BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 19

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon

Chapter 19 – Where’s My Punishment?


If training was hard, pretending training was hard was harder.

Laira mixed me with five other females who had just recently shifted in the last four months, and most of them were still awkward with the training task. And since I had ‘no’ experience at all with training, I had to be more awkward than them. Pretending to pant after running some laps was hard because I wasn’t even sweating while the other females were already red in their faces.

But I survived. Whining in training was never my forte, but somehow I learned how to do it today – great job to the females who would rather ask me how

Alpha Stone rolls in the bed rather than run the laps. And because I was a nice little Omega, I just smiled and fluttered my lashes at them, pretending I was too shy to share my bed escapades with the Alpha when in reality I had nothing to share.

Partly my fault, because I decided to wash myself first, making the Alpha realize hunger was more important than getting his c*oc*k inside me. No, I wasn’t frustrated. I still have tonight, and I was looking forward to my punishment. But time was dragging so slowly.

I thought by lunchtime, the Alpha would come and see me, and maybe eat lunch with me, but then he didn’t. It just made me realize I was not his real girlfriend, and I was just merely here as a display to save his ego.

It was already three in the afternoon when Laira decided to call it a day, and I was more than thankful. I miss Alpha Stone already.

I was already on my way to the locker room when two males blocked my way.

“Stephen,” The guy with black hair and a nose ring extended his hand. I accepted and shook his hand, pulling my hand immediately before stating my name. “Lucy.”

“This is my buddy, Mark.” He introduced the man beside him, who just threw a wave of his hand at me. “Are you new here? I haven’t seen you around.”

“Yes, I just got here last night.”

“No wonder. Otherwise, I won’t miss noticing you.”

I smiled at him, about to tell him that I was the Alpha’s girlfriend to shut him off. But before I could do that, someone cleared his throat so loudly that it caught all our attention. And if I was not mistaken, it came from the Alpha who just told me not to flirt with anyone.

Our heads snapped in the direction of the sound and my gaze fell on Alpha Stone with a really dark expression on his face. It was darker than the one he had when he punished Cesar at the Feast.

“Alpha Stone,” Stephen and his friend, Mark, acknowledged the Alpha, and I just stayed there looking at him, thinking of ways to defend myself just in case he began scolding me in front of his men.

“The male locker is on the other side. What the f*uc*k are you two doing here?” He asked them.

Stephen scratched his head and smiled sheepishly as he threw a glance at me, and I restrained myself from glaring at him. What’s that glance supposed to mean?

“I just thought I could talk with Lucy for a while…”

“Lucy…” Alpha Stone cleared his throat, with his forehead still creasing, and I could see the Beta behind him struggling to keep a poker face. “You mean my girlfriend.”

The color drained from Stephen’s face as he raised his hands in the air before stepping backward, followed by his friend. “My apologies, Alpha. I had no idea. Sorry for bothering you, Lady Lucy.”

They both tipped their heads down before running away to the other side of the training hall. My gaze followed them for a while before I returned my gaze to the Alpha. Beta Collin was nowhere beside him. He was already walking toward where Laira was.

“It’s not even a day since I told you…”

“Hold there…” I pointed a finger at him, my eyes glaring. “I didn’t do anything wrong.” I dropped my hand and let out a sigh, and he was just looking at me. My eyes ran along his body. He had no shirt on and sweat was trickling down his arms. “I was about to tell him I’m your girlfriend when you walked in and stole the show.”

“So now it’s my fault because I came around.”

“No. I’m just saying, he blocked my way, when I really wanted to take a shower. We weren’t even talking for three minutes yet.”

“Are you disappointed I cut off your conversation?”

“Oh, Goddess, Alpha. Are you even listening?” I hissed, trying to control my voice.

His eyes squinted, and I knew if I stayed one more minute, we might end up bickering more and I might forget I was just an Omega.

“Can I go and shower now? I didn’t do anything wrong…” I let out a sigh, my shoulders dropping.

“Go. Shower fast.”

“Yes, sir. And you look like you need a shower too?” I told him as I turned around. “Care to join me?”

I giggled before turning my head back to look at him, and I saw his eyes were dilating. I smiled at him and placed my hands over my mouth. “I was just kidding, Alpha… Bye!”

I didn’t wait for him to reply as I rushed inside the locker room. I knew I just kept rubbing the Alpha in the wrong way, and soon I would have to pay for it.

Well, game on! I opened the shower and drowned myself under the water while thinking of the many ways I would be punished today. Hopefully, it didn’t include cutting off my thumb.



I couldn’t concentrate the whole day on all the paperwork that Collin and I needed to attend to. My mind was flying somewhere, specifically to the training hall.

I had no idea how many times I sent Laira a mind link to ask how the Omega was. At one point, she told me Lucy just seemed to be pretending to be weaker like the other females in training so as not to intimidate them.

And I think Laira wasn’t lying. That Omega could run. Of course, Beast was faster, but she did run a length before we were able to catch her, and when we did, I couldn’t even remember her panting from all the running she did.

But it was the least of my worries. Laira informed me that she was getting along well with the other females and that she personally liked her. And it was enough to make my day. She would thrive here in my pack.

I knew it was too early to tell, but it was a good start. But when I thought she would do well here, I didn’t expect to see her in conversation with Stephen and Mark, certified playboys from my pack of warriors, when I went to pick her up after I was done with my own training session.

No, I was not jealous. I was just being territorial. Lucy is mine. I didn’t spend money to buy her just to share her with everyone. It was simply like that.

Besides, an Alpha never shares his female. Never.

“Yes, sir. And you look like you need a shower too?” She spoke as she turned around, slowly walking towards the locker room. “Care to join me?”

Her question caught me off guard. What the f*uc*k was this female playing at? Images of her n@ked under the shower, like the one I witnessed this morning, came rushing in, and if she didn’t open her mouth to speak again, I would have jumped at the offer.

“I was just kidding, Alpha… Bye!” She was giggling as she ran off toward the locker room, and I just found myself shaking my head while trying to pacify my d*ic*k.

I walked my way to the other side of the hallway and headed for the shower room. I needed to stop the fire she had just started inside of me.

And as much as I wanted to jerk myself off in the shower, it was impossible with too many warriors around me. So I just contented myself by reminding myself that tonight, I would make sure she would pay for everything she was doing to me.

I had already been waiting for her for ten minutes before she finally decided to show herself up. She was wearing black jeans and a shirt bigger than her frame that she tied up at the bottom, which just showed off her perfect curves.

“Alpha Stone, what are you doing here? Did you wait for me?” She asked as she sat beside me on the bench outside the locker room. She sat too close, our skin brushing, but it didn’t last long because she moved away in an instant.

“Yes, I’m taking you to the city.”

“Now?” She asked, her eyes rounding as if I said some terrible things to her. I nodded at the warriors who passed by us and waited for them to disappear before I answered her question.

“We’ll buy you some decent clothes.”

“Can’t it wait some other day?”

“Why? Did you plan anything today?” I asked her back as I stood up in front of her, slipping my hands into my pocket. I was starting to get pissed off again. Was she making plans without asking for my approval?

“Well, I thought I would get punished today. I mean, after the training.” She answered nonchalantly without looking at me. Her hands were clutching the edge of the bench as she swayed her feet.

I couldn’t stop myself from chuckling, and I was glad the place was already deserted. This female would be the death of me. “Do you want your punishment now?”

She swallowed before she met my eyes. Will you cut my thumb? Or any of my body parts?”


“Yes, I want to be punished now,” she replied, her eyes swirling with l*st, and it just drove my own l*st for her to spiral.

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