BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 146

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 146   – Where Are They?


We stayed for another hour, giving instructions and reminders to the warriors who would stay here, together with Beta Collin. The omegas working in the packhouse had returned and volunteered to prepare food for Blade and the other warriors, which was already a good sign.

Most of the pack was already sleeping, but I was sure there would be a big crowd waiting for Blade tomorrow. And as much as Adan wanted to help a brother out, he didn’t want to interfere with Blade or make his presence known, giving the pack the idea to choose him just to spite Blade.

After his one-on-one talk with Blade, we prepared ourselves to return to our territory. Blade offered to have us use one of the cars around the packhouse, but Adan declined as we would rather do it by transporting us in a split second as we both missed our son by now.

We only took seven warriors with us. Two of them were injured, while the other four would help carry the dead warriors’ bod*ies, which reminded me that I had to meet their family today to personally send our condolences and offer help. But in the meantime, I just wanted to go home, hug both Aiden and Adan in my arms, and get some sleep before the sun came up.

After we said our goodbyes to Blade and Collin and made sure the warriors were ready to go, I transported them first to where they should be before Adan and I appeared at the receiving hall of the packhouse.

It was only five in the morning and still dark outside, but the whole house was lit up, and it seemed everyone was already up.

Mom immediately rose from the couch she was sitting on, rushed to me, and held my hands the moment we appeared. “Oh, Lucy!”

They didn’t spend the night here, so why were they here in the wee hours of the morning? My heart began thudding loudly as fear crept through me.

“What’s going on?” Adan asked, and both our gazes went around the room. “Where is Aiden?”

Sobs escaped Mom’s throat before Dad pulled her away from me and Laira began to talk.

“We can’t find them. We searched the entire house, and Kingston had already given the order to search the entire territory.”

“What do you mean you can’t find him? He’s with Lucius! My brother!” I told her in a slightly higher voice as panic arose in my chest. I tried to connect my mind with my brother’s, but his mind was shut off.

“Luna Lucy, I didn’t know you left. If I knew, I would have stayed with them and watched him.” Natasha b*tted in, she was the personal omega I chose to help me with Aiden when I needed a*s*sistance.

“It’s not your fault. I left in a hurry.” I was so disappointed with myself.

“We know Lucius was here. He appeared with Aiden at the office, where I decided to stay for the night as I was waiting for your call. He asked for something Aiden could eat. I went and fixed milk for him, and then they went back to the nursery.”

“And then?” Adan inquired.

“After they went back to the nursery, I woke up Lena, and she went and checked on them from time to time, but for the last hour, they weren’t there, and…”

“And nobody f*uc*king let me know!” Adan growled. “We tried to call Silver Crest Line, where Collin called me earlier, but no one was picking up the phone. I sent three warriors to drive there to inform you, but you got here first.” Kingston explained.

“I don’t think Lucius will take him away,” Dad said.

“I don’t know, Dad. He’s so fascinated with him.” Tears rolled down my cheeks. I had no idea which pained me the most: not seeing Aiden or knowing my brother betrayed me after I trusted him.

“Stop, Lucy. I agree with Dad. We will find them. I’m sure Lucius has a good excuse.” It was Adan this time as he drew me into his arms.

“The terrace door was open when I went there… So, he may have used that as an exit.” Lena added.

“He doesn’t need to use an exit, he can just appear and disappear!”

“We need to go to the underworld. Maybe he took her there.” Adan looked at me as he spoke.

“He knew he couldn’t take him there without my permission!” I snapped at him.

“Calm down!” He rubbed his palms against my arms before he abruptly turned around and looked at Kingston. “Did you say he carried Aiden in his arms?”

It surprised me as well, because Lucius never held Aiden, even if I kept pushing him toward him.

Kingston nodded his head.

Adan shifted his eyes to Lena. “Those times you checked on them, did he put Aiden back on the crib or was he carrying him?”

