BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 165

BRAVING THE DARKNESS: One Night With The Demon King

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Book 2

Chapter 13 – As Beautiful As Yours


My hands remained fixed on Patrea’s back, even if I wanted to roam them around her body. I couldn’t take the risk of blowing up at this moment. She was kissing me aggressively, and I was enjoying it.

I had been kissed and worshipped by many females — I could never even count how many lips I had tasted — but the kiss she was giving me was something I had never experienced, and I wanted more of it.

Patrea was madness and sanity at the same time. My hell and my piece of paradise. And no matter how much I kept telling myself that I only wanted one night with her, I knew far better. I wanted every night with her, every day, and every moment.

If I could only bring hell to earth, I would never have to leave her lips or the paradise she was giving me.

A low grunt left my throat as I kept a*s*saulting her lips, while her legs were clamped tightly around my waist as if she were urging me to move forward and stroke my hard c*oc*k into her.

I was still lost in the sweet, warm lips that were igniting a fire in my whole being when she softly giggled against my mouth, waking me up from my trance.

I pulled away from kissing her and licked my lips to take all that was left of her in my mouth. “Should I be offended that you are laughing?”

She shook her head, a wide grin plastered across her face while her hands and fingers were trailing on my collarbones.

“It was just that I remembered how ironic this is. I’ m enjoying kissing a demon.”

My hand went to the corner of her lips, wiping the traces of our mixed saliva with my thumb. “So you like kissing me?”

“Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I just forgot how I like kissing, and maybe it doesn’t matter who will kiss me — I will still like it.”

My forehead creased at her words because I didn’t like them. My hand flew to her jaws as I cupped them, not too tight, just enough to puff her cheeks. “Say it again?”

“What?” She asked, her eyes teasing me. And I liked this side of Patrea. I liked the meek one too, and the one that snapped at me from time to time.

“Say again that you like kisses regardless of who gives them to you.”

She chuckled softly as she shook her head. My fingers moved closer to the corners of her lips, making her w*et lips pout, and it was making my c*oc*k hard.

“Say it again…”

“I like it when you kiss me…”

“Good girl. How about the kisses from the other men?” “Stop being jealous and just kiss me.”

A devil’s smirk crossed my face before I captured her lips one more time. I could do this the whole day if only she was up for it.


The whole day just went by swiftly. We just stayed home, and he helped me clean up some of the things that I’d been putting off for some time now. Lucius insisted on using his power to do everything nicely when things got too much for us.

I would have wanted to do it using my power, but I didn’t want to exhaust my energy for simple things I could do with my hands. And also, I was not comfortable if another witch would catch my energy, as I wanted to limit the witches around me — the reason I refused when Althea suggested we run to the coven for help with my nightmares.

The thing about witches, we all started as light witches until greed and lust for more power took over, which eventually paved the way for dark witches. It was the reason covens were organized: to keep witches from abusing their powers.

I was on my way there when Lucien found me. I was willing to trade everything to channel more energy and get more power, but being trapped in the underworld knocked me back to my senses. My greediness brought me to my downfall, and with a baby in my stomach, I knew I should do better.

It took me more than three decades before I was able to break free from the underworld, and I didn’t want to commit the same mistake again. So as much as possible, I tried to limit witchcraft, not just for me but also for Althea.

I let out a deep breath as I tried to steady my breathing. I was leaning on the bathroom counter, staring at my reflection in the mirror.

Lucius was already in bed, and we were both ready to retire for the night.

I was not sure what he had in mind, but I wanted to do something. I wanted to move one step forward.

This was not about Lucius. This was for me.

I was an ordinary female who loved s*e*x and was very comfortable in her own skin. But Lucien took that away from me.

And if Lucius was here for the one night I promised him, I wanted to take advantage of it. I wanted that by the time he was done with me, I would no longer see Lucien when someone else touched me, and the scars he left me would no longer hurt my heart.

But the idea of someone else holding me apart from Lucius made me cringe. Maybe because this was still too early and, for now, he was the only man I could trust.

I let out a deep breath and shoved any images of me wrapped up into his arms. Soon, he’d be gone. And I would be alone, and maybe I would have someone who could love me or at least stay with me.

The only problem was that I would never grow older. All the men that I would be with will perish, but I would still be alive unless I die of something or take my own life.

I tapped my cheeks to snap me out of all these thoughts running through my head. I should get back to the bedroom, or the demon might get impatient and grab me from here.

I chuckled at my thoughts before I slipped off the silk robe from my body, leaving me in the black silk nightdress I had put on earlier.

This was it. I was sure I would not be judged, as demons never had a concept of conservatism or decency, right?

I bit my bottom lip as I slipped the straps off of the night dress I was wearing, and my clothes pooled on my feet, leaving me n*ake*d as I hadn’t put on underwear earlier.

The moment my cheeks returned to their normal color, I puffed up my chest and mustered all the courage to walk toward the bathroom door and open it.

Lucius was on the bed, sitting with his back resting against the headboard, in the same position as last night. He was just wearing pajama pants, but his legs were already under the blanket.

His head tilted up, and his gaze went directly in my direction. His mouth parted as shock registered on his face, but it was gone in seconds, replaced by a smug smirk that crossed his face as I stayed on my spot by the door.

