BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 152

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Epilogue – The Alpha’s Little Demon



My eyes welled up with tears as I clapped my hands together and stood up, together with everyone else in this big auditorium, giving the dance performers a standing ovation.

My five-year-old daughter, Luciana Aila, or Lily, was among the pups dancing in the finale for today’ s performance. And seeing her enjoy her dance with the pups who were raised by the orphanage made me feel too many emotions.

Ten years ago, I found myself on stage dancing with almost nothing covering my body, alongside some of the omegas that were abandoned and raised in orphanages throughout the North. It was an experience I would not wish for anyone.

And I’ve been fighting for years to put an end to this.

We might not have succeeded in abolishing the Omega Feast yet, but I would make sure that these pups under my care would never have to go through the Omega Feast. I would make sure that despite being abandoned or unwanted, they would live their lives to the fullest and be able to choose what they wanted to do with their lives.

“Isn’t she perfect?” Adan leaned his head lower and whispered in my ear before pressing a soft kiss on my temple. “Just like my queen.” “Aren’t you the perfect mate? Pampering me with words all the time.” I smiled warmly as I tilted my head to look at him. My eyes were beaming with love for the man who fought for me and had loved me unconditionally through the years. “Lily is perfect, as are all the pups that were dancing with her.”

“Yes, they are.” His hand cupped my jaw and brushed his thumb against my skin as the main lights of the auditorium lit up and the crowd began dispersing from their seats.

Mom and Dad were just beside us, as well as Momma and Pops, who were already settled in the south but flew here this morning so they could see their great grandpup’s performance. Our whole family was here to celebrate with us.

Except for Aiden, who decided his ten-year-old self was too cool to attend dance recitals. This was Lily’s second recital this month. The other one was for her dance cla*s*s, which Aiden attended and got bored with, so he pleaded not to come this time and requested to stay with Lucius while we were out here. Something I had no problem with because my brother had never broken the trust I had placed in him when it came to my pups.

Lily loved dancing, and we let her enjoy it as much as she could.

I was still reeling from the feeling of sparks and warmth that Adan was giving me through his touch when I felt his warm and w*et lips capture mine, and before I knew it, we were already sharing a sweet kiss in the middle of the auditorium.

Some things never change. Despite having two kids, Adan could still make ladybugs and b*tterflies flutter in my stomach and he could surely make me w*et in an instant. O

“Sssh… You two! Enough of that, your daughter is waiting for us!” I heard Mom’s voice from behind me.

It made me pull away from Adan’s mouth and giggle as I discreetly wiped my lipstick off his lips with my fingers.

“Won’t happen again!” Adan winked at me.

“You’ve been saying that for ten years, Adan Stone. ” Dad chuckled.

“I got it from you, Dad. So stop complaining.”

“I got it from the main man here.” Dad chuckled as his thumb pointed to Pops, who just gave them a smug smirk.

Adan took my hand before he grabbed the bouquet of pastel-colored roses we bought for Lily that was sitting in his seat. We then made our way out of the rows of chairs to the main walkway of the auditorium.

My eyes roamed around the crowded stage, and my heart leaped with joy at the sight of our daughter. She was standing at the edge of the front of the stage and her whole face lit up when she saw us approaching. She couldn’t stop waving at us, her body jerking as she did, which we returned with the same eagerness as we waved back at her.

Adan hurried with his footsteps, tugging me along with him as we rushed to her. He handed me the bouquet before he let go of my hand. He opened his arms, and Lily jumped from the stage, and her father caught her with ease, swinging her body around as she giggled heartily.

“You are so good at dancing, my angel!” Adan exclaimed the moment they stopped spinning around, and he peppered her face with soft kisses.

Lily wrapped her small arms around Adan and hugged his neck tightly. “I’m good like Mommy!” She exclaimed joyfully.

“Better than Mommy!” I b*tted in, sneaking in behind Adan, so Lily’s face was parallel with mine before I pecked her lips with kisses.

