them lunging at him all at the same time while I let myself disappear in front of him, even before his claw could come into contact with my clothes.

I remained floating in the air and watched as my warriors slaughtered him to pieces, ripping off his body to shreds until there was nothing left of him. If there was any pity in my heart for him at the beginning, it was all gone.

My eyes blazed red as I turned my head toward Ethan’s men, who were crouching or kneeling on the ground. Their faces paled as they watched their Beta meet his demise.

“I gave him a chance, just as I am giving you one right now. I don’t expect your loyalty just yet, but I do expect you to keep your word that you will submit and not cause chaos until this is all settled and we have all decided what is best at this point.”

They all dropped their heads to the ground, with most of them nodding their heads and murmuring, “Yes, Luna.”

“Are you hurt, Luna Lucy?” Viktor asked, his head tilting up as he looked at me from the ground.

I lowered my body as I shook my head and smiled at him. “Thankyou.”

“There’s no need to thank us, Luna. We have to make sure you’re safe all the time.” He nodded his head at me, as did the rest of them before he continued. “Luna, we won all borders and they are all gathered at the front of the packhouse. Some of the pack members are there as well.”

“How many casualties do we have?” I asked.

“Just two…” He took a deep breath, and as his eyes fell on the two fallen warriors, the other carefully placed them on their shoulders, ready to take them somewhere. “I failed to protect them.”

I placed my hand on his shoulder. “It’s not your fault. You did your best. We win some, we lose some. But you did well tonight, Viktor.”

“Thank you, Luna.”

“I want their bod*ies home.”

“Yes, Luna. We always take the bod*ies home if we could.”

“Do you know if Alpha Stone is at the packhouse?” I  asked after a while.

“I forgot to ask them. I can ask again.”

“No need. Let’s just go there.” I was not worried. If they said they had won the entire border, I knew he’ d be there.

“Is the packhouse far from here?” My question now was for the cuffed warriors who were just looking at us.

“Ten kilometers from here.” Someone answered. “Show me an image of the packhouse in your mind. ” I went to him and placed a hand on his head. He flinched at the contact, but when he realized I was not there to hurt him, his shoulders relaxed.

I slipped into his mind and got the image I was looking for. I went to visit the place before I went back and transported everyone, including our dead warriors, into the front of the Silver Crest packhouse.

“Luna Lucy!” Collin exclaimed, his eyes widening in shock as he approached me. “What are you doing here?”

“Where’s Adan?” I asked him instead of answering while my eyes were trying to get past his form, wanting to see men behind him.

But Adan was not there, nor did I smell him.

“I couldn’t reach his mind. He and Blade went after Alpha Ethan. They are probably outside this territory and too far for us to reach him.”

I nodded my head, and I restrained myself from connecting with Adan’s mind. I promised him I wouldn’t disturb him.

‘Lucius?’ I connected with my brother instead.

‘We are still alive.’ He replied right away.

‘Great to hear that. Did he look for me?’

‘I don’t think so. He’s enjoying himself here with me.’

‘Do you think I can stay here for a while? I don’t know where Adan is, but we won all borders, and I’m now inside the territory.’

‘I knew you won. I examined all borders and watched how you fought, and you, princess, let me down big time.’ He chuckled before he continued. ‘I was expecting you to fight with your bare hands or shift into your wolf, but you fought with your demon power. f*uc*king boring!’

‘I don’t want any casualties.’

‘You have no regard for me. I feed on those dead souls.’

‘Shut up!’ I snapped at him.

‘Well, what more can I say? Stay there as much as you need to, I’ll take care of the demon prince here. I’ll swipe the borders as well to see if I can spot Stone.’

‘Thank you, Lucius.’

He didn’t reply, instead, he just chuckled, and our connection ended. He was still not used to hearing “thank you” and had not responded, “You’re welcome,” even once, although I had taught him that it was the appropriate response.

I let my gaze roam the packhouse grounds and watched as they wrapped the young warriors’ dead bod*ies. My heart felt heavy again. This could have been avoided if Ethan wasn’t so greedy. I lost four warriors in two days, and they were young ones and should have a full life ahead of them.

One of them was mated. I could only guess what his mate must be feeling at the moment when the bond broke between them.

My eyes watered, but I blinked them back before my attention was drawn to the small crowd of females in front of the packhouse.

“Luna Lucy,” she said, nodding her head at me, and the other females around her did the same as a sign of respect.

I smiled at them and was about to ask them if they were okay when the same female began asking.

“Are we going to be under Alpha Stone now?” She asked in a meek voice, and I could tell she was nervous.

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