He shoved the blanket off his body and stood up from the bed, and just when I thought he would come to me, he bent slightly forward and tugged down his pants, leaving him as n*ake*d as I was.

“What are you doing?” I asked. His n*ake*dness caught me so off guard that I forgot that I was the first one to show up n*ake*d.

“Doing the same thing as you’re doing. I didn’t know tonight was n*ake*d party night.” He chuckled as he placed his hands against his hips, his eyes roaming my n*ake*d body as he licked his lips.

I sucked in a breath as I felt his eyes burning my skin — but in a good way.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

“I want to f*uc*k you.”

“We can’t move too fast,” I told him almost immediately.

He laughed, the evil kind that I was already getting used to, but it made me smile wide this time.

“I’ve been moving slowly, but you, my beautiful witch, always move one step ahead of me.” He sounded too happy until a curse slipped his lips. ” f*uc*k!”

His eyes blazed red as he turned his attention toward the window and his hand moved up, and I was sure he was about to flick his fingers to summon the power to close the curtains, but they were already closed.

“I pulled the curtains before I went to the bathroom,” I told him nonchalantly as I walked to my side of the bed.

“Good. Because I’m not sure if I can control my temper if you gave a free show to the man next door. I!

“Don’t worry, my demon king, the free shows are just for you in the next three weeks.”

“And after the three weeks? Is it free for all?”

“I think I have to put a price on a show, and it’s not going to be cheap.”

“Good thing I have unlimited power to summon money.” He winked at me as he dropped his body on the bed, and his movement made my body jolt from the impact.

He was lying down, his hands under his head, as he stared at the ceiling. He looked like a god with a perfect body — a hard stomach — and he was absolutely ripped and dipped in all the right places. And his big c*oc*k was getting harder by the minute. “What games are you playing, witch?”

“Games?” I asked, swallowing as I tore my eyes away from his d*ic*k to look at his face.

“Displaying your body in front of the prince of lust. I never had this much control as I am giving myself at the moment. I want to bend you over and f*uc*k you. Make you come, and f*uc*k you again in a different position, maybe straddling me while I carry you in my arms. There are so many f*uc*king ways I want to f*uc*k you.” He said it in a tone as if he were just discussing the weather while I squirmed on my spot, discreetly clamping my legs because his words were making me w*et.

I closed my eyes and focused on why I wanted to be n*ake*d. I wasn’t planning to get f*uc*ked tonight, but I wanted to take a step forward.

“I want to be comfortable in my own skin. Have you seen how ugly my skin is?” The last part came out slowly.

The way his eyes lit up when he saw me exit the bathroom gave me confidence that the scar on my skin did not bother him.

He rose from lying down and turned his body so he was facing me. “Come closer.”

He didn’t need to say more. I moved closer to him and went on my knees in front of him. For some reason, I wanted him to touch the scars his father gave me.

“Do you find it repulsive?” I asked.

“No. I’m not going to lie, I had seen you n*ake*d from all the time I watched you in the hologram, and those scars never took my attention off of how beautiful your body is.”

I should be offended that he would watch me while I was n*ake*d, but the fact that he saw my scars and was still here tells me he didn’t mind them at all. “I wish I could take them away. But any scars given in the underworld are permanent. Every time I looked in the mirror, I would see them, and I hated it.” I started chewing on my lower lip while my eyes welled up with tears.

“He whipped you…” His finger trailed on the hideous long scar that ran across from my left b*reas*t down to the middle of my stomach. His touch was setting fire to my skin, but it was a comforting one. “Why?”

“He caught me casting a spell on my body. I was only able to make one, and he made me confess what the spell I conjured.”

“Lucien never used a whip on a female. He would let others do it, but not him. What spell was it that he got so mad enough to whip you?”

“I would die and perish the moment his c*oc*k entered me,” I told him, and his eyes widened at my confession.

“He was not able to f*uc*k me, but he made sure to ruin my body for his pleasure. I was ready to die then, but then he told me I was carrying a baby.” Soft sobs escaped my throat and wracked my whole body as the memory came flooding in. “He

threatened to hurt her if I disobeyed him again. So I made another deal with him that I would do everything if he spared my child from his abuse. I was terrified that if I had a daughter, he would abuse her the same way he was abusing me.” “Did he?”

“No. He kept his word. So even if I hated what he was doing to me and all the things he wanted me to do — the spells, the enchantments, the black magic — I did them all because I was afraid he would go after Adora. Only when Adora was able to run away that I started defying him.”

I swiped my hand over my eyes, but the tears came anyhow.

I wanted Lucius to hold me, but I knew demons didn ’t have any emotions at all. And I shouldn’t expect it from him.

“She’s able to get away, and now you have, Althea.” He said with a smile gracing his lips.

I nodded my head.

“The scars will always be a reminder of something evil and something beautiful.” He added.

And my whole body was wracked with sobs at his words.

I needed to hear that. I needed to hear confirmation that all the sacrifices I made for my mistake were worth it. I might only have a few years with Adora, but I have Althea now, and I would make the most of it.

“Thankyou!” I slammed my body against him as my arms wrapped around his body. His hand held the back of my head as he pressed it on the nook of his neck, while my body continued to shake from my sobs.

“I never saw scars as beautiful as yours, Patrea,” he said in a low voice as his fingers trailed on my back, and I knew he was touching, skimming his fingers against the numerous scars that covered my back.

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