She giggled and turned her head toward her grandmothers, Helena and Crystal before she spoke. “Better than Mama and Momma!”

“Of course! I think you are the best dancer in the family!” Momma exclaimed as she took Lily in her arms, and they all hugged and kissed her.

“Me and Amara!” She answered back.

In our family, on Adan’s side, we had tons of nephews and just one niece, which was Amara. Making Lily and Amara the center of attention. But with Amara entering adulthood, all the attention is now on Lily.

“And why isn’t Amara here?” she asked. Her eyes rounded as she looked at me for a response.

I opened my arms, and Momma gave her to me. I kissed her cheeks before I replied. “Amara is busy at the moment, but we will see her soon, as Pop said Amara wants to take a vacation here soon. Isn’t that exciting?” I asked her excitedly.

She nodded her head and giggled, “Amara is old! But will she still play tea party with me?”

“She will, I’m sure. But don’t think about her for now. Because this day is for you, and look what Daddy got you?” Adan made the bouquet of roses appear on his empty hand, and lily began giggling again as she took the roses from him.

“Congratulations, my Angel.” Adan pecked her forehead before he coiled an arm around my shoulder, pulling me closer to his side.

“Thank you, Daddy! But your magic is boring! Set the flowers on fire!” She said this with her eyes blazing red as she gave her father a knowing smile. “No. No.” I held her hand and gave her a warning look. “Many pups are here, and they might get scared.”

“I know, Mommy. I’ve been good and didn’t play with fire while we practice dancing.” She smiled at me before she smelled the roses again.

“That’s my girl.” Adan ruffled her hair before his eyes shifted from her to our parents. “Shall we go and congratulate Stella and the rest of the recital team before heading to dinner?” O

“Yes. But let me carry my princess, so you can talk with them freely.” Pops volunteered, and Lily immediately climbed out of my arms and went to him.

Adan then took my hand and squeezed it as I stared at him. The years didn’t diminish the strength and beauty of his features. If anything, it had made him more attractive.

Adan stared back, and like always, his eyes held everything I wanted to see whenever he looked at me — the love, the need, and the desire, all for me. “Ready?” He asked in a calm tone, but he sent me a mindlink after. ‘Don’t stare at me like you want me inside you because I might suggest we do a detour in one of the dressing rooms here.’

A teasing smile curled on my lips before I nodded my head and replied to him. “I’m ready, Alpha. Whenever you are.”

My name is Lucija Valerie Foster Robinson.

Half she-wolf, half she-demon.

Daughter of Selene and Hades.

Luna of the Mystic Pack.

A Demon Princess.

An Omega.

A Daughter.

A Mother.

But of all the titles I carried, there was one that I was most proud of: Alpha Adan Stone’s Mate.

It had been ten years since the fateful night of the Omega Feast that turned my whole life around. Ten years since the Omega in me wished to have the grumpy Alpha for myself, even though I knew I was nothing in comparison to everyone else.

I was just a speck of dust beside him.

But then, some wishes do come true.

Adan and I – we were destined to be together since the day he wished to be mated to a demon and since the night he unknowingly linked his fate to mine.

I remembered running away from the underworld to look for my mate, so he could save me from the darkness within me, for the demon that I was.

But Adan, my fated mate, he didn’t come and take me away from the world I was running from. Instead, he embraced the other side of me, welcomed the darkness into his life, and helped me to accept and love myself.

He loved every part of me and it made me a better person in every way, on every side.

Adan made me realize that demons could love, and that, despite the horrifying part of my existence, I had the power within me to choose the path I wanted to take.

Adan was the light to my darkness, for which I would be eternally grateful to Selene… and Hades, for giving him to me.

We had been together just for ten years, but I knew we would have more, in this lifetime and the next, even in the afterlife.

And no matter where the afterlife will take us, I am now ready to face it head-on, as long as Adan Stone Robinson is holding my hand.


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