“I went twice, and both times he was carrying him. Both times, the terrace door was locked. I swear, I never suspected he was planning to take him, if anything, he looked like he was enjoying his moment with him. And he never pushed me away or got upset when I checked on them, so I would never even consider that he would take him.”

“Maybe they just flew around? That’s why the terrace door is open?” I told Adan, I wanted to believe this was the only reason. But why would he shut his mind to me?

Adan took my hand and tugged on it before dragging me with hurried footsteps to the main door until we were walking down the steps. The moment we reached the steps, my heart dropped because I heard a faint sound of laughter ringing in the air.

Aiden was laughing. It was the most beautiful sound. He might just be in his second month, but like any demon baby, his mind and reflexes were advanced for his age.

My eyes locked with Adan’s as we slowly tilted our heads up. The sky was moonless and dark on this side of the territory, but even without seeing what was above us, I knew where the laughter was coming from.

A smile tugged on Adan’s mouth as he looked at the people around us and smiled at Mom. “Relax, I think they’re just hanging out on the roof.”

He then shifted his gaze at me before letting his wings out. “Ready?”

I nodded my head and let my wings out as well, and with our hands entwined, we ascended our bod*ies slowly so as not to startle Aiden if he saw us.

But if I thought they would be surprised to see us, I was wrong. It was I who got surprised as too many emotions flooded my chest.

Lucius was sitting on the highest point of the roof, his back on us, and he had Aiden sitting on his lap with one arm wrapped around his small body. His free hand was pointing at the wide forest in front of them while he told him stories about creatures he could find in the underworld, while I saw Aiden scratching Lucius’ arms with his tiny fingers. Lucius let out some scales on his right arm so Aiden had something to scratch on, and it looked like my son was enjoying it while listening to his story.

My eyes watered as I stifled the sobs trying to escape my lips, as I didn’t want to break the moment between them.

‘Do you want to sit beside them?’ Adan asked in my head.

‘Yes.’ I replied.

He tugged my hand gently and moved us. We landed on the roof, and I was sure my brother was startled by our presence, which was strange — did he not feel my aura?

We sat on Lucius’ left side, with me in between him and Adan.

“You arrive home.” Lucius broke the silence between us.

“Yes, we did.”

“I took him out because he wouldn’t stop crying, and I didn’t want to bother Kingston with another bottle of milk. I thought I’d just let him out on the terrace, but I realize the view here is better.”

“So, did you like holding him?” Adan asked.

“I do. I never hold something as squishy as this one.”

“Squishy. When did you learn that word?”

“Lena told me earlier. She said, ‘isn’t he a squishy little thing?’ He chuckled as she mimicked the way Lena spoke. He then looked at me, and I saw his eyes turn full black before sadness flitted in them. “Do you want him back now?”

I smiled at him and shook my head before I pulled my knees up and rested my arms on them. My gaze shifted to the forest in front of us. “I thought you kidnapped my son and took him to the underworld.”

“You still don’t trust me.” He scoffed at me.

“But Dad and Adan do. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t feel bad. I’m also still new to this trust process.”

“Why did you shut off your mind? You did scare us. ” Adan spoke.

“Ever since the power shifted from Father, my mind has been on rubble. I hear everything related to Kalmerus, and sometimes it gets overwhelming. I just thought maybe I could spend a few minutes of peace with this prince in my arms.” He then chuckled. “I forgot he’s not mine, and you might worry. And I lost track of time.”

I felt Adan’s arms coil around my body as he pulled me closer to him. I leaned my head to his side as my eyes looked at Lucius and Aiden. “My son likes you.”

“You noticed? I thought I was just convincing myself that he likes me. But if you say so…”

We didn’t say anything and just watched as he shifted Aiden’s position to face him before lifting him in the air. I could see Lucius’ eyes sparkle, which I had never seen before. He really liked my son.

“Look at you, little demon. You like Uncle Lucius, right?” Aiden began kicking his legs as he giggled, making Lucius laugh for a while before his face turned serious. “I guess you’re special and one of a kind, Luther. Because not everyone likes Uncle Lucius.”

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